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Weekend Chef: Beer Brined Pork Roast with Crispy Potatoes



It’s finally October, time for a break from the heat and Oktoberfest! Read more

Tokyo Cafe's new fall menu

Tokyo Cafe


I have been noticing a lot of new specials showing up on the chalkboard at Tokyo Cafe. It turns out that Chef Kevin Martinez has been working on his new fall menu and has been testing them out as blackboard specials, to see what is popular with the restaurants regulars. My favorites so far have b... Read more

Weekend Chef: Fresh shrimp from Wise County


Chef Charles Youts

Bryan Farms in Wise County has three shrimp ponds and harvests one each Saturday in September. The ponds can produce 500 to 1,200 pounds of freshwater prawns (also called freshwater shrimp) each, and they sell them right off the bank for $8 per pound. Thi... Read more

Knife + Fork Sandwiches at the Little Red Wasp



Is it still a sandwich if you need to use a knife and fork? It is if you are Blaine Staniford, executive chef of Grace and the newly opened Little Red Wasp. Read more

Weekend Chef: Grilled Texas Freshwater Prawns


Steve Wilson/DFW.com

When I think of fresh shrimp, I normally think of getting them in Galveston or Port Aransas. But in September, fresh shrimp can actually be found just a little north of Fort Worth in Wise County. Read more

Weekend Chef: Labor Day grill recipes


Steve Wilson/DFW.com

Labor Day is already here, making this the last big grilling weekend for 2013. By now you should be getting tired of grilling burgers and hot dogs, so here is some of my favorite grilling recipes that are a little more adventurous, fitting for the last big grilling weekend of the year. Read more

Weekend Chef: My Restaurant Week Scorecard 2013



Here is my 2013 scorecard from the first week and a half of KRLD’s Restaurant Week. Don’t worry, there is still time to get in on some of the restaurant action with a lot of the restaurants extending the “week” to Sep... Read more

Weekend Chef: National Hot And Spicy Food Day


Steve Wilson/DFW.com

As if August is not hot enough, The Association for Dressings and Sauces has declared today (August 19th) National Hot And Spicy Food Day. So, in honor of this holiday to sell hot sauce, I have gathered up 4 of my hottest recipes (including homemade hot sauce) to share. So click through the slide... Read more

Weekend Chef: Bacon Weave Cheeseburger


Steve Wilson/DFW.com

OK, DFW.com's Burger Battle has officially come to a resolution, and I have eaten my share of the burgers. But one thing I have been missing is bacon in ... Read more

Weekend Chef: grilled Caesar salad


Steve Wilson/DFW.com

My wife has been after me for some time to fix a salad and, you know… eat a little healthier than my usual “things wrapped in bacon” meals that I have been known to fix. Plus I have been rea... Read more

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