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Weekend Chef: Christmas Rib Roast



I normally fix my traditional brisket for Christmas, but by chance I lucked into a 10-pound prime rib roast. Before I go into the tale of my good fortune, I need to explain the difference between a rib roast and a prime rib... Read more

Weekend Chef: Cold Weather Recipes



Provisions were running low at the Wilson household during the recent ice storm (I know, a rookie mistake). By the time I was able to break out of my driveway for a grocery run, I was craving all sorts of winter foods like stew, chili and soup. So here are some of my favorite winter recipes, perf... Read more

Weekend Chef: How to Carve a Turkey



Thanksgiving is here; hopefully you thawed out your turkey in time and smoked, roasted or fried up a masterpiece! Now it is time to carve up that big bird. Now don’t be scared, but breaking down a turkey is a big responsibility… Read more

Weekend Chef: No Turkey Thanksgiving Recipes



I am all about the bird on Thanksgiving Day, but hey, it is what I do. So if you are scared of the bird, or turkey is just not your thing, here are some turkey-less alternatives along with my simple tips for fixing a turkey (just in case you change your mind). Read more

Weekend Chef: Turkey “Cheat Sheet” Web App



Our Weekend Chef has put together a web app with helpful tips for buying and cooking the bird, just open on your phone and add to your home screen! Read more

Weekend Chef: Korean BBQ Short Ribs



Here in Texas we cook our short ribs whole, slow and low, often braising the ribs. In Korea, short ribs are crosscut thin against the grain (flanken style), and then marinated to tenderize and add that classic salty-sweet Korean BBQ flavor. Actual cook time is under 10 minutes, not hours, althoug... Read more

Weekend Chef: Beer Brined Pork Roast with Crispy Potatoes



It’s finally October, time for a break from the heat and Oktoberfest! Read more

Tokyo Cafe's new fall menu

Tokyo Cafe


I have been noticing a lot of new specials showing up on the chalkboard at Tokyo Cafe. It turns out that Chef Kevin Martinez has been working on his new fall menu and has been testing them out as blackboard specials, to see what is popular with the restaurants regulars. My favorites so far have b... Read more

Weekend Chef: Fresh shrimp from Wise County


Chef Charles Youts

Bryan Farms in Wise County has three shrimp ponds and harvests one each Saturday in September. The ponds can produce 500 to 1,200 pounds of freshwater prawns (also called freshwater shrimp) each, and they sell them right off the bank for $8 per pound. Thi... Read more

Knife + Fork Sandwiches at the Little Red Wasp



Is it still a sandwich if you need to use a knife and fork? It is if you are Blaine Staniford, executive chef of Grace and the newly opened Little Red Wasp. Read more

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