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Weekend Chef: Hand-cut fries with spicy Sriracha ketchup


Steve Wilson/DFW.com

Lots of burger talk is going down as we prepare for the 2013 DFW.com Burger Battle. But before the battle begins, I want to give a shout-out to the fries. You know, the humble side dish served with almost every b... Read more

Weekend Chef: Big weekend at Twenty at the Tower

Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival

It was a big weekend for Twenty at the Tower, a series of pop-up dinners this June and July featuring local chefs and benefiting the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival. The surprise guest chefs were Tim ... Read more

Weekend Chef road trip: Omaha beef, ramen and sushi


Steve Wilson/DFW.com

It has been a long time since I've been on a 2-week road trip… Matter of fact, I am pretty sure I was riding in the back of a station wagon the last time I went on a trip this long. But my wife’s high school reunion was coming up in Omaha (I have been forbidden to say what year), so we ... Read more

Weekend Chef: How to Smoke Cheese



The Stock Show has come to town, which means cold weather is sure to follow. There is even another polar vortex in the forecast, although it is still a couple of weeks away. Normally smoking and grilling is the last thing you think of in cold weather, but for me it is the perfect time for cold s... Read more

Weekend Chef: My Foodie Year in Review



Well, another year bites the dust. Time for me to reflect on all the foodie things I did this past year. And guess what? 2013 was a great year for food and me! Read more

Weekend Chef: Christmas Rib Roast



I normally fix my traditional brisket for Christmas, but by chance I lucked into a 10-pound prime rib roast. Before I go into the tale of my good fortune, I need to explain the difference between a rib roast and a prime rib... Read more

Weekend Chef: Cold Weather Recipes



Provisions were running low at the Wilson household during the recent ice storm (I know, a rookie mistake). By the time I was able to break out of my driveway for a grocery run, I was craving all sorts of winter foods like stew, chili and soup. So here are some of my favorite winter recipes, perf... Read more

Weekend Chef: How to Carve a Turkey



Thanksgiving is here; hopefully you thawed out your turkey in time and smoked, roasted or fried up a masterpiece! Now it is time to carve up that big bird. Now don’t be scared, but breaking down a turkey is a big responsibility… Read more

Weekend Chef: No Turkey Thanksgiving Recipes



I am all about the bird on Thanksgiving Day, but hey, it is what I do. So if you are scared of the bird, or turkey is just not your thing, here are some turkey-less alternatives along with my simple tips for fixing a turkey (just in case you change your mind). Read more

Weekend Chef: Turkey “Cheat Sheet” Web App



Our Weekend Chef has put together a web app with helpful tips for buying and cooking the bird, just open on your phone and add to your home screen! Read more

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