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Your home for latest news about the hottest parties for Super Bowl XLV.

Aces & Angels party adds incentives

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed

For those party animals who won't let a little thing like ice and snow dampen their nightlife, you've got a great deal coming to you. Read more

Your 50-yard line ticket to the best of DFW

We tried calling and e-mailing. We even sent a pigeon with a polite note tied to its leg. For some reason, though, Jerry Jones simply didn't get back to us on our request for two 50-yard line tickets to Super Bowl XLV. Read more

Dirty dozen: Super Bowl visitors' guide to DFW

A Super Bowl visitors' guide version of the Dirty Dozen, featuring a 12-pack of essentially DFW things you should try while in town for the big game. Read more

Super Bowl-related concert tickets to score



Second only to celebrities and sexy parties, the Super Bowl is all about music. It's as though the entire recording industry is decamping for DFW, setting up shop with one astonishing concert after another. Here's a look at five can't-miss shows (all but a couple are easily attended) as well as a... Read more

Review: Olenjack's is Arlington's finest dining


DFW.com/Paul Moseley

Stop me if you've heard this one before. A woman walks into a bar, and an episode of the Food Network's Barefoot Contessa is playing on one of two flat-screen TVs. It sounds like a joke, right? I mean, bars are reserved for sports-watching. But don't go trying to put t... Read more

Preston's picks: Party Rock Bowl at Palladium Ballroom and Amos Lee at House of Blues

Let's be honest: If you can't find some kind of Super Bowl party somewhere in North Texas this weekend, you're really just not trying hard enough. Read more

Cheerleader-less Super Bowl leads to Steeltown revelations

Here we are, in the homeland of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, about to wage a Super Bowl battle ... without the aid of cheerleaders. Read more

Pics: Zouk gets Super Bowl parties started right

As the polar ice cap closed in on DFW, the ultra-hot club Zouk kicked off a week's worth of Super Bowl parties. Read more

Willie Nelson to play Palladium Ballroom Saturday

Stumbled across this last night in the never-ending torrent of Super Bowl-related info: Willie Nelson will perform Saturday at the Palladium Ballroom. If you don't feel like shelling out $200 for tickets (a portion of the proceeds will benefit the SPCA of Texas), Sirius XM will simulcast the perf... Read more

For Super Bowl XLV, museums, galleries kick off exhibition game

Of course, there is football-related art. Photography to be sure, sculpture, collage, installation art. There are all sorts of art forms that relate to sports and, specifically, football. Galleries in Fort Worth and Dallas have organized special sports-related exhibitions to commemorate the first... Read more

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