The Rainmakers

Meet DFW's fearless forecasters

By Robert Philpot

  • Pete DelkusWFAA Channel 8

  • Colleen CoyleWFAA Channel 8

  • David FinfrockNBC 5

  • Remeisha ShadeNBC 5

  • Rick MitchellNBC 5

  • Larry MowryCBS 11

  • Jeff JamisonCBS 11

  • Scott PadgettCBS 11

  • Dan HenryFox 4

  • Jennifer MyersFox 4

  • Evan AndrewsFox 4

  • Krista VillarrealKDAF/Ch. 33

  • Nestor FlechaTelemundo/Ch. 39

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If DFW's spring weather were to be re-envisioned as a classic movie, it might be something as whimsical and beautifully waterlogged as Singin' in the Rain, or it could be way more sinister, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Extreme, even schizophrenic weather is the norm here.

Drought, flash floods, tornadoes, thundersleet - they're all in a week's work for the undaunted DFW weather warriors who help us navigate storm season.

As spring and severe-weather season approach, we're reminded of just how much a part of our lives they become. So we wanted to pull back the green screen to find out a little bit more about DFW's rainmakers.