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Josh Harbuck, son of WBAP personality Hal Jay, dies in car wreck

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Sharon Corcoran

Sad news came Tuesday in the DFW radio world as Josh Harbuck, son of longtime WBAP/820 AM personality Hal Jay, was killed in a single-car accident in Erath County. Read more

Michael Keaton delivers a tasty side order of lies in ‘The Founder’


The Weinstein Company

The Founder, the story of how the late Ray Kroc went from an obnoxious but seemingly harmless, low-rent food-service-industry salesman to the cutthroat ruler of the McDonald’s fast-food empire, is like a perfectly grilled slice of Kobe beef tucked between funct... Read more

Shyamalan mostly returns to form in entertaining ‘Split’



M. Night Shyamalan’s Split begins with a jolt of dread and ends, nearly two hours later, with a twist guaranteed to spin your head. Read more

Fiction SEAL Team Six members got a taste of reality



There’s an old story about Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier, two celebrated actors from different generations, and their contrasting approaches to the craft of acting. Read more

‘The Resurrection of Gavin Stone’ comes alive


BH Tilt

Faith-based films have a tough line to walk. A heavy hand with the message can leave them preaching to the converted, but too little faith might anger those most likely to part with their money to see them. Read more

Quirky ‘Brand New Testament’ is a mischievous riff on religion


Music Box Films

From a bare-bones plot description, you might guess that The Brand New Testament — which was nominated in the foreign-language category at the Golden Globes — is a juvenile exercise in blasphemy. But this comic film from Belgi... Read more

Alexa Conomos talks about upcoming exit from WFAA



Last week we reported, citing local-TV blogger Ed Bark’s initial report, that News 8 Daybreak co-anchor Alexa Conomos Read more

PBS hopes entertaining ‘Victoria’ has long TV reign



Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II have a lot in common, beyond being blood relations: The early years of their respective reigns are remarkably similar, judging by two high-profile TV series — last year’s The Crown, on Elizabeth, and the forthcoming Read more

Jewel finds a home in Hallmark’s ‘Fixer-Upper’ mysteries

Fixer Upper Mysteries

Ryan Plummer

Jewel’s guilty-pleasure secret is out. Read more

O.J. Simpson story gets provocative spin in documentary series


Investigation Discovery

For more than two decades, William C. Dear has obsessed about O.J. Simpson and the murders of Read more

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