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Downtown’s hidden theater awaits a restoration angel

7th Street Downtown Fort Worth

University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

The last outpost of downtown Fort Worth’s movie house “Show Row” may yet make a comeback. Read more

No, ‘CHIPS’ is not as bad as you think it might be


Warner Bros.

The randy action-comedy “CHIPS” is pitched right to that 18-24 demographic, but that audience is probably wondering what this whole California Highway Patrol movie is about. Read more

‘Life’ is mostly meaningless, but it has some heart-pounding moments


Sony Pictures

Hey, “Life.” 1979 called. It wants its alien-invasion movie back. Read more

TCU alum and DFW.com Hot Issue alum to appear on Amazing Race 29

G7CAVMV2G.11Jamie B Ford; Roman A Pena

Roman A. Pena and Jamie B. Ford

The truly amazing thing about The Amazing Race is that it’s about to unfurl its 29th edition. That’s a lot of continents covered and animals parts eaten since 2003. Read more

‘Raw’ is a tough, meaty horror original


Focus World

The first-year veterinary students assemble in their crisp white coats for a group photo, smiling sweetly before being drenched in a cascade of blood of mysterious provenance. Afterward, smeared and crusted with the red stuff, they line up to take their communion: a raw rabbit kidney. One girl pr... Read more

‘Power Rangers’ could use recharging



There’s a question every piece of intellectual property needs to ask itself before a new version is made: How seriously should we treat the source material? Read more

‘Song to Song’ slightly out of tune but still beautiful


Broad Green Pictures

As a critic and as a human being, with needs, I’m driven more than a little crazy by the recent films of Terrence Malick, with their perpetual murmuring voice-overs and creamy idealization of women as saints or sinners. I’ve begun to resent the ravishing floor-to-ceiling windows in ... Read more

Steve Harvey to feature Texas duo talking about their Wild Thing



Well, this certainly puts my recent adoption of a rapidly growing Great Pyrenees puppy into perspective: He... Read more

Kristen Stewart makes for a compelling ‘Personal Shopper’


IFC Films

It’s hard to be sure exactly what’s happening in Olivier Assayas’ elusive, shadowy drama “Personal Shopper” — and that is, of course, the point. Read more

‘Wilson’ often is very funny … and then it’s not


20th Century Fox

“Wilson,” a dark comedy about a curmudgeonly hermit who tries to reconnect with the world, is one of those films where the whole is not quite as good as the parts. There are plenty of laughs and fun characters to keep us engaged, but they don’t add up to an emotionally satisf... Read more

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