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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

‘SuperLatina’ Gaby Natale makes her American dream come true


Gaby Natale wasn’t counting on winning. Read more

Cable TV Preview: Broadcast networks no longer have the monopoly on great television shows in the fall



In the old days, cable networks steered clear of launching new shows in September and October. Read more

Kristin Dickerson, new NBC 5 anchor: spiritual and high-spirited



Kristin Dickerson’s first day at KXAS/Channel 5 was July 5. Three days later, a sniper killed four Dallas police officers and a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer, and wounded nine Dallas, DART and El Centro College police officers and two civilians. Read more

Alamo Drafthouses to show presidential debates



If you’re planning to watch the presidential debates beginning Monday night but think, “Hey, I’d really like to see this with a couple of hundred or so of my not-so-closest friends,” you can catch them at the Alamo Drafthouses in Dallas and Richardson. Read more

‘Queen of Katwe’ a story of chess, dreams and Uganda



The colors and rhythms of life in the slums of Uganda are what set Queen of Katwe apart from other underdog chess movies. Read more

‘The Magnificent Seven’ isn’t perfect, but it is entertaining

The Magnificent Seven

Scott Garfield

There are many reasons to want to send The Magnificent Seven, a reboot of the classic 1960 Western, to the hoosegow. Read more

‘Goat’ takes a bite out of frat life



Frat life on film has tended to revolve around the comedic, portraying a roughhouse, boys-will-be-boys culture where the cruelest acts have no real consequences. Read more

Chinese ‘Soulmate’ is worth finding


Cheng Cheng Films

Soulmate is a gorgeously shot, tear-stained love letter to female friendship that also provides a fascinating look into contemporary, urban China. Read more

Life is cruel in the fast lane in potent ‘White Girl'


White Girl, a cruel story of youth from the writer-director Elizabeth Wood, unfolds in a blur of swift, continuous motion. Young bodies crowd dance floors drenched in sweat and neon. Cocaine is snorted in astonishing quantities and from a highly unorthodox range of su... Read more

‘Storks’ soars with talent and humor


Warner Bros.

Welcome to the very strange, and strangely moving, world of Storks. Writer-director Nicholas Stoller, known for his more adult comedies, such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Neighbors, delves into the family-f... Read more

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