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Taya Kyle tells her side of the story


Team Never Quit

Taya Kyle is ready to tell the rest of the story. Read more

Jane Fonda savors her new TV role in ‘Grace and Frankie’



The Netflix series teams Fonda with ‘Nine to Five’ co-star Lily Tomlin as odd-couple friends who have to lean on each other. Read more

Saving the world wears out writer-director Joss Whedon



Joss Whedon looks whipped. He sounds whipped. Saving the world will do that to you. Read more

Chelsey Davis to be CBS 11 traffic reporter


Courtesy of KTVT/CBS

When news broke this week that Tammy Dombeck was out at KTVT/Channel 11 after more than two years as a free-lance fill-in traffic reporter, local-media blogger Ed Bark reported — citing &#... Read more

Movie review: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Avengers Age of Ultron

It’s perhaps appropriate that the summer movie season kicks off with Avengers: Age of Ultron. It checks all the right boxes: It’s long, loud, larded with effects and sporadically witty, and it sets up events for yet another sequel. Read more

Richard Rawlings gets ‘Fast N’ Loud’ with success

DFW cover Rawlings


They stop him in the parking lot, well before he even hits the the front door, phones in hand, eager to capture a moment with him that will spark sharp pangs of envy among faraway friends on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Read more

Movie review: ‘Man From Reno’


Nicki Rosario

The moody Man From Reno is a slow-burn, atmospheric, low-budget thriller that also offers an intriguing blast of culture clash. Read more

Meet Gas Monkey’s Aaron Kaufman

He’s Richard Rawlings’ other half. The Robin to his Batman. The Garfunkel to his Simon. The Ben to his Jerry. Read more

Movie review: ‘3 Hearts’


Thierry Valletoux

Charlotte Gainsbourg has always had a flinch in her acting, a twitch that suggests she’s bracing for that next blow — physical or psychological. Read more

Snapshot of Richard Rawlings’ sprawling empire


Special to DFW.com

Richard Rawlings’ reach has expanded far beyond the Fast N’ Loud TV show and Gas Monkey Garage, for which he is best known. Here’s a rundown on how he’s expanding his brand: Read more

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