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DFW’s Girl on The Train goes snooping for intrigue



Much like Rachel Watson, the protagonist of Paula Hawkins’ massive bestseller, The Girl on the Train, that’s now a major Read more

‘Fanboy Radio’ to turn its last page Sunday after 15 years on KTCU

youth_brigade_scott_hinze 3

Star-Telegram archives

During the past few years, geek culture has exploded in DFW, with a growing number of cons, including the big Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo, now large enough to pack crowds into the huge Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas. Read more

Fort Worth’s Lone Star Film Festival announces schedule


Samuel Goldyn Films

The documentary Maya Angelou and Still I Rise and the animated Nerdland featuring Paul Rudd, Mike Judge, Patton Oswalt and Hannibal Burress have been added to the schedule of the showcase feature films at the Lone Star Film Festival in For... Read more

‘Better Off Single’ better than it has a right to be


Red Square Productions

The plot of this romantic comedy sounds as dull as Monday morning: a thirtysomething guy navigating the neurotic New York dating scene. Not exactly the most original idea in the pitch meeting. Read more

‘Gilmore Girls’ mania hits Luke’s Diner at Fort Worth coffee shop

Gilmore Girls 101


By 9 a.m., the line at Luke’s Diner wound several times around the sidewalk. Read more

The true superpower of ‘Luke Cage’



A thug pulls a gun in a Harlem park at night. Two black men in hoodies, foreboding music, the threat of deadly force. Read more

‘The Girl on the Train’ reaches a thrilling destination


Dreamworks Pictures

Paula Hawkins’ debut novel, The Girl on the Train, is a story told through multiple points of view that takes on the malleable, fallible nature of memory through the tale of an alcoholic divorcee attempting to solve a crime through her own boozy blackouts. In t... Read more

A Holocaust denier is brought to justice in ‘Denial’


Bleecker Street Media

Mick Jackson’s Denial brings all the decorous polish of a British courtroom drama to the pungent libel case of a Holocaust denier. Read more

History tells a compelling story in ‘Birth of a Nation’

Sundance Diversity


The brouhaha surrounding The Birth of a Nation has been as compelling and controversial as the story it vividly tells: the short life and violent death of Nat Turner, the slave who led a rebellion in 1831 Virginia that left many dead and sparked a wave of bloody retri... Read more

200 cafés turn into Luke’s Diner from ‘Gilmore Girls’


Fans of the Gilmore Girls have had a good reason to be happy lately. Read more

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