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Could Rick Perry win 'Dancing with the Stars'?



The news that Rick Perry will compete on the next season of Dancing With the Stars , which begins Monday night, stirred up cha-c... Read more

Television remembers 9-11 — 15 years later

Bush Ground Zero


The story of the Sept. 11 terror attacks is too big to be covered completely in just one documentary or news program. Read more

CBS 11 names Scott Padgett chief meteorologist


Courtesy of CBS 11

KTVT/Channel 11, which has not had a chief meteorologist since Larry Mowry left in the spring for a Chicago gig, has gone in-house for its new chief. Read more

Border-checkpoint tension makes for engrossing ‘Transpecos’


Samuel Goldwyn Films

West Texas plays a starring role in one of the year’s best films, Hell or High Water, and now it has a prominent place in another, the riveting Transpecos. Read more

‘The Wild Life’ is neither wild nor lively



The Wild Life is the American release of the French/Belgian animated adventure Robinson Crusoe. It’s bland. It’s benign. It’s a series of pinhole-camera chases inoffensively strung together. Read more

‘Sully’ soars with a fine Tom Hanks performance


Warner Bros.

The sight of a passenger plane along the skyline of New York is an image that has been seared in the global collective consciousness. It’s a memory that Sully, Clint Eastwood’s new film, acknowledges, but also attempts to redefine. Read more

‘For the Love of Spock’ a welcome look at an iconic character


Gravitas Ventures

Adam Nimoy’s original idea for the documentary For the Love of Spock was to take a detailed look at the character his father, Leonard Nimoy, had created on the TV series Star Trek. Spock is one of the most iconic TV characters of al... Read more

‘The Hollars’ nothing to shout about


Sony Pictures Classics

John Krasinski’s comedy drama The Hollars, about a comic-book artist in New York who travels to his Ohio hometown when his mother is diagnosed with a brain tumor and reconnects with his estranged — and strange — family, is a full-blown mega-assaul... Read more

‘Mia Madre’ proves it’s all relative for the director


Nanni Moretti’s mother died in 2010, just as the Italian director was wrapping up work on his film We Have a Pope. Read more

The Gift: ‘SuperLatina’ Gaby Natale has made her American dream come trueof: ‘SuperLatina’ Gaby Natale has made her American dream come trueGaby: ‘SuperLatina’ Gaby Natale has made her American dream come true

Indulge Gaby Natale


Gaby Natale wasn’t counting on winning. Read more

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