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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

‘Bokeh’ illuminates societal and romantic breakdown


Andrew Sullivan

Bokeh: noun. The blurred quality or effect seen in the out-of-focus portion of a photograph taken with a narrow depth of field. That’s the definition of the obscure word from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, and it’s an apt, if opaque, title for a film about a photographer and h... Read more

‘T2 Trainspotting’ reaches destination under its own steam

T2: Trainspotting

Jaap Buitendijk

Sage literary advice says that you can’t go home again. Read more

Remembering ‘Dallas’: Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy return to talk about iconic TV show

The original cast: Steve Kanaly, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Princip


Linda Gray, aka Sue Ellen Ewing of “Dallas” fame, has hundreds of stories about the good old days. Read more

Bravo points cameras at ‘Sweet Home Oklahoma’

Sweet Home Oklahoma


The debut episode of “Sweet Home Oklahoma” hasn’t even aired yet — and already Jennifer Welch, one of the proud Oklahoma City women in the reality series, is getting recognized around town. Read more

Best of the movie fest at South by Southwest



These three films gave voice to four new directors who made the crowds and hoopla worthwhile. Read more

Cowboys, cowgirls: Here’s your chance to be on reality TV

If you’re a cowboy or cowgirl, or dating either, or big on line dancing (and happen to be a cowboy or a cowgirl), an upcoming reality-TV show is looking for you. And it’s looking pretty closely at Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Read more

Disney’s ‘Beauty’ reawakens a sleeping Beast

Film Review Beauty and the Beast


The contemporary retelling of a classic tale has created some controversy, but is it worth taking your children to see it? Read more

It’s the year of the cat in ‘Kedi’



“Kedi” means cat in Turkish. And while you don’t have to be crazy about cats to enjoy this documentary, it would certainly help. As that Turkish title indicates, “Kedi” is shot on the streets of modern Istanbul, with director Ceyda Torun, who was born in the city, and her... Read more

‘The Belko Experiment’ results in only gore


Orion Pictures

A pull quote on a poster announces that “The Belko Experiment” is “ ‘Office Space’ meets ‘Battle Royale.’ ” That’s not praise so much as a declaration of fact. Since the 2000 Japanese film about teens forced to kill each other in a go... Read more

‘Barbecue’ grills up a tasty entree at SXSW


Matthew Salleh

One of the highlights of this year’s South by Southwest festival, which ends Sunday, was the presence of Texas barbecue everywhere, even more than usual for this ’cue-hungry town. Read more

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