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Movie review: ‘The Vatican Tapes’



The Antichrist is a woman. This may sound like a belief held by misogynist men’s rights activists, but it’s also the thesis of the religious horror flick The Vatican Tapes, and a rather clumsily, haphazardly executed one at that. Read more

Movie review: ‘Jimmy’s Hall’


Sony Pictures Classics

Jimmy’s Hall is a history lesson wrapped in a love story, tied with a bow of lyrical, unapologetic idealism. Directed by Ken Loach and written by longtime collaborator Paul Laverty, this gentle, richly filmed, fact-based drama uncovers a little-known chapter in... Read more

Movie review: ‘A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence’


Magnolia Pictures

An 18th-century Swedish nobleman rides a horse into a bar. Read more

Ian Ziering takes another big bite out of ‘Sharknado’ series


Syfy via AP

Ian Ziering, star of Syfy’s phenomenally popular “Sharknado” movies, admits it: Back in 2013, while filming the first one, he had serious doubts about the crazy nature-goes-nuts premise. Read more

Bud Gillett retiring after 37 years in DFW TV news



Bud Gillett, the most veteran reporter at KTVT/Channel 11, announced Monday via Twitter that he is leaving the station after 37 years in DFW television, with the past 14 at CBS 11. Read more

New Roma Downey series explores stories of ‘Answered Prayers’

Downey and husband Mark Burnett’s LightWorkers Media production company, formed in 2009, has carved out a niche and become a heavy hitter in the entertainment business. Read more

Tim Cole documentarian launches Kickstarter campaign



Many in Fort Worth know the tragic story of Tim Cole, a promising young Texas Tech student who was wrongfully accused and convicted of rape in 1985. Read more

Movie review: ‘Trainwreck’



Amy Schumer’s big-screen debut is a smooth comedic ride. Read more

WBAP promotes Freda Ross to news director


Courtesy WBAP/KLIF/Cumulus Media

Moving quickly but not surprisingly, Cumulus Media, the parent company of WBAP/820 AM and KLIF/570 AM, has promoted longtime assistant WBAP news director Freda Ross to news director for both stations. Read more

Movie review: ‘Ant-Man’



Ant-Man could have ended up seeming more like Can’t Man. Read more

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