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Movie review: ‘It Follows’



Just when it seemed as if horror films had reached their limit in predictability, a couple of minor visionaries have come along to, if not totally change the game, at least make it fun again. Read more

Movie review: ‘Insurgent’



Insurgent doesn’t seriously diverge from the Divergent/ Hunger Games/ Maze Runner formula until its final act. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Walking Deceased’


Arc Entertainment

There’s one line of truth (“ Spring Breakers was amazing”) and a handful of half-funny concepts in the zombie-movie spoof The Walking Deceased. Want to make a zombie’s head explode? Say “ Read more

Movie review: ‘Deli Man’


Cohen Media Group

The star of Deli Man is a youngish man named Ziggy Gruber, who can speak Yiddish, was trained as a world-class chef in France and runs one of the nation’s best delis — in Houston. Read more

ICYMI: Ted Cruz talks ‘fire’ moment with Seth Meyers



On the same day that Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz took a some heat for remarking “Your world is on fire” at a New Hampshire event, Cruz got to set things straight on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers. Read more

Madison Pettis steps up for role that defies ‘cute’ label


Pure Flix Entertainment.

Madison Pettis will never second-guess her career choice if she keeps getting acting challenges like the one in Do You Believe? Read more

Rihanna, Jim Parsons bring ‘Home’ to Plano (update)

Home red carpet 18


Things were fairly calm at the premiere of Home till Rihanna and Jim Parsons walked the red carpet together. Then the screams began. Read more

McConaughey, Kimmel do ‘ads’ for Austin video store



In what looks like it’s becoming a tradition, Jimmy Kimmel Live has temporarily located to Austin during the South by Southwest festival. And on Monday’s episode, Kimmel visited Austin video store Read more

KTXD/Channel 47 cancels ‘The Broadcast’


The Broadcast

KTXD/Channel 47 has canceled The Broadcast, its female-led talk show that bore some similarities to a DFW version of The View, the show’s executive producer confirms. Read more

Elisha Cuthbert is ‘One Big Happy’ sitcom star


Eric McCandless/NBC

Elisha Cuthbert wears one big happy smile these days. Read more

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