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Movie review: ‘No Good Deed’


Screen Gems

Screen Gems ignores the Ray Rice controversy and national conversation about violence against women with No Good Deed, a brutal thriller about, you guessed it, a “malignant narcissist” committing all sorts of violence against women. Read more

Ex-NBC 5 anchor Mark Hayes lands Cincinnati gig

0823Morning (4 of 5) 2

Special/Brandon Wade

Mark Hayes, who “mutually decided to part ways” with KXAS/Channel 5 back in January, has landed a gig with Read more

Movie review: Dolphin Tale 2



It’s hard to top the story of how a wounded dolphin is saved by a prosthetic tail and a team of heroes. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Pirates’



The Pirates is the latest in the line of swashbuckling period epics from South Korea, hot on the heels of The Admiral: Roaring Currents and Kundo: Age of the Rampant. All of them have been huge hits at home. Read more

Movie review: ‘Five Star Life’


Music Box Films

For a single woman who loves to travel, the job is a dream: Check into a luxe hostelry in the Alps, or on the Mediterranean, or in the posh precincts of an Old World burg, sample the cuisine, the amenities, then file your report for the rating service that employs you. Hotel critic — not a... Read more

Movie review: ‘Frontera’


Magnolia Pictures

The contentious policy debate over the U.S.-Mexico border forms the backdrop to Frontera, a contemporary crime drama that brings together characters from both sides of that porous geographic line. At once understated and slightly pulpy, the film comes down squarely on... Read more

Movie review: ‘God Help the Girl’


Sundance Institute

The lively, playful, self-aware musical God Help the Girl has such a will-o’-the-wisp quality you fear it will disappear if you attempt to fence it. Writer-director Stuart Murdoch called it “our little hymn to the possibility of healing in music” ... Read more

Movie review: 'Wetlands'


Strand Releasing

The movie Wetlands treats the human body as a metaphorical swamp, oozing with blood, spittle and other secretions and excretions. By my count, at least a half dozen of them are examined in glorious Technicolor in this funny, sweet and filthy German dramedy about a tee... Read more

Roosevelts get the Ken Burns treatment


AP Photo

Behold this saga of bygone titans, a trio on an epic scale who share the same name. Read more

Fort Worth chef takes on the heat of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’



For Kalen Morgenstern, it has all come full circle. Read more

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