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Movie review: ‘Last Days in Vietnam’


Kim Ki Sam

Sometimes the stories we think we know, the stories where we don’t want to hear another word, turn out to be the most involving of all, the ones we in fact know the least about. So it is with Last Days in Vietnam. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Blue Room’


Sundance Selects

Like a corpse about to be autopsied, the mystery that is laid bare by The Blue Room hardly requires even the economical 76 minutes that director Mathieu Amalric expends on it. Two naked philanderers, played by Amalric and his real-life partner, Stéphanie Clé... Read more

Movie review: ‘Listen Up Philip’


Tribeca Film

Listen Up Philip is a frustrating and shallow film, which is ultimately fitting since the title character so personifies these qualities to the point you want to punch him in the face — or strangle yourself for watching this unlikeable doofus for 108 minutes. Read more

‘Stalker’ star knows the value of privacy

TV-Maggie Q-Stalker


For Maggie Q, her new series, Stalker, hits close to home. But not too close, if Maggie can help it. She sees privacy, and guarding her personal space, as vital to her freedom. Read more

Downey plans new ‘divine’ series

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are taking their faith-based empire on a pilgrimage to TLC. Read more

New on DVD: ‘Snowpiercer’ starring Chris Evans


The Weinstein Co.

DVD Snowpiercer : In different hands, Snowpiercer might have been just another generic action movie. Yet with South Korean director Bong Joon Ho at t... Read more

Essay: ‘The Affair’ on Showtime breathes new life into an old approach



The Affair, an excellent new drama from Sarah Treem, is new neither in its subject matter nor in its structure: It is the story of an affair, told from the perspectives of both participants. Read more

Fox Sports Southwest’s Erin Hartigan lives her dream

Erin Hartigan Profile  Kmag


When Erin Hartigan was a kid, she had her own unique definition of high fashion. Read more

Movie review: ‘St. Vincent’


The Weinstein Co.

If we were going to be curmudgeonly about it — and St. Vincent is, after all, a movie about a curmudgeon — we’d focus on the one major flaw in the film, and not on its pleasures. Read more

Five questions with...Robin Lord Taylor



The actor is making waves as a young Penguin in the Batman-related series ‘Gotham’ Read more

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