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Bill Paxton to be honored at Dallas International Film Festival


Associated Press

Fort Worth-born actor Bill Paxton, who died in February, will receive a posthumous honor at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival. Paxton will be celebrated with a Dallas Star Award at the conclusion of the festival, which runs March 30-April 9. Read more

Andy Anderson, filmmaker and UT Arlington professor, dies at 70


Star-Telegram archives

Andy Anderson, a filmmaker and longtime University of Texas at Arlington professor who helped develop the film and video program at UTA, died last week. He was 70. Read more

‘Land of Mine’ explodes with drama


Sony Pictures Classics

“Land of Mine” is a fictionalized version of a neglected piece of postwar history, detailing the often-ruthless practice of using World War II German prisoners to defuse land mines. Read more

‘For Here or To Go?’ serves up a fresh point of view


Many Cups of Chai Films

On the surface, the dramedy “For Here or To Go?” might seem like just another riff on a well-worn formula: the hijinks of a group of rambunctious guys trying to make it in Silicon Valley. Read more

Downtown’s hidden theater awaits a restoration angel

7th Street Downtown Fort Worth

University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

The last outpost of downtown Fort Worth’s movie house “Show Row” may yet make a comeback. Read more

No, ‘CHIPS’ is not as bad as you think it might be


Warner Bros.

The randy action-comedy “CHIPS” is pitched right to that 18-24 demographic, but that audience is probably wondering what this whole California Highway Patrol movie is about. Read more

‘Life’ is mostly meaningless, but it has some heart-pounding moments


Sony Pictures

Hey, “Life.” 1979 called. It wants its alien-invasion movie back. Read more

TCU alum and DFW.com Hot Issue alum to appear on Amazing Race 29

G7CAVMV2G.11Jamie B Ford; Roman A Pena

Roman A. Pena and Jamie B. Ford

The truly amazing thing about The Amazing Race is that it’s about to unfurl its 29th edition. That’s a lot of continents covered and animals parts eaten since 2003. Read more

‘Raw’ is a tough, meaty horror original


Focus World

The first-year veterinary students assemble in their crisp white coats for a group photo, smiling sweetly before being drenched in a cascade of blood of mysterious provenance. Afterward, smeared and crusted with the red stuff, they line up to take their communion: a raw rabbit kidney. One girl pr... Read more

‘Power Rangers’ could use recharging



There’s a question every piece of intellectual property needs to ask itself before a new version is made: How seriously should we treat the source material? Read more

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