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Movie review: ‘Top Five’



With all the timely cultural commentary Chris Rock has been making about Ferguson, Staten Island, police chokeholds and the like while doing interviews ostensibly promoting his new film, it’s actually a relief that Top Five is pretty good. More than two decades i... Read more

Audience graduates from smart comedy

FIlm Review The Hangover


Commentary: Why are our screen comedies by and large so much cruder, so much less elegant and cosmopolitan, than they were back in the day? Read more

‘Ascension’ to take viewers on a wild ride through space and time



Ascension is an out-of-this-world sci-fi drama that makes one giant leap into the future while keeping the other foot planted firmly in the 1960s. Read more

‘Birdman,’ ‘Boyhood’ get Globe nods

Golden Globes Nominations


Birdman is soaring. Boyhood keeps growing. Selma is on the march. And Unbroken is … missing in action. Read more

Movie review: ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’


Twentieth Century Fox

There are scenes in Ridley Scott’s biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings when a viewer might be forgiven for thinking God parted the waters near the Sydney Opera House, not the Red Sea. Two of the main characters, the pharoah Ramses and conniving high-ranking Eg... Read more

Movie review: ‘Wild’

Film Review Wild


Nearly 10 years ago, Reese Witherspoon won a Best Actress Oscar for playing June Carter Cash in Walk the Line; it was the kind of Oscar win you could predict without even seeing the movie, because the Academy loves few things more than a starlet who shows that she has... Read more

'Birdman,' 'Boyhood' stay on track in Globes noms

Golden Globes Nominations

AP Photo

"Birdman" is soaring. "Boyhood" keeps growing. "Selma" is on the march. And "Unbroken" is... missing in action. Read more

N. Texas celebrities share favorite holiday memories

Newy Scruggs 2


Every holiday is a snowflake. Every Christmas experience is unique. We know this because, when we asked for celebrities to share their favorite holiday traditions and memories, no one’s story was quite the same. Read more

Arts writers’ picks: ‘Safe’ reissue, Cohen ‘Live’

An Evening With Leonard Cohen


1 The new face of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art: Beginning in February 2015, the facade of the Amon Carter will be getting new glass panels and new doors. During construction, the front doors, the plaza, and the parking lot will be inaccessible and patrons wil... Read more

SAG Awards nominations 2015: Snubs and surprises

The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations Wednesday morning offered plenty of confirmation of existing awards contenders — the Boyhood train kept rolling, Birdman and The Imitation Game saw love all aro... Read more

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