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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

New on DVD: ‘Noah,’ starring Russell Crowe

DVD Noah : Old Testament fury has rarely come to such spectacularly fearsome life than in Noah, Darren Aronofsky’s audacious adaptation of one ... Read more

Ready for a second bite of ‘Sharknado’?



Ian Ziering would like nothing more than to brag about his savvy show-biz instincts. Read more

TV review: ‘Manhattan’


Manhattan, the new WGN America series that takes place not in New York but inside the Manhattan Project that birthed the atomic bomb, is set in a WWII-era community built upon secrets and lies. Read more

John Benjamin Hickey moves to 'Manhattan'


WGN America

John Benjamin Hickey got it all wrong when he was approached for a new TV series titled Manhattan. Read more

Maggie Gyllenhaal is ‘The Honorable Woman'


Des Willie

The Honorable Woman is a political conspiracy thriller that feels remarkably timely in the wake of fighting in Gaza. Read more

Movie review: ‘Hercules’



You’ll have to say one thing for Brett Ratner’s production of Hercules: This movie has a sense of proportion. Running just over 90 minutes, the movie is often clunky, but at least it’s fast and unpretentious. And its likable star, Dwayne Johnson, ... Read more

Movie review: ‘A Most Wanted Man’


Roadside Attractions

You can sense a John le Carre spy novel adaptation often before his name turns up in the credits. The hero’s cynicism at war with his skepticism, professionalism at war with personal demons — in the spy master’s gloomy, overcast world, they’re all spies “who cam... Read more

Movie review: ‘Under the Electric Sky’


E. Kabik

EDM, aka electronic dance music, may be huge in the clubs at the moment but it hasn’t spawned many waves outside the dancefloor and radio. Unlike previous youth movements, from Beatl... Read more

‘Under the Electric Sky’ documentary brings EDM to the big screen


Focus Features

The documentary opens in North Texas July 25. Read more

Movie review: ‘Lucy’

Film Review Lucy

Universal Pictures

What’s with Scarlett Johansson playing all these women who are not quite of our reality? Read more

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