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New Lone Star director faces challenges after shakeup

Chad Mathews, a TCU graduate and until recently the executive director of Fredericksburg’s Hill Country Film Festival, has been named director of Fort Worth’s Lone Star Film Society, the organization that runs the annual Lone Star Film Festival. Read more

Celebrate a star-spangled Fourth of July on TV

The fireworks show will take place in Dallas, as usual, but there are Fort Worth fingerprints all over this year’s Fair Park Fourth telecast at 9 p.m. Saturday on WFAA/Channel 8. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Wolfpack’


Magnolia Pictures

When does eccentricity become cruelty? When does family togetherness tip from close to claustrophobic? And if a flower of individuality blossoms between the cracks of parental control, do the creative ends justify the authoritarian means? Read more

Movie review: ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’


Sony Pictures Classics

How much funny goes with the crazy? Facile as it sounds, this is the question guiding the efforts of a considerable number of writer-directors over the years, as they have brought family stories (often autobiographical) involving some form of mental illness to the screen. Read more

Movie review: ‘In Stereo’


Circus Road Films

At first, In Stereo feels like it’s just going to be another New York-set indie about men and women falling in and out of fractured relationships — all set to a hipster’s version of a ’70s soul soundtrack. Move along, nothing new to see here. Read more

Movie review: ‘Terminator Genisys’


Paramount Pictures

Someone needs to go back in time and stop movie executives from greenlighting more “Terminator” movies. Read more

Movie review: ‘Faith of Our Fathers’


Pure Flix Entertainment

Faith of Our Fathers, the latest offering in the growing faith-based film market, gets high points for good intentions but loses most of them for execution. The writers got so wrapped up in the spiritual aspects of the story that the mechanics fall apart. Read more

Movie review: ‘Magic Mike XXL’


Warner Bros.

Delivered with all the subtlety of a crotch to the face, Magic Mike XXL is one of the most cynical, shallow sequels in recent memory. Read more

Fossil Creek UA Theater is sold, undergoing renovations

NE Theater Fossil Creek

Star-Telegram/Ian McVea

Southlake-based United Development Co. has partnered with two other real estate investment and development firms to buy 11 movie theater properties, including one each in Fort Worth that’s being renovated and another in Grand Prairie that will close. Read more

‘XXL’ creators muse on what women want


Warner Bros.

There was cause for concern: Channing Tatum wanted to rock a dad bod. Read more

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