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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Weekend Chef: Fish Sauce Steak Experiment



Anyone that has followed my blog knows I fix a lot of steaks. We are talking cowboy steaks with a coffee rub, Read more

Lonesome Vegetarian: A vegetarian walks into a sausage store …



Spicy sausage — my favorite variety of what Anthony Bourdain affectionately calls “meat in tube form” — was the only thing I regretted giving up when I went vegetarian almost 25 years ago. Specifically, the fiery “smoky dogs” at the Astrodome in Houston, ... Read more

Restaurant review: Simmer in Coppell

Simmer 106


What are the chances that a small town in East Texas would dish out two of Dallas-Fort Worth’s most innovative young chefs? Read more

Eats Beat: Clay Pigeon ready for lunchtime flights



The west Fort Worth restaurant is off the beaten path, but diners are finding it. Read more

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ recap: The women rule (mostly)



This season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ features three competitors from DFW, including Kalen Morgenstern of Tillman’s Roadhouse Fort Worth. Read more

Texas brew review: Rahr Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin beers are generally a love-or-hate proposition. Some drinkers yearn for the nutmeg, molasses, allspice and cinnamon that typically come along with these beers, while the angry, pumpkin-hating mob decries them as messy, sweet spice crimes. Both sides will tell you the other is crazy, which... Read more

Eats Beat: Dutch’s goes back for CFS sandwich



Dutch’s Hamburgers is already home to a football legacy. Read more

Restaurant review: Whole Foods Market in Colleyville

Whole Foods 102


While Neapolitan pizzerias are opening in towns across Dallas-Fort Worth, none had colonized Colleyville. Which entrepreneur, which chain would be first? Read more

Eats Beat: FW chef Lancarte ready to get Righteous



Lanny Lancarte would like to open Righteous Foods any day. Read more

BBQ Safari: Mama Faye’s BBQ in Deep Ellum


Special to DFW.com

The best barbecue anywhere is ’cue that someone has cooked in their own back yard. The methods used to produce it don’t always lend themselves to commercial enterprises, so no matter how good your favorite barbecue joint is, there is someone doing it better in their back yard with a... Read more

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