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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Eats Beat: Classic rock and pizza at the Rock



The Washington-based chain lands in north Fort Worth with a thumping bass beat, burgers and lots of nostalgia. Read more

New restaurants, stores opening in Mansfield

Prime Grille & Sidebar will be put out to pasture in short order and replaced with a Mexican restaurant, the general manager and an owner said Monday. Read more

Texas brew review: Don’t be afraid of the dark beer

GKF38LS91.2Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

By now, hopefully you have your costume nailed down. If not, get with the program, Halloween is almost here. Read more

Eats Beat: Tasting time in Hurst, plus new catfish and burgers



The Taste of Northeast refers to Northeast Tarrant County, and the flavors come from every direction. Read more

Restaurant review: Sausage Shoppe in Fort Worth

Sausage Shoppe 102


In Texas barbecue circles, brisket is often regarded as a ’cue joint’s defining dish, followed by ribs and sausage, typically in that order. Read more

Restaurant review: Z’s Cafe in Fort Worth

Indulge ZsCafe 2


Z’s Cafe has been around since about 2008, first inside the Community Arts Center in Fort Worth’s Cultural District, then opening a second location on the city’s south side in 2012, which is now the sole location. The small lunchtime spot’s chicken salad has earned a c... Read more

Fresh meat DFW: a mini burger battle


Illustration by Mark Hoffer

For the past month, I have been chewing my way toward this final moment, eating burger after burger after burger, trying to decide which one is best. Read more

Rodeo Goat: Update on the 2013 Burger Battle champ

DFW.com Burger Battle: Rodeo Goat


Sightings of a mythical burger will come to an end, while the opening of a Dallas Rodeo Goat is coming into view. Read more

Eats Beat: Tillman’s wakes back up with a popular brunch



Once thought endangered, Tillman’s Roadhouse is now a Crockett Square success story. Read more

Texas brew review: South Austin Brewing makes a change for the better

GB93717CG.3Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

With any consumer product, marketing, brand positioning and a unique selling proposition are just as important to success as the quality of the product. Beer is no different, and that’s no more evident than with big-name beers. Without much differentiation in product — no unique sel... Read more

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