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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Life’s a Buffet: Shelby Schafer prepares to hang up her apron at the Kimbell restaurant

Indulge Schafer 10


She takes a seat on the east side of the empty dining room. From there, she can see the service counter, a corner of the kitchen and the hostess station where hungry patrons will soon arrive expecting a table in the popular Buffet Restaurant at the Kimbell Art Museum. Read more

Punches fly and tokens go bye-bye at Chuck E. Cheese’s


Krystel Jimenez

Last year, Irving-based Chuck E. Cheese’s -- the place where a kid can be a kid -- launched a new marketing plan to appeal to parents. The arcadeand pizza chain expanded its menus, adding items such as cappucino and artisan pizzas, plus beer and wine at some locations. They even threw in f... Read more

Three-way burger brawl: Shake Shack vs. In-N-Out vs. Whataburger


AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth, Whataburger, Shake Shack

We launch our own sandwich war between regional titans In-N-Out from California, Shake Shack from New York and Texas-bred Whataburger. Who wins? Read more

Sweet Tomatoes restaurants close in DFW

Sweet Tomatoes 108

Star-Telegram archives

An email sent to members of the Sweet Tomatoes e-club says, “Unfortunately, your local Sweet Tomatoes in Fort Worth has closed.” Since this location of the soup-and-salad-bar chain is in the West 7th development, we chalk... Read more

All’s fair for Community’s Funnel Cake Ale


Community Beer Co.

The State Fair of Texas is in full swing, which means throngs of people will be pouring into Dallas for the sights, sounds and experiences that go along with it. But, in truth, many people are coming mainly for the stomachache. Read more

Texas Monthly BBQ to present ‘Fire & Smoke’ event in Fort Worth


Rasy Ran

One of Fort Worth’s most acclaimed chefs and one of its most buzz-generating pitmasters will team Nov. 6 for a Texas Monthly BBQ dinner called “Fire & Smoke” in Fort Worth. Read more

BBQ at Whole Foods, and a new Fort Worth Blue Mesa


Special to the Star-Telegram

Whole Foods Market is more than a restaurant. Read more

Oni Ramen isn’t just noodling around on West 7th

Oni Ramen 104


Restaurant review: The ramen is good — and in some cases the broth is sinus-clearingly spicy — at Jesus Garcia’s new spot. But there’s more to this place than ramen. Read more

Denton’s Fat Shack is a lil’ ol’ place where we can eat deep-fried food together

Fat Shack 101


Let’s say you like deep-fried food, including food of the sort that isn’t ordinarily deep-fried, but you don’t want to deal with the crowds at the State Fair of Texas. Or you don’t mind the crowds, but the fair doesn’t last long enough for your cravings. Or you ... Read more

Where to find the best deals for National Taco Day

dfw dining2 Taco Heads


Taco fans, rejoice. It’s National Taco Day. Read more

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