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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

La Perla Negra and Thompson’s: first sips (and bites)



Within the past couple of weeks, two new bars — La Perla Negra and Thompson’s — have opened o... Read more

Texas brew review: bills bring good and bad to craft beer biz

Revolver 8


It’s not particularly common to hear politics discussed in this publication — we usually leave that to the news folks at the Star-Telegram. However, our ears perk up at DFW.com when the politics of booze come up. Read more

Eats Beat: Cannon Chinese ready and firing



Cannon Chinese is not like any other Chinese restaurant. Read more

La Blue Casa set to open in Arlington


La Blue Casa

La Blue Casa, which has been rolling as a food truck in DFW for a couple of years, is about to also become — well, a blue casa. With lots of interesting dishes inside. Read more

Preview: Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival


DFW.com archives

On the final day of 2014’s inaugural Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival, we caught up with Russell Kirkpatrick, the festival’s director and co-founder, and asked him to sum up the fest’s first time out. He was succinct. Read more

Eats Beat: Barbecue, desserts added to fest menu

Melt Ice Cream 107


The second Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival is not limited to Fort Worth. Read more

Restaurant review: Samson’s Market Bistro in Fort Worth

Samson Market 110


Is it some sort of culinary irony that Fort Worth’s only Ethiopian restaurant is next door to one of the more ubiquitous food-stops in the city? Read more

La Perla Negra to open Thursday in Fort Worth


Facebook/Courtesy of La Perla Negra

Much of the action in downtown Fort Worth is centered on Sundance Square, meaning that much of it is north of Seventh Street. But there’s action south of Seventh, too, and there’s been a sudden burst of activity on the 900 block of Houston, which is a couple of blocks south of Seventh. Read more

Pics: Fort Worth brew crawl

Scott Fischer

We were in the mood for a beer or five over the weekend, so we sent our party cams on a brew crawl. Found great sudsy fun at Panther Island Brewing, Rahr & Sons, Martin House, the Bearded Eel, and the newly re-branded Chimera Brewing. Read more

CBS 11: Fort Worth woman, 104, says Dr Pepper key to her longevity

Centenarian Elizabeth Sullivan 8

Star-Telegram archives

For 104-year-old Elizabeth Sullivan, Dr Pepper appears to be just what the doctor ordered. Or didn’t order, but she says it’s one of the things that keeps her going. Read more

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