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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Restaurant review: The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen in Fort Worth

rock wood fired kitchen


“There’s about an hour-and-20-minute wait,” my dining mate informed me as I snaked through the clog of parked cars bordering the month-old north Fort Worth eatery, The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen. Read more

Magnolia Cheese Co. closes, will undergo makeover

Indulge Magnolia Cheese 7

DFW.com archives

Two years after opening, the popular Magnolia Cheese Co. is closing — but it’s not all bad news. Read more

Pho in DFW: a slurp story

dfw cover pho main 1107


“When you wake up in Vietnam, the sun is slowly rising but the temperature is still cool, so you can start your day with a bowl of pho.” — Kenzo Tran Read more

Eats Beat: West 7th to get Mash’d

How could it have taken so long for Mash’d to bring moonshine to Fort Worth? Read more

Restaurant review: Proof + Pantry in Dallas

dfw dining main Proof + Pantry


The wheel spins one more time at One Arts Plaza with Proof + Pantry, an exciting new restaurant taking on the old Commissary spot, with a cool vibe, good food and well-crafted drinks. Read more

Texas brew review: Revolver Sangre y Miel



With North Texas Beer Week entering its second weekend, brewers and beer-centric venues across the area are putting on all kinds of interesting, unique events and showcasing new beers every day. Read more

Dining review: BBQ on the Brazos in Cresson

BBQ on the Brazos 120


More so than any other type of regional food, barbecue is often found in the least likely of places: in old Dairy Queens, in beat-up roadside shacks, in farmers markets. Read more

Eats Beat: Aledo has two new winners in IDC Burgers, Slice pizza



Aledo has grown, and so has its appetite. Read more

Restaurant review: Burger Bar in Cleburne

Burger Bar 109

DFW.com archives

From the other side of the window, Katy Grantges finally waves at us. Coast is clear to step inside her tiny, red-brick burger joint in downtown Cleburne. Read more

Hacienda San Miguel closing Tuesday

Urban Living 1

Star-Telegram/Ron T. Ennis

If you haven’t made dinner plans yet, you might consider stopping by Hacienda San Miguel in the West 7th district. Read more

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