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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Eats Beat: Tacos on the move, and mole for Mom

Gino Rojas, owner of Revolver Taco


If your favorite Mexican restaurant is missing, check around: Read more

Untapped Fort Worth: guide to the beer and music fest


Illustration by Mark Hoffer

Beer and live music belong to each other. Like two friends who aren’t quite themselves without the other around, beer without music is sad and strange, while live music without beer is only acceptable at church and children’s concerts. Read more

12 beers to try at Untapped Fort Worth



With more than 250 beers available at Untapped, it’ll be tough to pick through and figure out what to try. I offer you a flight of advice, with this caveat: These might not all be brand new or exceedingly rare, but eve... Read more

Restaurant review: Kin Kin Urban Thai in Fort Worth

DFW Dining Kin Kin 007


Eddy Thretipthuangsin has a lot banking on the success of Kin Kin Urban Thai. Read more

Eats Beat: Name from Spain, flavor from Lebanon, both south Arlington

Andalous review 9


The Mediterranean buffet of your dreams has arrived. Read more

Chef Dena Peterson leaving Cafe Modern


Today in Fort Worth food news we don’t want to hear: Chef Dena Peterson is leaving Cafe Modern, the elegant restaurant at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Read more

Restaurant review: Lucy’s Lot in Grapevine

dfw Lucy's Lot


Do a Google search for Lucy’s Lot, and one of the first hits is from Yelp, which lists Lucy’s under “dive bars — Grapevine, TX.” Read more

First taste: Cibo Divino Marketplace


The Sylvan Thirty mixed-use development at I-30 and Sylvan in West Dallas, across from the Belmont Hotel, has been slow to come to life. After many delays during construction, including a Read more

Kin Kin Urban Thai, Bite City Grill expand to Richardson

Bite City Grill 18

DFW.com archvies

DFW.com contributor Anna Caplan, who also does some real estate reporting, tipped us that Fort Worth-based Kin Kin Urban Thai is destined for a new location in Richardson. This will make four Kin Kins for Chef Edd... Read more

Restaurant preview: Dave & Buster’s in Euless


Dave & Buster’s

If you’ve never been inside a Dave & Buster’s, think of it as something beyond sports bar and approaching sports theme park. Or maybe sports carnival. There’s even a midway. Read more

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