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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Lonesome vegetarian: get juiced in DFW


Marilyn Bailey

It’s a cliché this time of year, but something drove me to visit several of the area’s new green-juice bars over the past few days — maybe the discovery of icky hydrogenated fats in the Central Market pie crust I’d indulged in over the holidays. Read more

Restaurant review: Mason & Dixie Grapevine

dfw dining2 mason&dixie


Beth Newman’s restaurant debut came by accident. The sometime-caterer and interior designer actually was looking for a booth to rent at the Grapevine Antique Market when she was approached by its owner. Read more

Restaurant review: Slice the Pizza Spot in Aledo

DFW Pizza the Spot 14


We’re used to seeing Neapolitan-style pizza spots in hip places: Deep Ellum, Magnolia Avenue, University Drive. But one has recently turned up in a somewhat unlikely spot: Aledo, a tiny speck of suburbia about 20 miles southwest of downtown Fort Worth. Read more

Eats Beat: Fish Creek near Aledo puts steak on the menu


Fish Creek Restaurant

No telling what you’ll reel out of Fish Creek these days. Read more

Brian Olenjack splits with Olenjack’s Grille

Olenjack 102

DFW.com archives

It looks as if Arlington’s Olenjack’s Grille will go on without its namesake chef, Brian Olenjack. Read more

Eats Beat: BBQ on the Brazos resting up for the kickoff



For two years, John Sanford has been firing up the BBQ on the Brazos pits at 4 a.m. daily with only Sundays for rest. Read more

Restaurant review: Pho & Grill in Fort Worth

dfw cover pho main 1107


Pho is popping up everywhere, so popular that DFW.com recently dedicated an entire story to singing its praises, including a list of our favorite phos around Dallas-Fort Worth. Pho & Grill on Overto... Read more

Weekend Chef: 2014, My Year With Food



2014 was a tasty year of food for me. For starters there was the first ever Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival featuring foodie events like the “Grand Tasting” and the $500 a plate... Read more

Eats Beat: Max’s new year also brings a new Monday brunch



Max’s Wine Dive has new ideas to go with New Year’s plans. Read more

Restaurant review: The Quarter Horse Sports Tavern in Keller

Quarter Horse 107


During the past five years, 1632 Keller Parkway has been home to Grill 1709 and Chow ’N Chill Bar & Grill, two laid-back, friendly bar-and-grills that never quite got off the ground. Read more

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