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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

DFW’s Best Burgers bracket: Round 1 results revealed

DFW.com Burger Battle: Rodeo Goat

DFW.com archives

Eating burgers in the DFW.com battle format is kinda like riding a bike. You never really forget how, and, after you get started, you remember just how awesome it can be. Read more

DFW.com Battle of the Burgers: readers’ bracket first-round results

One of the hallmarks of our Readers’ Choice bracket is that, while the burger joints can’t influence our judges, they can influence their Facebook friends and loyal followers. Read more

Eats Beat: Tillman’s Light? Look for Market + Table



After her Hell’s Kitchen TV gig, chef Kalen Morgenstern was ready for a move. Read more

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Brewpub going beyond pretzels and peanuts as it woos the meat-free


Marilyn Bailey

I’m loving the proliferation of beer bars, tap rooms and brewpub restaurants. Read more

Eats Beat: Lower prices but not smaller plates for Restaurant Week



Any DFW Restaurant Week dinner is a bargain, some more than others. Read more

First bite: Barley & Board in Denton



Our first impression of Barley & Board, a new restaurant/brewpub on the northeast corner of Denton’s Courthouse Square, came from across the street. Read more

Eats Beat: KC chef’s new Spin! has more than pizza


The Kansas City Star

An award-winning Kansas City chef has brought yet more pizza to Southlake. Read more

Best burgers in DFW bracket


It started, like many of life’s great endeavors, with an argument. Read more

Love burgers? Enter to be a judge!

Do you keep a journal dedicated to your burger memories? Will you drive 60 miles away (or more) to a small town just because you heard a great new burger joint opened there? Do you have a Google alert set for “burgers”? Read more

DFW.com Burger Battle: bubble burgers

LSA Burger 2

DFW.com archives

Inevitably, when you’re picking 32 burger joints for a bracket in an area with way more than 32 burger joints, something’s gotta give. Ask any of our judges who fought, and lost, to keep a favorite in the 2015 Burger Battle. Read more

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