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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Southlake’s Latin-Italian fusion is more than tacos and pizzas

DeVivo Fusion 104


Weekday lunch can be hectic in Southlake. Read more

Earl’s 377 Pizza provides a sneak peek



As DFW.com contributor Teresa Gubbins says in her review of Olivella’s Camp Bowie this week, more pizza is a good thing. But if you live north of Loop 820, it can be a bit of a drive ... Read more

Chasing Chipotle: Can a new wave of build-it-yourself restaurants stack up to the burrito king?

Salata dining review 5

Star-Telegram archives

The dominant trend in fast-casual dining the last few years can be summed up in one brand name: Chipotle. Read more

Dive Oyster Bar’s only burger is worth the dive

Indulge TheDive


Opened in January near the Benbrook Traffic Circle, The Dive Oyster Bar is on its way to becoming as known for burgers as it is for seafood. During a recent visit, every table in the restaurant had at le... Read more

Reata to mark 20th anniversary with free champagne


Mike Micallef

In 1996, downtown Fort Worth was undergoing a bit of a boom. Bass Hall was under construction. The AMC Palace 9 opened, and a two-story Barnes & Noble came in not long after. Several restaurants came in; a couple are even still standing. Perhaps none is standing more against the odds than Read more

Camp Bowie restaurant Olivella’s is a welcome slice of the pizza pie

dfw dining main Olivella's


More pizza is a good thing, and in that spirit, we welcome Olivella’s Camp Bowie, a new pizzeria import from Dallas. Read more

85C Bakery Cafe coming to North Texas



One of the enduring cliches about food in Texas is that, broadly speaking, it’s all beef and Tex-Mex as far as the eye can see. Read more

Texas Brew Review: Noble Rey Brewing's arty cans


Cyndi Long Studios

A spike in competition from an increasing number of new breweries is not news. With every month, finite shelf space becomes even more valuable and scarce. Read more

Breast-feeding moms plan ‘nurse-in’ at West Side Cafe



The last time West Side Cafe on Camp Bowie Boulevard made big news it was because a waitress paid for a couple’s meal after discovering that they had lost their 9-week-old daughter. Read more

Avoca Coffee sets June 6 opening for 2nd location

dfw cover coffee

Star-Telegram archives

Last August, DFW.com reported that Avoca Coffee Roasters, Read more

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