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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Lonesome vegetarian: Going meatless at the Stock Show


Robert Philpot

After 15 years in Fort Worth, I finally decided to get over my fear of attending the Stock Show. As a longtime vegetarian, I’ve resisted looking too closely at the animals and learning in detail about cattle raising and associated subjects. But I very much respect the early history of Cowt... Read more

Restaurant review: Wild Mushroom in Fort Worth

Wild Mushroom Review 003


Before it closed last year, Ray’s Prime Steak and Seafood was a west-side magnet for two reasons: superb steaks and a happening bar. Read more

Restaurant review: Hedary’s Mediterranean Restaurant Fort Worth

dfw dining2 Hedary's revisit 0123


Over the years, Hedary’s Mediterranean Restaurant, the nearly-40-year-old bastion of basted chicken, has satisfied customers with its bistro-esque mix of maza plates and kebabs. And at this point, its frarej chicken deserves some sort of historic designation. Read more

Eats Beat: Mi Cocula fires up Ridglea, and Chuy’s lands in Southlake



The Moreno family’s new Fort Worth restaurant developed a quick following. Read more

Former employees sue well-known Watauga restaurant over pay

Chef Point Cafe 6


Three former employees of Chef Point Cafe have sued the popular restaurant, claiming they were not paid what they were owed and that some tips were withheld and replaced with IOUs. Read more

First look: Rodeo Goat Dallas

DFW.com Burger Battle: Rodeo Goat


Although we didn’t have time to scarf down a burger, we dropped in to the new Dallas location of Rodeo Goat on its opening day Thursday to check things out and see how it compared with the Fort Worth Rodeo Goat, Read more

Eats Beat: Extra help for Reata’s Stock Show menus



Reata grows from one restaurant to four every January. Read more

Wild Mushroom chef to open new Weatherford restaurant


Weatherford Star-Telegram

The popular eatery the Wild Mushroom may have moved to Fort Worth but Chef Jerrett Joslin hasn’t forgotten his foodie fan base. Read more

Texas brew review: Barrel-Aged Legion from Community



Summer beers are fun. Their skippy, vibrant personalities pair well with the oppressively hot summers that prevail during their release times. They help distract from the reality that it’s downright uncomfortable outside. Read more

Restaurant review: Cheesecake Factory in Fort Worth

dfw dining cheesecake factory 6


One of the first stories I wrote for a newspaper was an article about a deli opening up in a space that had previously housed a strip joint. I made a joke about “cheesecake being replaced by, um, cheesecake.” Read more

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