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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Eats Beat: TV cameras find Cattlemen’s shrimp. (But not the calf-fries pizza.)


Cooking Channel

TV has found Cattlemen’s Steak House. Read more

Eats Beat: No fancy burgers at Greasy Bend



George Palmer would like to dispel any rumors about Greasy Bend Burgers going froufrou. Read more

First bite: SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza in Southlake



As noted in Wednesday’s post about Taverna Rossa Craft Pizza and Beer (loosely) setting a Southlake date, Southlake is approaching being called Pizzalake, as it’s home to so man... Read more

Chicken and waffles: a sweet and savory quest



In late 1997, guests at a party honoring two Fort Worth debutantes were a little surprised by the unusual menu at the now shuttered but once legendary Caravan of Dreams: chicken and waffles. Read more

Restaurant review: Gino’s East in Arlington

dfw dining gino's east 0717 5


Growing up in the Windy City, I was introduced to Chicago-style deep-dish pizza as a little girl. You might think it was everywhere in Chicago, but it wasn’t (Chicago-style hot dogs were everywhere). There were only a few places that served the renowned deep dish back then, none of them an... Read more

Taverna Rossa announces winter opening for Southlake


Facebook/Courtesy of Taverna Rossa

What is up with pizza and Southlake? No sooner does one new joint open — the long-awaited Spin! Neapolitan Pizza opened Wednesday, Read more

Texas brew review: Revolver Brewing’s new Ironhead IPA


Revolver Brewing

The default for many beginning American craft breweries is to make an American pale ale or India pale ale. The two hop-forward styles are some of the most popular in the United States, and it’s pretty rare these days to find a brewery that doesn’t make at least one. Read more

Restaurant review: J.R. Bentley’s English Pub in Arlington


Special to DFW.com

When the students come back from summer break at the University of Texas at Arlington this fall, there’s apt to be a letdown unassociated with pop quizzes or homecoming disses: Noted campus-adjacent haunt J.R. Bentley’s English Pub is no longer cigarette-friendly. Read more

Eats Beat: Plenty of cinnamon-multigrain in these giant pancakes



River Oaks Cafe serves pancakes the size of basketballs. Read more

Magnolia brunch crawl: The Bearded Lady



If the craft beers at this 2-year-old hot spot don’t fill you up, the brunch plates should do the trick. Read more

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