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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Billy Bob’s to host World Steak Championship


Getty Images/iStockphoto

This high-stakes battle will be a high-steaks battle. Read more

Eats Beat: New chef at Saint-Emilion, new gig for Café Modern’s Peterson



Saint-Emilion Restaurant’s 30th anniversary included a surprise: a new chef de cuisine. Read more

Restaurant review: Dotto’s Pies & Fries in Southlake

dfw Dotto's Pies Fries


Let’s get one matter clarified right away: Dotto’s Pies & Fries actually serves its namesake “pies and fries” dish and it’s one of the most pleasurably rib-sticking plates you’ll ever encounter. Read more

Report: Guy Fieri opens burger joint at Gexa Energy Pavilion

Guy Fieri Portraits & Guy's Super Bowl Grub Tour


If you happen to see a photo of a dude with spiked blonde hair at Gexa Energy Pavilion this summer, it’s probably not an ad for Billy Idol on a revival tour: Read more

Texas brew review: Lakewood gets canned



The craft beer industry has by and large cut its teeth on bottling its product. Historically, it’s been rare for craft breweries to package in cans, and to do so was seen as kind of weird. Read more

HG Sply Co. to open Fort Worth location


Kathryn Kemp

HG Sply Co., the paleo-centric Dallas restaurant and bar on Lowest Greenville Avenue in Dallas, is heading west for its second location. Specifically, heading to WestBend. Read more

Read John Tesar’s tribute to Josh Ozerksy


Courtesy of John Tesar

Knife Dallas has carried the tag “a modern steakhouse,” and it certainly offers an impressive array of steaks, listed on the menu as “new school,” “old school” and “exotic.” Read more

Eats Beat: Tacos on the move, and mole for Mom

Gino Rojas, owner of Revolver Taco


If your favorite Mexican restaurant is missing, check around: Read more

Untapped Fort Worth: guide to the beer and music fest


Illustration by Mark Hoffer

Beer and live music belong to each other. Like two friends who aren’t quite themselves without the other around, beer without music is sad and strange, while live music without beer is only acceptable at church and children’s concerts. Read more

12 beers to try at Untapped Fort Worth



With more than 250 beers available at Untapped, it’ll be tough to pick through and figure out what to try. I offer you a flight of advice, with this caveat: These might not all be brand new or exceedingly rare, but eve... Read more

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