Burger Battle: The road to the final two

Rodeo Goat 109


It’s an all-Tarrant finale in DFW.com’s 2013 Battle of the Burgers, with Arlington’s Chop House Burgers, the runner-up in 2011, taking on Fort Worth’s Rodeo Goat, which wasn’t even around in 2011. Here’s how they got to the finale. Read more

Burger Battle: Tasting notes from our guest judge



Denise Harris showed up on Day 1 of our Final Four tasting odyssey wearing a hamburger T-shirt and a smile. Small in stature but big in appetite, she knew she was in for two afternoons of amazing flavors. She proved to be a discerning and Read more

Best turkey burgers in Dallas-Fort Worth



In 2011, the last time we put some local turkey burgers to the taste test, there was a canyon of quality between the great (Fort Worth’s H2 Burger) and not-so-great (Carl’s Jr.). This year, there’s less daylight between the high and the low, as each of the ones we tried had t... Read more

Battle of the Burgers 2013: The Final Four

Burger Battle Final 4 thumbnail

Photos from DFW.com

The chef-driven burger movement makes the final rounds especially tough. Read more

Burger Battle Round 3: Charley’s vs. Rodeo Goat



An old-school veteran takes on a cheffy upstart. Who advances to the Final Four? Read more

Burger Battle Round 3: Chop House vs. Goodfriend



Two stellar competitors square off in a pepper punch-out. Read more

Burger Battle Round 3: Johnny B’s vs. Dutch’s



The Southlake flat-patty master meets the Fort Worth gourmet gut-buster meet. Who prevails? Read more

Burger Battle Round 3: Hopdoddy vs. Kincaid’s



Does the Cowtown favorite or the Austin import advance to the Final Four? Read more

DFW Burger Battle: spotlight on veggie burgers



We’re unquestionably in the throes of burger mania, with burgers showing up on every menu and lots of new burger joints joining the fray. And although our bracket battle may suggest ... Read more

Burger Battle 2013: Meet our guest judge

As we have with each Burger Battle, we sought out a civilian burger lover to help us judge the Final Four. We asked readers to write and tell us Read more

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