A look back: The 2013 burger battle contenders


Illustration by Mark Hoffer

With so many new burger places out there, we’re rerunning a list of who was in the bracket last year. Read more

Lonesome vegetarian: Four new veggie burgers that you need to try now


Special to DFW.com

For DFW.com’s 2013 Burger Battle, contributor Teresa Gubbins surveyed the area’s veggie burgers and ranked her five favorites: Read more

Restaurant review: Hollywood Burger in Saginaw

Hollywood Burger 6


If you’ve ever been to Hollywood, you know that there’s a certain amount of grit that goes with the glamour, a working-stiff funkiness away from the more touristy parts. We were reminded of this at the original Hollywood Burger, a modest-looking joint in a similarly humble strip sho... Read more

‘Cheeseburgers in Paradise’ at Eagle Mountain Lake


Daniel Stober

At DFW.com, we’re pretty burger-obsessed. Every odd-numbered year since 2009, we’ve held an NCAA-bracket-style burger battle, seeking the Read more

Restaurant review: LSA Burger Co. in Denton

LSA Burger 2


The “LSA” in LSA Burger Co.’s name stands for Lone Star attitude , which is also the title of a song by Jon Christopher Davis, a Texas musician who co-founded the restaurant with Denton businessman John “Sparky” Pearson. But maybe the... Read more

Best Burger in DFW: Rodeo Goat

DFW.com Burger Battle: Rodeo Goat


(2) Rodeo Goat, 2836 Bledsoe & Currie streets, Fort Worth, vs. Read more

Burger Battle: The Road to the Goat’s first rodeo

DFW.com Burger Battle: Rodeo Goat


If all had gone according to plan, this sunny Sunday afternoon at Rodeo Goat Icehouse would look a lot different. Hungry burger lovers probably wouldn’t be lined up to get in, snatching up every seat. Chef Keith Grober might even be... Read more

Burger Battle readers’ bracket winner: Tom’s Burgers & Grill

Burger Battle Toms 3

DFW.com archives

Located in an old Denny’s Diner at the intersection of Cooper Street and Interstate 30 in Arlington, Tom’s Burgers and Grill is a modest place that might not have the burger recognition of a Kincaid’s or a Fred’s. Read more

Our 2013 Burgie awards


DFW.com archives

Not every place can carry home the big burger crown, but many of the 32 joints in our 2013 Battle earned superlatives from our hungry judges. We honor them and their delicious creations with the Burgie Awards. Read more

The burgers that got away: a final 2013 roundup

Johnny B's Burgers 019


Being a DFW.com burger judge isn’t all about gorging on great burgers and running up the company credit card. There are tough choices to be made, and regrets to live with. Read more

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