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Adopt me! Meet Sawyer

This pup came to the HSNT as a stray; he’d been microchipped, but the owners didn’t update their information with the microchip company. Read more

Adopt me! Meet Bob

This happy-go-lucky Shar-pei-retriever mix knows some basic commands. Read more

Adopt me! Meet Shadow



This stunning cat is about 3 years old, and he loves to use his paws like hands when he plays. Read more

Adopt me! Meet Flower and Blossom the guinea pigs



These sweet piggies are very easy to handle and, with adult supervision, would make excellent starter pets for older children. Read more

Adopt me! Meet Sargent

This 5-month-old pup was brought to the Humane Society because his former owners didn’t realize how much time and energy it takes to raise a puppy. Read more

Adopt me! Meet Max



Max is a high-energy boy and would love to be a jogging companion. Read more

Adopt me! Meet Lydia



This stray Lab-mix puppy is a real show-stopper that is looking for its forever home. Read more

Adopt me! Meet Vog



This sweet boy makes friends easily, but all his cat pals keep getting adopted. Will it be his turn next? Read more

Adopt me! Meet Hattie



Staffers at the Humane Society of North Texas say you should know that rats make wonderful companions. Read more

Adopt me! Meet Helen

This precious Catahoula Leopard dog mix has suffered a life full of neglect. She’s a special-needs girl who needs a very special family to take her in. Read more

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