Motown float making debut in Detroit parade

The event known as "America's Thanksgiving Parade" is paying homage to what once was called the "Sound of Young America." Read more

Wonderful short film gets full-feature treatment

Writer-director-star Shawn Christensen's "Curfew" was a minor miracle of a short film. This 2012 Oscar nominee was cynical and bitter, sad and uplifting - and deeply, darkly hilarious - a lot to manage in 19 magical minutes. Read more

Designer Michael Kors building Florida home

One of the world's best known fashion designers is building a 6,306 square-foot home on the Gulf of Mexico at the north end of Longboat Key in Manatee County. Read more

Wintry Weather Connecticut

Thanksgiving: Turkey, parades, shopping deals

Turkey, stuffing and a helium-filled Thomas the Tank Engine were on the menu as friends and families gathered across the United States to celebrate Thanksgiving. Read more

Busbices stars of new A&E reality show

It's a north Louisiana-set reality show about a quirky family who works and plays together, and their last name isn't Robertson. Read more

Canada-Radio Host Investigation

Ex-CBC host charged with sexual assault in Canada

Former Canadian Broadcasting Corp. radio host Jian Ghomesi must live with his mother while sexual assault charges against him are heard in a case that has rocked the country's vaunted public broadcaster. Read more

People Garrison Keillor

Mandolinist Thile to guest host 'Prairie Home'

Host Garrison Keillor plans to stay home and listen to "A Prairie Home Companion" on the radio for a couple of shows this winter. Read more

Bill Cosby-National Enquirer

Cosby testimony describes accuser's spiked story

Bill Cosby testified under oath in 2005 that he gave the National Enquirer an exclusive interview about looming sexual-assault accusations by a Canadian woman against him in exchange for the tabloid spiking a second accuser's story. Read more


1. "Captivated By You" by Sylvia Day (Berkley) Read more


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