Dan Auerbach fronts new band The Arcs for diverse sound

Black Keys singer-guitarist-producer Dan Auerbach brought together studio musicians with diverse backgrounds in rock, soul, Latin and country for his new band, The Arcs. Read more

Modigliani nude masterpiece could bring $100M at NYC auction


Courtesy of Christie's Images via AP

A painting of a female nude by Amedeo Modigliani (ah-mah-DAY'-oh moh-deel-YAH'-nee) that caused a scandal nearly a century ago is going on the auction block for the first time. Read more

Mural reflecting Bay City's lumber history now complete

Lumber History Mural


A three-sided mural along the Riverwalk on Bay City's west side offers a glimpse into the community's rich lumber heritage. Read more

'Wire's' Andre Royo ready to leave 'Bubbles' behind

Andre Royo is ready for new nicknames. Read more

Greta Gerwig: 'I'm really interested in friendships among women'

There are actresses who raise hell about sexism in Hollywood, and there are, increasingly, actresses who do something about it. Read more

Jerusalem-based artist's collages convey political turmoil

Artist Andi Arnovitz manipulates ancient Islamic motifs into vibrant collages that convey the Iranian nuclear threat and other regional political turmoil. Read more

Mondrian show in Berlin traces artist's evolution of style

Germany Mondrian Exhibition

AP Photo

Abstract compositions of black lines and rectangles filled with red, blue and yellow highlight a new Piet Mondrian exhibition in Berlin. Read more

Hudlin is seeking an inclusive Oscars

When news broke Tuesday that Reginald Hudlin and David Hill would produce the 88th Oscars, Hudlin was on a studio set, directing an episode of NBC's upcoming medical drama "Heartbreaker." Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

'BEFORE WE GO' Read more

Kathy Garver, 'Family Affair's' Cissy, is the child star who got away

Kathy Garver was riding high as the perky teenager Cissy on the popular 1966-71 CBS sitcom "Family Affair." But then the series ended and Garver found herself typecast as "this lovely, wholesome, sweet girl." Read more

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