Can't stop the voting: Timberlake casts ballot in Memphis

LA Premiere of "Trolls" - Arrivals

Photo by Jordan Strauss

Justin Timberlake flew from California to Tennessee in order to vote early, and state officials say that's great — but he shouldn't have taken a selfie at the ballot box. Read more

Gary Condit to discuss Chandra Levy case on 'Dr. Phil'

Gary Condit Dr Phil

AP Photo

Former congressman Gary Condit is set to discuss the 2001 disappearance and death of Washington intern Chandra Levy on the "Dr. Phil" show. Read more

Giants release kicker Josh Brown in wake of spousal abuse

Giants Brown Football

AP Photo

The New York Giants released placekicker Josh Brown on Tuesday, six days after police documents revealed Brown admitted to repeatedly abusing his former wife while they were married. Read more

Prince Harry 'grateful' for chance to return to Caribbean

Prince Harry will return next month to Barbados, where he previously charmed locals with his dance moves. Read more

Celebrities of all types are fanning out for Clinton

Campaign 2016 Clinton Celebrities

AP Photo

For television actress Busy Philipps, campaigning for Hillary Clinton isn't always glamorous. Read more

Movie review: 'Christine' shows the hell of a journalist's last weeks before her on-air suicide

On July 15, 1974, Christine Chubbuck, a 29-year-old news reporter in Sarasota, Fla., drew a revolver and fatally shot herself during a live broadcast. It was a dubious first in the history of television, as well as a tragic, terrifying final gesture from a woman whose personal and professional mi... Read more

Album review: Lady Gaga's latest reinvention on 'Joanne' a retro drag

Lady Gaga is all about reinvention: piano-pounding rocker, Euro-disco anti-diva, art-pop whirlwind, jazz vocalist - she's done them all in a career that spans less than a decade. Now comes her latest remake: the retro stylist of "Joanne" (Interscope). Read more

Germany nixes Armenian 'genocide' concert in Istanbul

Germany's Foreign Ministry has halted plans for a classical concert about the Armenian genocide that was due to be held at its consulate in Istanbul. Read more

Teenage Fanclub hits the stage, brings the roar

Once upon a time, before making precious, soft-spoken albums about love and mortality, members of the Scottish band Teenage Fanclub cranked up the electric guitars and roared as loudly as their peers in Nirvana and the Pixies. And they still do - on stage. Norman Blake, the band's longtime frontm... Read more

Miami plays a starring role in the glorious 'Moonlight'

The first and last sounds you hear in "Moonlight" are ocean waves crashing onto the shore. The movie that takes place between them is set primarily within Liberty City, the historically rich but crime-ridden Miami neighborhood where the young Chiron is being raised by his drug-addicted mother. Read more

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