Y me?: 'Time off' seems like an automatic 'game over'

A friend of mine who recently came to town is going through a rough time. His long-term girlfriend recently asked that the two take "time off" from their relationship. That has happened to me a couple of times, and I've never really understood it. It's like relationship limbo: You're not technica... Read more

Y Me: Just one decent man

It has been awhile since I've dipped into the mailbag, so I thought I'd roll up my sleeves and misguide a couple of readers. Read more

Y Me?: Cyberstalking for beginners

Dating columnist

DFW.com/Paul Moseley

In this day and age, it's important to manage your online presence. Generally speaking, the first thing I do after meeting a potential date is search for her name online. I know girls do the same thing to me, and I think it's perfectly natural. Cyberstalking is not a replacement for actually gett... Read more

Y Me? What he said, what she said

A couple of weeks ago I answered a reader's question about an issue he was having with his girlfriend, who caught him checking out porn on the couple's shared computer. ... Read more

Y Me?: Breaking up is hard to do, unless Rangers tickets are involved

I've been seeing a woman for a few months, and it's not really going all that well. She's great, and we have a good time when we're together, but I rarely see her more than once a week. When we are together, we mostly hang out, have dinner and drinks, and catch up on one another's week. She lives... Read more

Y Me: What's your position on porn?

I got an interesting question from a reader that I thought warranted a little more discussion than just a short answer. Jay in Euless is at odds with his live-in girlfriend about him watching Internet pornography. Read more

Y Me?: Accidates will happen

Ac·ci·Date, noun: An unfortunate incident when one party believes they are on a date and the other party believes they are just hanging out or having a work meeting or being buddies. Read more

Y me?: Checking out a Gothic romance

I'm the first to admit that I have a brooding side. It doesn't surface that often or last very long, but, yeah, I can get a little moody. Read more

Y Me?: Romance's rocky road

My friend Amy is a smart, attractive professional woman in her late 20s, who -- despite being just as cool in person as she is on paper -- is still unattached. Some friends recently set her up with a guy, and the circumstances of their first (and only) date were unique. They went on a road trip t... Read more

Y Me?: Only in the sitcom world

I've been getting some great questions from readers lately, so I thought I'd answer a couple. I'm noticing a pattern: Women seem to be preoccupied with why men won't commit or get excited about the stuff they like. Men are, by and large, more concerned about sex and sending me e-mails they think ... Read more

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