Y Me?: Getting into fighting trim

We men are typically good at being closed off, refusing to ask for help on some of the larger problems of our times. There are countless issues that need to be dragged out into the open, so we can all learn from one another. That's where I step in. Just think of me as your safe place. Read more

Y Me: Readers get real about fantasy cheating with sexy celebrities

A few weeks ago, I wrote about celebrity cheat lists, and how they are a means by which women manipulate men into staying faithful by pretending to be cool enough to let them cheat with a woman they will likely never meet. It's something that a lot of couples do when they get bored, and frankly I... Read more

Y me? If you want a date, take the coward's way in

Y Me column

One of the reasons so many guys have a hard time getting dates is that they don't have the confidence to ask a girl out. Timid guys tend to let their fear of rejection overrule their desire for romance. Many shy types want women to make the first move, which happens sometimes, but it's not someth... Read more

Y Me? digs into the mailbag

It's been a while since I've dipped into the mailbag, and it's getting a little full. So I thought it was time to dole out some of my patented terrible advice. As always, I issue this disclaimer: I'm not qualified to give advice. I don't have any training, and very little compassion. I am a jaded... Read more

Y Me?: Annoyingly in love online

I was recently scrolling down my Facebook feed, and felt the sudden urge to vomit all over my keyboard. Read more

Y Me?: The politics of the fantasy 'cheat list'

This week I'd like to address something that I find disturbing and pervasive in long-term relationships: the cheat list. Most people involved in a lengthy monogamous relationship have one. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it's simple: You and your partner compile a list of anywhere from one... Read more

Y Me? goes hunting with the she-pack

I recently donned my anthropologist's hat and stepped out of my tiny, sad apartment for a little field work. I arranged to meet up with a group of rowdy girls. The idea was to hit the town with them to see firsthand how they go "hunting." Read more

Y Me?: Two in a million

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a friend whose relationship was derailed by presumptions and some overreacting. He was seeing a nice girl for a few months, and she tried to change her Facebook relationship status to "in a relationship" with him, without ever having spoken to him about becoming exc... Read more

Y Me?: Looking for lust in online places

In my continuing effort to dredge the Internet's seedy underbelly in search of romance, I've stumbled across several hookup sites. Maybe I'm a little prudish, but these sites sound as if they're a good way to find yourself awoken from a drug-induced sleep in a bath tub full of ice, missing a kidn... Read more

Y Me?: Putting the 'ex' in exclusive

This week I thought I'd regale you with a cautionary tale. Recently, a friend encountered something that I imagine is fairly common in newish relationships: The girl he was dating assumed the two were exclusive, without ever having a conversation about it. She thought it was time to change her Fa... Read more

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