Y Me?: Hitting on women at the gym gives the ego a tough workout

Last week I interviewed three of my gal pals on the subject of how and when it's appropriate to hit on girls at the gym. Armed with the trio's ide... Read more

Y Me: So you're ready to move in together?

Dating columnist

DFW.com/Paul Moseley

In my often-tragic romantic history, I have lived with two of my girlfriends. On both occasions, we had been going out for more than a year, and it just seemed like the next obvious step in the tired old plotline of things couples do before they decide to get married -- it's like marriage's on-de... Read more

Ask Yme?: Look who's laughing

It's about that time of the month for me to reach into the mail bag and give voice to some reader mail. As always, I got a lot of joke mail this month. But this week, the joke is on the jokesters. I'm going to turn your juvenile attempt at humor into a learning moment for all. Then again, the rea... Read more

Ask Y Me? Let's learn about the economics of sex

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the concept of "Sexual Market Value" -- or how sexually attractive a person is to the opposite sex. The idea is that there's a sexual hierarchy for men and women, and a person's worth is determined by a variety of factors. Some of the factors are pretty ... Read more

Ask Y Me? Baby boom!

More than a month ago, I wrote a column about a married couple I know that is trying to get pregnant. Over a dinner discussion of whether the husband would stop ... Read more

Ask Y Me? A guy walks into a bar

Dear Guy Hitting on Every Girl at the Bar, Read more

Ask Y Me? Hush yourself

Not long ago, I learned a very important lesson about how to handle another person's breakup. A friend of mine had been seeing a girl for almost three years, and it was rocky from the get-go. She is very attractive, but in a you-better-get-tested kind of way, and my buddy is just kind of a normal... Read more

YMe: Mailbag delivers an avalanche of sexy spam -- and a few serious queries

It has been more than a month since I dipped into ye ol' mailbag, so I thought I'd see what was on your mind. Read more

Y me?: The first rule of How Not to Fight Club

A few weeks ago, I was dining with some friends, a couple, who ended up arguing in front of me. The fight lasted all night. What started as an innocent albeit profoundly stupid comment by the fella opened a Pandora's box of pent-up issues. Each of them tried to bring me over to their respective s... Read more

Y me? Age is more than a number

A buddy of mine only dates women who are much younger than he is, and he's constantly surprised and heartbroken when the relationships don't work out. He's in his mid-30s, and I don't think he's dated anyone older than 25 for several years. He's not a wealthy guy, but he's well-established in his... Read more

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