Y Me? isn't the man he used to be - and so he's saying goodbye

I'm sad to report this is my final column as Y Me?. It has truly been a pleasure bringing you along on my romantic misadventures and filling your heads with half-cocked wisdom. But my circumstances have changed. Read more

Y Me: How do you handle it when excessive flirting is on the menu?

man flirting with waitress


It has happened to almost everyone: Your date starts flirting with the waiter or bartender. It has happened to me numerous times, and led to countless fights, hurt feelings, and ruined dates. Read more

Y me?'s dating lessons learned in 2012

This is the time that every Tom, Dick and Harry compiles an end of the year list, so I thought I'd write one. I've learned a lot doing this column over the past year, and I try and pass those lessons on to you every week. If this reads like a collection of personal memos, that's because it is. I ... Read more

Ask Y Me?: Guy looks for girls in a gay bar, and it works (kinda)

If you're a straight guy looking for a way to meet a woman, and willing to go an unconventional route, I have a suggestion for you: Try picking up girls at gay bar. Read more

Y me? Happy in love during the holidays? Ho, ho, ho


(Getty Images/Hemera)

I haven't answered reader mail in awhile, and the mail bag is getting fuller than Santa's toy bag. Since this is the season of giving, I thought it only fitting I give you my patented questionable advice. As you might expect, the holiday season is toughest on single people, and I got a few questi... Read more

Y Me?: Hey, baby, what's my line?

In my continuing effort to develop "game," I'm constantly analyzing the way two people establish a romantic connection. One thing I've never grasped is how a total stranger can walk up to another total stranger and just start a conversation. I've always assumed that people who are able to do that... Read more

Y Me: A female friend helps decode the mysterious language of flirting

Maybe it's due in part to my lack of confidence, but I rarely notice when girls are flirting with me. Even when I do, I typically don't trust the intentions of the flirtatious lady. Recently at lunch, a girlfriend of mine pointed out that our food server was getting a little flirty. I just assume... Read more

Y Me?: Making an effort to accentuate the positive

I consider myself a generally positive guy. That's not to say I'll be leading pep rallies any time soon, but I've never noticed a dark cloud hanging over me. That's why it was so baffling to me when my date on a recent evening asked me to stop being so negative. She was downright angry about it, ... Read more

Y Me?: Say 'I do' to the question of dancing

A few days ago, I went to a wedding reception and was confronted with an issue that I think a lot of guys have: I have no idea how to dance. Read more

YMe: Hurray for Halloween and the scantily-clad women of our dreams

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for one reason: It gives women free license to allow their inner sluts to flourish. A good number of women's costumes are just some profession or trade with the word "naughty" in front of the title, like Naughty Nurse or Naughty Maid. It's as though the ty... Read more

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