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DFW Social Media Powerhouses: our complete list

Posted 1:11pm on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013

Arts and music

Bass Hall in Fort Worth

Twitter: @basshall (4,899 followers)

Facebook: 10,882 likes

Total followers: 15,781

Why it makes the list: There's some serious social-media prowess emanating from the halls of one of the premiere performance venues of North Texas. They don't use it to merely showcase their upcoming shows, but to engage the community on all sorts of issues. One toss-off Facebook post on Jan. 24 ("If we had a patio, it would be open right now") generated a spate of comments and 112 "likes." They also post cool photos.

Sample Facebook post: "KEEP FORT WORTH WEIRD: Fort Worth will get a little weirder when Austin's hyper-eccentric Austin Lounge Lizards slither into McDavid Studio on Friday. Click on the link below to watch their hilarious clip of "Too Big to Fail," their tongue-way-in-cheek ode to bank bail-outs. And get tix here: http://bit.ly/XI3wdo"

Art and Seek, KERA's arts and culture blog

Twitter: @artandseek (3,761 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/artandseek (6,699 likes)

Total followers: 10,460

Why it makes the list: If you're too busy to get to the website, it's a great source for keeping up with both visual and performing arts in DFW, in bite-sized, social-media-style morsels.

Emotion Brown, vocalist with Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights

Twitter: @emotionbrown (1,012 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/emotionbrown (497 friends)

Total followers: 1,509

Why she makes the list: She keeps a steady stream of recommendations flowing, as well as smart commentary.

Sample tweet: "One time when I wasn't living, the McRib w/ xtra pickles went hard. I'm off McDonalds now. #confessions #rarefact #mcDLTtho!" (Jan. 27)

Erykah Badu, singer-songwriter

Twitter: @fatbellybella (737,155 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/erykahbadu (1,974,506 likes)

Total followers: 2,711,661

Why she makes the list: The forward-thinking queen of R&B provides a near stream-of-consciousness experience on her Twitter feed, making this Dallas artist one of many musicians capitalizing on the ability to speak directly to fans. Her real-time Twitter dust-up with Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne last year over the content of a music video is just one example of her riveting bluntess.

Sample tweet: "They forgot to tell me bout this "F#ck it" chemical that the body releases at 40. Hey!" (Jan. 26)

Sam Anderson, Quaker City Night Hawks

Twitter: @thick_trinity (483 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/greatsambino (2,102 friends)

Total followers: 2,585

Why he makes the list: A wry, front-row seat to the life of one of Fort Worth's most tireless performers.

Sample tweet: "Drunk who doesn't realize it's just a sound check." (Jan. 26)

TheaterJones.com, North Texas performing arts website

Twitter: @TheaterJones (2,325 followers)

Facebook: 3,554 likes

Total followers: 5,879

Why it makes the list: One of the co-founders of this site was former Star-Telegram writer Mark Lowry; since its launch in 2009, he and his staff have built it into a site that's now on the "must" list of North Texas culture vultures. They Facebook and tweet their reviews, about upcoming performances, shows of national interest and local ticket giveaways.

Betty Buckley, Tony Award-winning singer and actress

Twitter: @bettybuckley (21,506 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/betty.buckley.94 (4,984 friends)

Total followers: 26,490

Why she makes the list: The jet-setting Fort Worth native isn't shy about letting her fans follow along from rehearsal to performance to star-studded hangout, providing an intimate glimpse of her rich, creatively stimulating life. Where Buckley's feed is most touching is the document of her connection with her vast menagerie of pets, situated on her ranch outside of Fort Worth.

Sample tweet: "All would be well if my animals were here to provide comfort & peace. O, well. Must sleep & toe up in the AM. Only thing to do. Nightie nite" (Jan. 24)

Matt Mabe, drummer for Quaker City Night Hawks, Stella Rose & Jefferson Colby

Twitter: @txmattmabe (252 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/matthewmabe (1,298)

Total followers: 1,550

Why he makes the list: An unabashed fan of music who performs frequently around town, and tweets to tell about it.

Sample tweet: "@kelly_clarkson You sang for the current president and became an internet sensation with Bill Clinton on the same day. Solid job!" Jan. 22 (Twitter)

Tim Halperin, singer-songwriter

Twitter: @timhalperin (32,311 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/timhalperinofficial (10,934 likes)

Total followers: 43,245

Why he makes the list: The former American Idol contestant and noted TCU Frog is an insanely active social media guy, using Facebook and Twitter to share his new songs and videos; he also meets all sorts of people in his daily life, and responds to fans.

Sample tweet: "Met one of my heroes today, edsheeran. Amazing guy with amazing talent. Thanks for making pop music better." (Jan. 18)

Blake Panter, singer-songwriter

Twitter: @blakepanter (673 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/blakepanter (579 friends)

Total followers: 1,252

Why he makes the list: Panter, formerly of Denton duo Novaak, has struck out on his own, releasing a solo album titled 2x4 late last year. But his feed is full of his favorite things, and witty commentary about them, whether it's the latest Justin Timberlake single or his live-tweet of a viewing of the Beatles' Help!

Sample tweet: "I just learned why rubbing alcohol burns on scrapes scientifically and feel I've crossed over to a new plane of understanding." (Jan. 26)

Michael Seman, Shiny Around the Edges

Twitter: @michaelseman (528 followers)

Facebook: n/a

Total followers: 528

Why he makes the list: Blending the musical with the academic, Seman provides a unique perspective on the local scene.

Sample tweet: "Thursday at 7PM I'll be @UNT_ontheSquare discussing 'Music, Money and New Media: How is it going to work?'" (Jan. 23)

Matt Vickers, co-founder of Dallas Distortion Music

Twitter: @mattrockstonic (343 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/matthew.vickers (1,064)

Total followers: 1,407

Why he makes the list: Vickers is one of the indefatigable founders of tastemaking blog Dallas Distortion Music, which rapidly branched out into booking buzzy shows and building a roster of recorded releases that feature some of the best bands in DFW. Vickers' feeds are heavily promotional, but you'll be the first to learn about the next big thing in local music.

Sample tweet: "Coachella is a joke. Let's just regurgitate the same lineups we've done in the past & make a killing feeding off of trendy blogs hyping us." (Jan. 24)


The stars

Derek Holland, pitcher for the Texas Rangers

Twitter: @Dutch_Oven45 (100,848 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Derek-DutchOven-Holland (1,141 likes)

Total followers: 101,989

Why he makes the list: The star left-hander likes to goof around, posting amusing photos of his sometimes unfortunate facial hair and interacting with fans.

Shawn Marion, power forward for the Dallas Mavericks

Twitter: @matrix31 (1,012, 026 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/shawn-marion (21,950 likes)

Total followers: 1,033,976

Why he makes the list: The Mavs forward posts pictures and videos to take fans behind the scenes of the life of an NBA player. Marion is also very active in responding to fans questions and comments.

Sample tweet: "Fun at teammate house http://mob.li/_zwamN" (Jan. 21)

Dirk Nowitzki, power forward for the Dallas Mavericks

Twitter: @swish41 (693,898 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/dirknowitzki (2,074,015 likes)

Total followers: 2,767,913

Why he makes the list: The global superstar and long-time Mav mixes in other sports (he's a big tennis and soccer fan) with his basketball thoughts. He's also been known to tweet a pic of coach Rick Carlisle sleeping on the team bus.

Sample tweet: "Finally tennis is back. Been too long. Who you got in the aussis?" (Jan. 13)

Derek Roy, center for the Dallas Stars

Twitter: @roy9ner (45,223 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/officialderekroy (5,744 likes)

Total followers: 50,967

Why he makes the list: Quick to respond to fans, and promote not only the Stars but the sport of hockey, Roy is a tireless advocate for the NHL.

Brek Shea, midfielder for FC Dallas

Twitter: @BrekShea (35,901 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/brekshea (12,832 likes)

Total followers: 48,733

Why he makes the list: A jock with a sense of humor, Shea keeps things light on his feed, while responding to fans. (But word is he may be headed to Europe to play. Stay tuned.)

Sample tweet: "The progressive commercial where the guy try's to juggle the chainsaws reminds me of me. ... Haha #lemmetry." (Jan. 17)

Jason Witten, tight end for the Dallas Cowboys

Twitter: @JasonWitten (185,325 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/jasonwittenscorefoundation (10,799 likes)

Total followers: 196,124

Why he makes the list: While promoting his charity work, Witten also gives fans an off-field peek into life as a Dallas Cowboy.

Sample tweet: "I loved Mike Singletary's comments on Ray Lewis: It's his passion. A lot of guys play the game hard. Very few play with their hearts & souls" (Jan. 13)

Sports media

Bryan Broaddus, DallasCowboys.com columnist

Twitter: @BryanBroaddus (20, 711 followers)

Why he makes the list: The former NFL scout has his thumb on the pulse of everything going on with the Cowboys at Valley Ranch and is always open to chat with his followers about auto racing and the LSU Tigers.

Marc Stein, NBA correspondent for ESPN

Twitter: @ESPNSteinLine (234,909 followers)

Why he makes the list: Based out of Dallas, Stein always has the inside scoop on the Mavericks and the rumor mill for the entire NBA. I often sound like a Mavs expert to my buddies by quoting Stein's tweets.

Sample tweet: "Tweets from @alleniverson make it clear he wants one more NBA shot. But this is his third season out of NBA. Is there another 'route"' back?" (Jan. 29)

Daryl Reaugh, color analyst for Dallas Stars

Twitter: @Razor5Hole (18,934 followers)

Why he makes the list: His entertaining feed includes plenty of hockey talk and interaction with fans.

Sample tweet: "Closing in on 20,000. I wanna give 20,000th follower a semi-insignificant prize pack but don't know how to flag 20,000th so screw it #itried" (Jan. 27)

Jeff Wade of ESPN's Ben and Skin Show

Twitter: @SkinWade (23,946 followers)

Why he makes the list: Better known as "Skin," half of ESPN Radio's Ben and Skin Show 9-Noon Monday-Friday, 103.3 FM) and part of FOX Sports Southwest's Emmy-winning Dallas Mavericks broadcast team. His Twitter feed includes irreverent talk of all local sports, movies and his attempt to master the game of golf.

Sample tweet: "BREAKING: A-Rod denies his original denial" (Jan. 29)

Mac Engel, sports columnist and blogger for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Twitter: @MacEngelProf (2,008 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/mac.engel.5 (940 friends)

Total followers: 2,948

Why he makes the list: Yes, he's one of our own, but Mac is a tireless social media maven, tweeting and Facebooking about sports, pop culture and food.

Sample tweet: "Holy stupid, Batman! Mavericks reportedly looking at Allen Iverson http://bit.ly/T1JKwZ" (Jan. 28)

Jay "The Famous Jay" Betsill, writer at large, covering sports and entertainment

Twitter: @thefamousjay (31,689 followers)

Why he makes the list: Full disclosure: Jay is a regular contributor to DFW.com. But he is also a force of nature on Twitter, where he's always got a conversation going on about sports and entertainment in DFW.

The teams, owners and events

Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

Twitter: @CrownePlazaInv (3,635 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/colonial (3,924 likes)

Total followers: 7,559

Why it makes the list: The official feed for Fort Worth's annual PGA tour stop includes updates on the tournament field and other golf news.

Sample tweet: "Was at another Fort Worth tradition. Stock Show and Rodeo. Thank you Fort Worth CVB for hosting." (Jan. 19)

Dallas Cowboys

Twitter: @dallascowboys (512,724 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/dallascowboys (5,329,642 likes)

Total followers: 5,842,366

Why they make the list: The team doesn't go overboard on promotion, but makes sure fans are up to date on the latest Cowboy happenings.

Dallas Stars

Twitter: @dallasstars (89,133 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/dallasstars (174,497 likes)

Total followers: 263,630

Why they make the list: A sports franchise quick with a joke, but also eager to keep fans in the loop.

Sample tweet: "The loss is a bummer, but you can lift your spirits at the After party on the plaza till 11 and the After AFTER party at @Sfuzzi_Uptown !" (Jan. 26)

Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Fox broadcaster

Twitter: @troyaikman (923,358 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/troyaikman (165,375 likes)

Total followers: 1,088,733

Why he makes the list: The Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback and current NFL on FOX lead analyst talks Cowboys, NFL, local DFW restaurants and much more.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks

Twitter: @mcuban (1,496,153 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/markcuban (823,614 followers)

Total followers: 2,319,767

Why he makes the list: The owner of the Dallas Mavericks is active on Twitter and rewards his nearly 1.5 million followers with comments on everything from the Mavs and Shark Tank to entrepreneurial wisdom.

Sample tweet: "Whatever company or effort you start, work to be the best. Even if you fail, you will have learned just how much work it takes to get there." (Jan. 27)

Shannon Gross, social media strategist for the Dallas Cowboys

Twitter: @Shannon_PG (2,648 followers)

Facebook: n/a

Total followers: 2,648

Why he makes the list: Shannon's gotta be a master juggler: his role makes him reponsible for overseeing the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Sample tweet: "Who's had a worse week, Manti Te'o, Lance Armstrong or Michael Crabtree?" (Jan. 20)

Mike Modano, executive adviser to the Dallas Stars

Twitter: @9modano (68,272 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/9modano (9,208 likes)

Total followers: 77,480

Why he makes the list: The legendary face of the Dallas Stars, part owner of the Allen Americans and recently named executive adviser to the Stars talks golf, hockey and current events on his timeline.

Texas Rangers

Twitter: @rangers (237,731 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/rangers (1,433,093 likes)

Total followers: 1,670,824

Why they make the list: The Rangers excel at taking fans behind the scenes, as well as providing crucial in-season info.

Sample tweet: "Trying out the lateral ski trainer at the @TxSportsHOF - @Dutch_Oven45 & @BrandonSnyder29. #WhoDidItBetter?" (Jan. 25)


Jon Bonnell

Twitter: @jonbonnell (715 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/chefjonbonnell (5,000 friends)

Total followers: 5,715

Why he makes the list: The Fort Worth chef brings along followers as he explores local cuisine and plugs his eateries.

Sample post: "Like it spicy? No plans this weekend? ZESTFEST BABY! I'll be on stage fri sat & sun. Come feel the heat!" Jan. 23, via Twitter

Tiffany Derry

Twitter: @masterchefTD (10,791 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/cheftiffanyderry (5,982 likes)

Total followers: 16,765

Why she makes the list: The former Top Chef contestant lets fans in on her hectic life, and the goings-on of a celebrity chef. Up until this week, she also posted on behind-the-scenes happenings at her now-former restaurant, Private Social.

Sample Facebook post: "Tune in tonight while I guest-judge with Bobby Flay on his new show Best Home Cooks in America at 9pm on Food Network channel. Tell me what u think??" (Jan. 23)

Food in Fort Worth

Twitter: @FoodFortWorth (1,372 followers)

Why it makes the list: A local blog that keeps a close eye on the busy, tasty culinary scene, with restaurant news -- openings, closings, reviews. They tweet and retweet, sometimes with comment, sometimes without.

Sample tweet: "More proof Magnolia Cheese Co. @nearsouthside needs to scrap or fix counter service. @cityofate got mad, walked out. http://bit.ly/WmWC0u" (Jan. 28)

Teresa Gubbins

Twitter: @tgubbins (1,907 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/teresa.gubbins (2,934)

Total followers: 4,841

Why she makes the list: Dining critic, foodie and restaurant newshound, Teresa "Gumshoe" Gubbins often has the scoop before anyone else. Senior editor for Culture Map Dallas, freelance writer/critic for DFW.com, the Star-Telegram, and others. If you want to be a foodie in the know, Gumshoe is always ahead of the curve.

Sample Facebook post: "I didn't have Frito Pie in my school cafeteria but I didn't grow up in Texas. Now it's the new hot dish -- at Stateside Pie & Beer, the coming-soon FM Smoke House, and of course Stampede 66 by Stephan Pyles. Pecan Lodge Catering, bring yours back! (Jan. 25)

Jay Jerrier, Cane Rosso

Twitter: @canerosso (2,918 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/ilcanerosso (7,050 likes)

Total followers: 9,968

Why he makes the list: The most well-connected restaurant owner in DFW, Jerrier gives followers a front row seat to his burgeoning pizza empire, but also gets social about other Metroplex eateries. Foodies consider him one of the best social media practitioners on the restaurant scene.

Sample tweet: "Outtake from Donnie Brasco? On the set of an Italian porno? Nope, just Dino & Marco conspiring @ Cane Rosso" (Jan. 23)

Lockhart Smokehouse

Twitter: @dallaslockhart (2,494 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/lockhartsmokehouse (2,816 likes)

Total followers: 5,310

Why it makes the list: Irreverent about most things, but not about smoked meats, this Oak Cliff temple of barbecue offers rib-sticking tweets and mouth-watering Facebook photos.

Tim Love

Twitter: @cheftimlove (14,270 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/tim.love (4,943 friends)

Total followers: 19,213

Why he makes the list: Fort Worth celeb chef Love allows a peek at his jet-setting lifestyle, and also responds to fan queries about recipes and kitchen tips.

Sample tweet: "What happened to all the lines at in and out?" (Jan. 21)

Jose Ralat-Maldonado of Taco Trail

Twitter: @tacotrail (961 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/tacotrail (439 likes); facebook.com/joseralatmaldonado (874 friends)

Total followers: 2,274

Why he makes the list: A tireless consumer of the good, the bad and the weird in NTX tacos, Ralat-Maldonado has become an indispensable guide to taco cuisine , sharing his opinions on Facebook and Twitter.

Sample Facebook post: "Taqueria La Ventana blew the opportunity to be a gateway restaurant by employing offensive language poorly veiled as cute in order to attract a certain clientele. Did they think no one would notice?" (Jan. 28)

Ashlie Michelle (Almost Veggies)

Twitter: @AlmostVeggieDAL (451 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/almostveggiedallas (142 likes)

Total followers: 593

Why she makes the list: Ashlie Michelle covers the DFW and Houston food scenes. Many of her tweets will lead you to her Almost Veggies website (www.almostveggies.com), where she writes about the dining experience beyond just the food, but her Twitter feed is worth a follow for stuff like this: "Our server at @BikinisSBG has a gigantic hicky. #awesome #exciting."

Sample tweet: "Country Pâté - broken arrow wild boar, citrus mustard & pickled veg. @BolsaDallas" (Jan. 15)

Hans Peter Muller, Swiss Pastry Shop

Twitter: @swisspastryman (199 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/swisspastryshop (1,341 likes)

Total followers: 1,540

Why he makes the list: Freewheeling and mouthwatering, Muller's Twitter feed is a hilarious must-read. Same goes for the Facebook page, where the photos themselves are worth the visit.

Sample tweet: "Haven't made a wedding cake myself in over a year. Hope this one doesn't suck." (Jan. 26)

Kent Rathbun

Twitter: @chef911 (1,777 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/kent.rathbun (5,144 friends)

Total followers: 6,921

Why he makes the list: The Dallas chef plugs his own eateries, but also gives behind-the-scenes insight.

Revolver Taco Lounge

Twitter: @revolvertaco (245 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/revolver-taco-lounge (1,664 likes)

Total followers: 1,909

Why it makes the list: The Fort Worth upscale taqueria promotes its own food, but also highlights the work of others.

Sample tweet: "Tokyo cafe girl meet revolver taco girl http://yfrog.com/odh4ihtj" (Jan. 17)

David Anthony Temple

Twitter: @chefdat (971 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/chefdat (1,586 friends)

Total followers: 2,557

Why he makes the list: The Dallas chef known as Chef DAT invites followers to his "underground" dinners, but also offers thoughts on food.

John Tesar

Twitter: @chefjohntesar (2,029 followers)

Facebook: Personal page, 5,161 friends; facebook.com/chefjohntesar (328 likes)

Total followers: 2,357

Why he makes the list: The controversial, opinionated chef -- dubbed "the most hated chef in Dallas" last year by D Magazine - doesn't hold back, and often interacts with his famous pals. And when booted from Top Chef Seattle this season, he used Twitter relentlessly to campaign for a chance to return to the show, with #SaveChefJohn.

Sample tweet: "Flaco can say whatever he wants about me. But Taste is like Wow awful." (Jan. 23)

Daniel Vaughn

Twitter: @bbqsnob (7,786 followers)

Facebook: Texas BBQ (Full Custom BBQ) (1,590 likes)

Total followers: 9,376

Why he makes the list: The writer known as "BBQ Snob" rates the ribs, brisket and sides of nearly every barbecue joint (it seems) in the country. Aside from tweeting his own findings, he also uses Twitter to engage a conversation with readers -- agreeing or disagreeing with other opinionated barbecue enthusiasts.

Sample tweet: "Great to see Dallas finally has a BBQ food truck. @oinknmoodfwbbq has some real potential. Generous brisket fat needs more time to smoke." (Jan. 25)


Scott Braddock, liberal political pundit

Twitter: @scottbraddock (1,925 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/scottbraddockradio (2,493 friends)

Total followers: 4,418

Why he makes the list: The former KRLD host has relocated to Austin, and remains a vibrant, active voice about all things Texas politics. He frequently engages his Twitter followers in passionate debates on all manner of controversial subjects.

Sample tweet: "To hear some Republicans yearn for the era of Bill Clinton is just bizarre." (Jan. 27)

Joel Burns, Fort Worth councilman

Twitter: @JoelBurns (6,507 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/imwithjoel (12,026 likes)

Total followers: 18,533

Why he makes the list: The councilman, who was thrust into the national spotlight after reading an emotional anti-bullying statement at a council meeting (the video went viral), posts on a mix of topics, including Fort Worth politics and community, bullying, LGBT issues and his family life.

Sample tweet: "A Fort Worth-based @AmericanAirlines [@AmericanAir] plane full of tired, happy peeps headed home to @DFWairport. w/ @TonyaVeasey" (Jan. 22)

Susan Cloud, producer of the Mark Davis Show

Twitter: @producersusan (6,963 followers)

Facebook: 1,687 friends

Total followers: 8,726

Why she makes the list: For us, Cloud represents independent thinking, and she'll call BS on both sides. She's the producer of The Mark Davis Show on KSKY/660 AM, but when it comes to Twitter, she's the headliner, not the person who keeps the ship steady.

Sample tweet: "How did my tweet about Colin Powell turn into springboard for birther conspiracists? Signing off a few days to restore my faith in mankind." (Jan. 13)

Jonathan Neerman, former chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party

Twitter: @JonathanNeerman (1,399 followers)

Facebook: Public figure page, 1,193 likes; personal page, 4,117 friends

Total followers: 6,709

Why he makes the list: Former chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, opinionated spouter-offer on conservative issues.

Sample tweet: "Repeat after me, Texas GOP: We oppose Obamacare. #Txlege" (Jan. 16)

Joshua Trevino, conservative political commentator; VP for external relations at Texas Public Policy Foundation

Twitter: @jstrevino (14,966 followers)

Why he makes the list: Considering he's been called everything from "my favorite campaign spokesman ever" (Doug Sovern) to "one of the most extremist right-wing militants in America," he gets people talking.

Sample tweet: "Not so, @conncarroll: there is ample data that [immigration reform] is a gateway topic for other conservative messaging among Hispanics." (Jan. 29)

Aman Batheja, reporter for The Texas Tribune

Twitter: @AmanBatheja (2,187 followers)

Why he makes the list: Former Star-Telegram political reporter who now works for The Texas Tribune in Austin; makes Lone Star State political tweeting fun, relatable and relevant to a younger generation.

Sample tweet: "Robert Caro to make a Simpsons cameo. I would totally buy a Caro bio of Mayor Quimby." (Jan. 27)

Kathleen Hicks, Fort Worth councilwoman

Twitter: @kathleenhicks (1,194 followers)

Facebook: Politician page, 1,975 likes

Total followers: 3,169

Why she makes the list: The councilwoman tweets about her city, but has a broad world view, engaging followers on all sorts of global and national topics, and her voice is proudly female-centric. Her topics can range from "Who is Africa's first female billionaire?" to retweeting comedian Lizz Winstead ("When are the GOP calling for Beyonce hearings? #ScandalSchmandal")

Sample tweet: "Yes! Young female veterans celebrate new era for women in combat nbcnews.to/VYdg6A via @NBCNewsUS" (Jan. 23)

Betsy Price, Fort Worth mayor

Twitter: @Betsy_Price (2,612 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/betsypriceFW (1,714 likes)

Total followers: 4,326

Why she makes the list: Fort Worth's current mayor, when she's not organizing community bike rides, is keeping the citizenry abreast of developments large and small via her active Twitter feed. Her connectivity helps foster a sense of connection with her constituents.

Sample tweet: "Thank you, FWPD Officer Sawyer for your service to Fort Worth citizens! You make a difference every day!" (Jan. 22)


Jessie Jessup, afternoon DJ for KDGE/102.1 FM

Twitter: @JessieJessup (1,366 followers)

Why she makes the list: Afternoon DJ for KDGE/102.1 FM "The Edge." Want to know about cool videos and music, cult films, books or her on-air art contests for listeners, as well as get some random jokes, philosophy and serious discussion (sometimes with rock stars)? Jessup's your woman.

Sample tweet: "Dear Hipster, no matter how cool you think you're making it look ... It's still alcoholism" (Jan. 27)

Ron Corning, co-anchor of WFAA's Daybreak

Twitter: @roncorning (7,785 followers)

Facebook: Public figure page, 3,599 likes; personal page, 1,413 followers

Total followers: 12,797 plus

Why he makes the list: Corning, the co-anchor of News 8 Daybreak is in WFAA/Channel 8 from 4:30 to 7 a.m. -- and then seemingly on Twitter the rest of the day. Much of what he does involves engaging with viewers, but he does it well, and he'll also tweet about (actual) breaking news when it occurs.

Sample tweet: "Getting ready to kick off the Big D Climb at Fountain Place to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!" (Jan. 26)

Jane McGarry, former KXAS anchor; current contributor to WFAA

Twitter: @TheJaneMcGarry (27,400 followers)

Facebook: Journalist page, 4,609 likes; personal page - www.facebook.com/janemmcgarry (4,999 friends, 4,548 followers)

Total followers: 41,556

Why she makes the list: McGarry, the longtime KXAS/Channel 5 anchor who left the station last year after pleading no contest to a DUI charge, announced her departure via Facebook -- where she remains engaged with a large and loyal following, often by posing a question, sometimes by just saying something that reveals her endearing humanity. On Twitter, she holds conversations with followers, and on both sites, you can see back-and-forth between her and her former NBC 5 colleagues.

Sample tweet: "So I think being on TV is kind of like riding a bike. But what if it's not ?!?!?! Eeeeee ;-)" (Jan. 21, just before her new segment "Starting Over" aired on WFAA/Channel 8.)

Bud Kennedy, columnist for Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Twitter: @budkennedy (6,951 followers); @eatsbeat (3,503 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/bud.kennedy (5,051 followers); facebook.com/diningguy (2,691 followers)

Total followers: 18,196

Why he makes the list: Yes, we're tooting the horn of one of our own here, but Bud could teach journalists half his age a thing or two about Facebook and Twitter. He sometimes seems to be tweeting with two hands, typing news and local issues into @budkennedy and restaurant updates and opinions into @eatsbeat. He's not shy about retweeting, either, or about debating other local media folk on Twitter.

Sample Facebook post: "Very funny to read Dallas critic @cityofate complaining about the long wait at Magnolia Cheese. Folks, go at off-hours." (Jan. 28)

Brad Watson, senior reporter for WFAA

Twitter: @watsonwfaa (2,942 followers)

Why he makes the list: His tweets (and retweets) from his politics and government beat keep politics junkies in the know.

Sample tweet: "@SenTedCruz has "deep concerns" on immigration path to citizenship "such a path is both inconsistent with rule of law and profoundly unfair." (Jan. 28)

Meda Kessler, editorial director of 360 West magazine

Twitter: @Meda360 (301 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/360West (6,500 likes); personal page (2,011 friends)

Total followers: 8,812

Why she makes the list: 360 West is a luxury magazine, but Kessler (a former Star-Telegram staffer) goes beyond luxury on social media, with restaurant news, solicitations for help with animal rescues and adoptions and occasionally simply a snarky or cranky but entertaining remark. She's best on Facebook, where she generates a lot of comments.

Sample Facebook post: "Checking out brunch at Reservoir on Foch Street. You know it's more of a bar when one of the offered sides is PBR with tomato juice." (Jan. 27)

D Magazine

Twitter: @DMagazine (29,782 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/dmagazineonline (29,449 likes)

Total followers: 59,231

Why it makes the list: Anything relevant to Dallas? It's probably been Facebooked or tweeted here, or by one of its offshoots (@DSideDish).

Sample Facebook post: "Author Larry McMurtry calls Dallas a "second-rate city that wishes it were first-rate," ranking it below Houston, Austin and Fort Worth. Ouch. That hurts. Agree? Disagree? Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/Sx8f57" (Jan. 22)

Ed Bark, TV critic

Twitter: @unclebarkycom (2,682 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/ed.bark (997 friends)

Total followers: 3,679

Why he makes the list: Longtime TV critic for the Dallas Morning News, Bark in 2006 launched his national and local TV website, unclebarky.com. For people who care about the DFW television market, Uncle Barky is indispensable.

Sample tweet: "Hagman carrying hr. 2 of #Dallas on his back with one killer short scene after another. And there's still a very fine one coming with LGray." (Jan. 28)

Robert Wilonsky, digital managing editor at Dallas Morning News

Twitter: @robertwilonsky (6,817 followers)

Facebook: facebook.com/Robert.wilonsky (2,380 friends)

Total followers: 9,197

Why he makes the list: Wilonsky is a longtime Dallas journalist (most recently the Unfair Park editor of the Observer) who, in his new post with the Morning News, writes, links and posts about everything from nightlife and arts to crime and local personalities. His feeds are a must-follow.

Sample Facebook post: "Long story short: [the new Twilite Lounge in Dallas is] a cross between Naomi's, the old Barley House, Ships, the Winedale and every other great bar you've ever loved." (Jan. 25)

Eric Celeste, editor in chief at Creative Loafing, contributor at Culture Map

Twitter: @ericceleste (1,804 followers)

Why he makes the list: Celeste has been in the DFW media market so long (including stints at the Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer and as former managing editor of D Magazine) that he's got his finger on the pulse of what's going on. He's not shy about sounding off on who or what has ticked him off, or delighted him.

Sample tweet: "If you think you're too cool for Kelly Clarkson, have a great life." (Jan. 21)

Jeff Jamison, KTVT/Channel 11 meteorologist

Twitter: @CBS11JeffJam (3,692 followers)

Why he makes the list: If you're wondering what's going on outside your window, and what's coming your way, Jamison consistently tweets weather updates for North Texas.

Sample tweet: "Showers are forming ahead of main line of storms. Heaviest in Parker Co. Should stay nonsevere but find an umbrella pic.twitter.com/wuXbLW1K" (Jan. 29)

List compiled by Preston Jones (@prestonjones), Robert Philpot (@rphilpot), Bud Kennedy (@budkennedy), Nick Dean (@bynickdean), Jay Betsill (@thefamousjay) and Teresa Gubbins (@tgubbins)

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