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Weekend newsletter

Weekend newsletter

New Year's Eve entertainment in Dallas-Fort Worth

Posted 11:29am on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012

Looking for a cool way to ring in 2013? The Metroplex raises a giant glass of bubbly and offers a slew of options, from live bands and piano bars to comedy and dancing.

New Year's Eve in Tarrant County

Bass Hall 525 Commerce St., Fort Worth. 817-212-4280. 8pm. New Year's Eve: A Night in Vienna with FWSO, conductor John Giordano and soprano Ava Pine performing Strauss waltzes and other Viennese classics. $29-$80. www.fwsymphony.org; www.basshall.com Billy Bob's Texas 2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth. 817-624-7117. 10pm. Casey Donahew, JB & the Moonshine Band perform. Age 21 and up. $20-$30. www.billybobstexas.com

Bronco's Sports Bar and Grill 900 Airport Freeway, Hurst. 817-498-0600. Live music from Bebe Le Strange, Swan Song. broncossportsbar.com

Dan's Silverleaf 103 Industrial St, Denton. 940-320-2000. 10pm. The Charlie Shafter Band with Daniel Markham opens. First 40 advance tickets will be seated. $10; $15 at the door. Spune Tickets. www.danssilverleaf.com

Embassy Suites DFW International Airport North at Outdoor World 2401 Bass Pro Drive, Grapevine. 7:30pm. New Year's Eve Extravaganza with Kraig Parker & the Royal Tribute Band. Elvis tribute, dinner and dessert buffet, champagne toast, and party favors. $100. Overnight room options and breakfast with Kraig the next morning. 817-691-3422; www.thekinglives.com

Flying Saucer 111 E. Third St., Fort Worth. 817-336-7470. 7pm. Live music with Vanilla Face Jones, dinner specials, party favors and champagne toast. $10 cover. Table reservations of four or more $25-$50. www.beerknurd.com

Gaylord Texan Hotel 1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine. 817-778-2000. 8pm. Texas Ballroom Gala, live entertainment by Downtown Fever, dancing, buffet, drinks, party favors, free parking and champagne toast at midnight. Reservations start at $149 per person, age 21 and up. www.gaylordtexan.com

Glass Cactus 1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine. 8pm. Live disco music with Le Freak, party favors and champagne toast. $89. Ticketmaster, or VIP and overnight options by phone, 817-778-2805. www.glasscactusnightclub.com

Keys Lounge 5677 Westcreek Drive, Fort Worth. 817-292-8627. New Year's Eve with Aurora Bleu, champagne and the works. $20 cover. www.keyslounge.com

Lola's Saloon Sixth 2736 W. Sixth St., Fort Worth. 817-877-0666. 10pm. Evening of Metallica. $7, $11 under 21. www.lolasfortworth.com

Pearl's Dancehall and Saloon 302 W. Exchange Ave., Fort Worth. 817-624-2800. New Year's Eve with Jeff Woolsey, $35. Also, Tommy Alverson's Pre-New Year's Bash, 9pm -1:30am Dec. 28, $10. www.pearlsdancehall.com

Pete's Dueling Piano Bar 621 Houston St., Fort Worth. 817-335-7383. 8pm. Four piano players, light hors d'oeuvres, party favors, singing and champagne. $20, $75 reserved seating. www.petesduelingpianobar.com

Scat Jazz Lounge 111 W. Fourth St., Fort Worth. 9pm Ricki Derek's New Year's Eve Ring-A-Ding. Rat Pack tunes, champagne toast, balloon drop, hors d'oeurves and party favors. Individual table seats $85-$95, booths for 6 $650. Ticketstothecity.com; 817-870-9100. www.scatjazzlounge.com

Taverna 450 Throckmorton St., Fort Worth. 817-885-7502. Pre-dinner cocktails, post-dinner celebrating, dancing and live performances. Check location for times and activities. www.tavernabylombardi.com

White Elephant Saloon 106 E. Exchange Ave., Fort Worth. 8pm. Ronny Spears Band. No cover. www.whiteelephantsaloon.com

Comedy in Fort Worth and Arlington

Arlington Improv 309 Curtis Mathes Way, Arlington. 817-635-5555. 8 & 10pm. $30-$40, 21 and up, with Tony Rock; dinner available. www.venues.standup-media.com

Four Day Weekend Theater 312 Houston St., Fort Worth. 8pm. 15th annual New Year's Eve dinner package show. Show, cocktail-style dinner catered by Reata, additional ticket to a Four Day Weekend future show, champagne toast, party favors and dancing with DJ after show. $100. 817-266-4DAY. www.fourdayweekend.com

New Year's Eve in Dallas

Club Carnaval 2711 Storey Lane, Dallas. 9pm. Vanityreloaded2k13: Champagne at midnight, $5,000 money drop, $1,500 balloon drop, music, DJ Gwalla and DJ Elz. Trendy dress code, no baggy attire. 18 and up. $20. 469-438-6825; vanityreloaded2k13.eventbrite.com

Crowne Plaza Hotel 1015 Elm St., Dallas. 8pm. DE NYE Ball: countdown, balloon drop, confetti cannons, party favors, sparklers, champagne showers, midnight toast, beer pong tourney (8-10pm) and more. Age 21 and up.

Dallas Market Center Freeway Hall, North Stemmons Freeway and Wycliff Avenue, Dallas. 9:30pm. Music with DJ QUinc & DJ Fuzzy Dunlap and more. $90. Age 21 and up. 214-655-6100; Kicktickets.com

Fair Park 3809 E. Grand Ave., Dallas. 4pm Dec. 29-31. Lights All Night 2013: Electronic music festival on 4 stages. Performers include Tiesto, Avicii, Bassnectar, Calvin Harris, Aswell and Ghostland Observatory. Single-day (age 18 and up) $99, VIP (21 and up) $175-$399; 3-day packages $199-$999. 214-421-9600. www.lightsallnight.com

Flying Saucer 14999 Montfort Drive, Addison. 972-991-7093. 9pm. New Year's Eve Masquerade/Mardi Gras Party. DJ Russ at 9pm. Cover $10, includes party favors, raffle tickets and champagne toast. Sausage jambalaya $5.99. Also, On the Lake location, 7pm, with DJ Niro 9pm-1am, party favors and champagne toast; cover $5, $2 UFO members. 972-226-0725. www.beerknurd.com

House of Blues 2200 N. Lamar St., Dallas. 214-978-2583; 5pm. New Year's Eve Dinner Package, four-course meal, live entertainment and free admission to the Electric Circus concert in Crossroads. Live show by Cleghorn. $53 for one, $97 for two. Also, Hayes Carll's Burlesque Circus and Sideshow Freakout costume party and concert, 9pm, $30 advance, $35-$55 day of and reserved. Graceland Ninjaz with Texas Cotton Kings in Cambridge Room, 9:30pm. Light the Night in Black and White: NYE 2013, with Back to Blue performing '80s hits and Top 40 dance music, 10pm, $22 advance. www.houseofblues.com/dallas

InterContinental Dallas 15201 Dallas Parkway, Addison. 6:30pm. Rock the '13, with Emerald City Band, dinner, dancing and champagne toast. $70-$170. 972-417-CITY; 888-233-0368; www.ecnye.com

The Loft 1001 W. Royal Lane, Irving. 9pm-1am. NYLO New Year's Eve: 2-for-1 appetizers, entertainment by Ron Logan and champagne toast at midnight. Special room rates starting at $89. Reservations: 972-373-8900; www.nylohotels.com/lascolinas

Lombardi Restaurants in Dallas New Year's Eve Celebration and specialty menus. Pre-dinner cocktails, post-dinner celebrating, dancing and live performances. Restaurants: Cafe des Artistes, 1722 Routh St., No. 132, Dallas, 214-217-6888 (9pm-close regular & NYE menu, 9pm-1am Kent and Kay live music; $20 cover, includes champagne and party favors); Lounge 31, 87 Highland Park Village, Dallas, 214-420-3906 (6-9pm NYE menu, 6-10pm live music with DJ Jonny5, 10pm-2am live music with DJ Laken; after 10pm, $25 cover, VIP bottle service); Bistro 31, 87 Highland Park Village, Dallas, 214-420-3908; Toulouse Cafe and Bar, 3314 Knox St., Dallas, 214-520-8999; La Fiorentina, 4501 Cole Ave., Dallas, 972-528-6170; Sangria Mediterranean Tapas and Bar, 4524 Cole Ave., Dallas, 214-520-4863; Taverna, 3210 Armstrong Ave., Dallas, 214-520-9933; and Penne Pomodoro, 11661 Preston Road, Dallas, 214-368-3100.

Omni Dallas Hotel 512 S. Lamar St., Dallas. 9pm. DFW Soiree Countdown 2013: Red carpet celebration with live performances, DJs, Las Vegas-style casino lounge, silent auction, dinner buffet, party favors and champagne toast. Raises funds for the American Heart Association. $99 and up; age 21 and up. 214-880-9622; Kicktickets.com

Poor David's Pub 1313 S. Lamar St., Dallas. 214-565-1295. 9pm-1am. New Year's Eve with Forgotten Space. Dancing, party favors, champagne toast and black-eyed peas & cornbread. $22 advance, Frontgatetickets.com. www.poordavidspub.com

Sambuco Uptown 2120 McKinney Ave., Dallas. 214-744-0820. 7 & 9:30pm. 4-course dinner, dancing, music from Blue Finger Disco, champagne toast and balloon drop. Packages $39-$100, two seating times. www.sambucarestaurant.com/newyears/dallas.html

Winspear Opera House AT&T Performing Arts Center, 2403 Flora St., Dallas. 7pm. Jim Brickman's holiday tour, On a Winter's Night. $35 and up; 214-880-0202. www.attpac.org


in Dallas

Addison Improv 4980 Beltline Road, Dallas. 972-404-8501. 8 & 10pm. $25-$35, 21 and up, with John Caparulo. Dinner available. www.venues.standup-media.com

Backdoor Comedy 8250 N. Central Expressway, Dallas. 214-328-4444. 8 & 10:30pm. New Year's Eve Extravaganza with Paul Varghese, Aaron Aryanpur, Linda Stogner, Jan Norton and Johnny Elbow. Two shows. Second-show guests receive free pass to a future show, party favors, champagne toast and dancing after. Tickets by phone or at the club on show nights, after 8:30pm Thu-Sat. $28 early show, $45 late show. www.backdoorcomedy.com

Dallas Comedy House 2645 Commerce St., Dallas. 214-741-4448. 7pm. NYE Celebration: A Toast to Innocence. Pasta buffet with salad, bread and dessert; champagne toast; and two complimentary tickets for a 2013 show. Reservations required. $60 advance; $70 after Tue. www.dallascomedyhouse.com

Hyena's Comedy Nightclub 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas. 214-823-5233. 8 & 10:30pm. Michael Malone, Justin Foster and Peter Barrera. 8pm show: champagne toast, party favors and balloon drop. 10:30pm show: champagne toast, party favors, balloon drop and countdown with the comics. $10-$15 early show, $20-$25 late. www.hyenascomedynightclub.com

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