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Movie review: ‘Non-Stop’


Universal Pictures

The latest Liam Neeson action-thriller isn't a disaster but the flight isn't an altogether smooth one Read more

Movie review: ‘Omar’


Adopt Films

Omar, an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign-Language Film this year, is a smart and suspenseful thriller that proves a filmmaker doesn’t need explosions to build interest and excitement. All the fireworks you need can be supplied by human emotion. Read more

Movie review: ‘Son of God’

Film Review Son of God


Blame Mel Gibson for it if you like, but no Jesus movie these days is worth its salt without an utterly unflinching treatment of his torture and crucifixion. And Son of God has stretches where the agony we watch this poor man endure is avert-your-eyes awful. If histor... Read more

Movie review: 'Tim's Vermeer'

Film Review Tims Vermeer


Tim’s Vermeer is a fascinating new documentary about art, obsessions, ideas and answers. Read more

Movie review: 'The Wind Rises'

Film Review The Wind Rises


The Wind Rises was a dream project for the great Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, and this gorgeous film makes a fine capstone for his career. Read more

Movie review: ‘Odd Thomas’


Fans of fantasy writer Dean Koontz have been waiting awhile for the film version of Odd Thomas, the first in what could be a fruitful franchise. But Read more

Movie review: ‘Pompeii’

1231429 - Pompeii

Caitlin Cronenberg

Pompeii is cinematic junk food, the moviegoing equivalent of convenience-store tacos or baseball-park nachos. There’s little nutrition but, depending on your mood, it hits the spot. And that’s the best that probably can be expected from this cross betwee... Read more

Movie review: ‘3 Days to Kill’

Film Review 3 Days To Kill


Kevin Costner and the director McG are plunged into the madcap mayhem of Monsieur Luc Besson in 3 Days to Kill, a serio-comic thriller about mortality, murder for hire and fatherhood. Read more

Movie review: ‘In Secret’

Think of Therese Raquin, the Emile Zola novel that is the inspiration for In Secret, as the original film noir. It has an illicit love affair, a murder and the guilt and fear of discovery that comes with it. Read more

Review: 2014 Oscar-Nominated Short Films, Animated

The nominations in the Oscars’ animated shorts category this year range from fairy-tale fantasy to flight of futuristic fantasy. Read more

Review: 2014 Oscar-Nominated Short Films, Live Action

How to beat this horrendous arctic cold spell? Just slip into your shorts — the live-action and animated ones nominated for the upcoming Academy Awards. It’s a particularly good crop in both categories. Read more

Movie review: ‘About Last Night’

Film review About Last Night


About Last Night is daring and gutless at the same time. It’s daring in that it’s a romantic movie that’s willing to be coarse. It’s gutless in that it refuses to paint any of its characters in a negative light, even temporarily. As a resul... Read more

Movie review: ‘Endless Love’

Kids, this is not your parents’ Endless Love. Read more

Movie review: ‘Winter’s Tale’

Mark Helprin’s 30-year-old fantasy novel Winter’s Tale saunters onto the screen as a lovely but slow and emotionally austere experience, a romantic weeper that shortchanges the romance and the tears. Read more

Movie review: ‘A Stranger in Paradise’

A Stranger in Paradise is a generic crime thriller with lots of pretty people, some of whom aren’t the world’s best actors, in an exotic locale. Nothing new to see here. Read more

Movie review: ‘RoboCop’



Dutch director Paul Verhoeven’s original 1987 RoboCop, in which man was merged with machine to fight lawlessness, was a savvy slice of science fiction that not only tapped into the era’s fear of crime but also gave viewers a neat send-up of corporate con... Read more

Review: ‘The Lego Movie’ builds on emotions

Film Review The Lego Movie


As a parent, it’s easy to be cynical about a film based on a toy. Will you be bombarded with a 90-minute infomercial that by the end of the sell will cost you more than the price of the movie ticket? Read more

Movie review: ‘The Monuments Men’

Film Review Monuments Men

Columbia Pictures

They don’t make ’em like The Monuments Men anymore. Read more

Movie review: ‘You Will Be My Son’


The most quietly terrifying presence in film today belongs to a gray-haired, 64-year-old French actor with a Danish name. If you are familiar with Niels Arestrup’s work, you don’t need any convincing. If you’re not, You Will Be My Son is all the p... Read more

Movie review: ‘The Attorney’


Well Go USA

The South Korean film The Attorney is misleading. From the poster and the first half-hour, the film gives the impression that it’s going to be a rather light t... Read more

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