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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Bison Station replaces Lonesome Lizard but keeps some of its menu options

Bison Station in Keller is aptly named. This charming, rustic restaurant in old downtown Keller features bison in a number of dishes, from house-made pesto bison meatballs to the signature stuffed-mushroom appetizer. Read more

So7 Bistro knows that satisfaction is in the details

Barely getting by on a diet of gourmet burgers at Love Shack, diners at the So7 complex now have a new option: the fine French fare at restaurateur Jean-Michel Sakouhi's newly opened So7 Bistro. Read more

Z's Cafe marks the spot for delicious home-style eats

"Try the chicken salad," says a customer while I wait in line at Z's Cafe. "It's their best." Read more

A $16 sixpack? It's simply Divine No. 10

St. Arnold, the Houston craft brewer, is releasing what might be the most expensive Texas-produced sixpack on the market — $16 for its limited release, Divine No. 10. Read more

Dropping by the Blue Sushi Sake Grill on West 7th

Just across the street from Eddie V's is the really cool Blue Sushi Sake Grill. While I am the first to admit that I'm not a raw fish fan, apparently every beautiful girl in DFW has fallen under the sushi spell. So when I am on a date and... Read more

Café Modern's new menu is a plate of art

Since it opened in 2002, Café Modern has been not just a convenient rest stop for museumgoers at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth but also a destination for lunch and brunch. Read more

Checking out the new kids on the burger block

In summer 2009, DFW.com conducted its first-ever "Battle of the Burgers," an epic match that pitted the area's 32 finest hamburger joints in a bracket-style tournament showdown. Our judges declared Fred's Texas Café the winner over Jakes in the fina... Read more

Arlington's Pitt Grill offers simple, good food, any ol' time

Its desolate exterior belongs on the set of a post-apocalyptic war movie, but in reality, Pitt Grill isn't all that bleak. On sunny days you'll see the front door propped open with a big rock, under a generic "Coffee Shop" marquee beckoning caffeine-addicted regulars. Read more

A grand opening for Boomer Jack's in Lincoln Square


Jay Betsill

The sparkling new Boomer Jack's Grill and Bar opened on the day of Game 3 of the World Series in the sprawling Lincoln Square shopping center. Sitting in the shadows of Rangers Ballpark and Cowboys Stadium, on the southwest corner of Col... Read more

Chubby's Burger Shack: A dieter's nightmare



To death and taxes, let us add one more item to Benjamin Franklin’s list of certainties in American life: If you’re dining at a place called Chubby’s Burger Shack, you will not be consuming diet food. The two burgers we enjoyed on our vi... Read more

Rio's has the right stuff for downtown

Rio's Downtown Bar & Grill tacos

Rick Press

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure/challenge of putting together a magical night in downtown Fort Worth. Read more

Reata captures essence of Cowtown with vast range of flavors

Fourteen years, one tornado and a parade of rising-star chefs have blown by since Reata, the original cowboy-cuisine restaurant, opened in Fort Worth. Descended from its wind-shredded bank tower to Sundance Square, the restaurant was reborn as a sort of clubby Western art gallery banked in glass ... Read more

Taste of Arlington gets us hungry for Super Bowl week


As Super Bowl Week fast approaches, we just keep hearing the stories about how the restaurants in Dallas and Fort Worth are booked solid with reservations. But what about the city where the Super Bowl (and World Series!) will actually be played? Why no love for the eateries of Arlington? Read more

Fireside Pies opens in Fort Worth's West 7th


June Naylor

Fireside Pies finally opened in West 7th, after a succession of changed debut dates. We popped in on Tuesday, its first night in business, and decided the wait was worthwhile.That's not really a surpri... Read more

Marquez Bakery in Arlington is humbly authentic Mexican fare

I'm always complaining about the so-called authentic Mexican food in DFW. Even worse is the lack of pan dulce -- Mexican sweet bread with mysterious origins deep-rooted in European culture. Read more

Add fried sides to the mix at Patty Shack in Grand Prairie

The place: Patty Shack Burgers Read more

Zippy's: Gone from Sundance, but the food is back in Cowtown

Zippy's closes in Sundance Square

DFW.com/Joyce Marshall

We were heartbroken when Zippy's closed last month because it was forced out of Sundance Square (followed by pizza joint Sammy's -- to make room for a restaurant called Read more

Sushi is on a roll into Cowtown

Sushi Axiom

DFW.com/Rodger Mallison

Sitting at my dining-room table, the last of my takeout sushi polished off, I woozily toss my soy sauce-stained chopsticks onto the plate and groan. For the last two weeks, I've done little else but gorge on sushi. Crisscrossing the Metroplex, sampling everything from the surprisingly good to the... Read more

DFW food trucks roll with national trend toward quality street-side fare

Leave it to those hipster foodies to turn eating out of a truck -- you know, the thing construction and factory workers used to do because there was nowhere else to eat for miles -- into a hot trend. "Gastrotrucks" first started popping up in Los Angeles, San Francisco... Read more

Grandma would love Old West's pot roast

If you "accidentally" left Grandma at the nursing home during her guided tour, home cooking has probably come to an abrupt end at your house. The microwave has become your best friend, but it's just not the same without Grams slaving over the stove. Read more

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