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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Step (and dine) off the beaten path at these two spots

It happens to the most ambitious eaters among us: Perhaps we're too lazy to seek out somewhere new; maybe we just enjoy the comfort of familiar food and surroundings. But pretty soon we find ourselves in a dining rut, eating the same old things at the same old places. Read more

Big fish, expanding pond

Talk about right time/right place: The arrival of the stylish sushi restaurant MK's Sushi III comes just as a newfound appreciation of the classic Japanese cuisine is sweeping through the area. And what a smart place to land, in Fort Worth's burgeoning West 7th complex, where MK's sleek design, g... Read more

Five great hangover haunts for New Year's Day

Hey, there -- up and at 'em. Don't think we can't see you, huddled in a ball beneath the covers. Put the noisemaker down, and take off that silly pointed cap. New Year's Eve is finally, officially over, and the moment has come for you to say hello to 2011. (That's only two 1s, not three. Focus!) ... Read more

A professional foodie's top 10 bites of 2010


Eating for a living has its perks - I get to taste a whole lot of pretty wonderful stuff. There are times, however, when mediocrity (or just the tragically bad efforts) interfere with the rapture. Still, I choose to revel in the good flavors I'm fortunate enough to find in my relentless study of ... Read more

Our favorite Metroplex meals of 2010

Summersanta.org at Weinberger's Delicatessan

When you eat out as often as we do, there are occupational hazards: The food isn't always cooked to our liking; service sometimes goes screwy. Most tragically, we haven't been able to fit into our skinny jeans since the mid-2000s. Read more

Cafe Brazil to open in Fort Worth -- finally!

cafe brazil

Cafe Brazil

We've been ranting about it for years: Fort Worth needs a Cafe Brazil! All that soul-nurturing French toast, hearty bacon and specialty coffee ... we need it closer. But as the quirky Dallas-based lunch and breakfast-all-the-time ... Read more

New Year's Eve menus that will tempt you to leave the house


June Naylor

We like to call it amateur night, this occasion known as New Year’s Eve. People who don't usually go out find themselves drawn to head out and party, and they make the rest of us want to stay in. But we've found a handful of restaurants that make us want to break our never-again rule: In cr... Read more

Satisfy that sweet tooth at The Black Rooster


June Naylor

Rushing over to the TCU area to buy yet another Rose Bowl T-shirt, we finally timed our trip correctly to make a lunchtime stop at the new Black Rooster Bakery. Found right between Paschal High School and the Park H... Read more

2 for $20: Meet the pizza of your dreams

According to my mother, I became hopelessly addicted to pizza at 8 years old. While most kids spent their time thinking about toys or the oddities of the opposite sex, I was hellbent on thoughts of pizza. I was a pre-pubescent freak, for sure. Read more

Skip the kitchen and eat out this Christmas


Christmas dinner can be pasta, Cajun, wild boar — or traditional turkey at area restaurants. Read more

Last-minute tamales to go!


June Naylor

Your holiday madness gets a little easier when some of the better food stops around town can supply you with great tamales for holiday celebrations. Take a minute to place an order, then have breakfast or lunch when you stop in to pick up your batch. Read more

Tavern twists

The Tavern offers diners the luxury of being able to order fish tacos, blue cheese burgers and big chunky salads all in one place. This broad, sprawling menu reflects the varied experience of owner and chef Felipe Armenta, who hails from a San Angelo restaurant family and who worked for Hillstone... Read more

Arlington's Babe's will have no trouble luring chicken-fry fans

ARLINGTON -- The new Babe's is hotter than a cast-iron country stove. Read more

'Hell's Kitchen' champ Sivley kept it real

Former Fort Worth resident Nona Sivley says she can't put her finger on one factor that helped her win season eight of Fox's cooking competition Hell's Kitchen. But in the end, it probably came down to the food she and her team served to Hell's Kitchen diners in the fi... Read more

Cafe Hana in Arlington a fresh alternative for sushi fans

There's little separating one sushi place from the next -- flavors are identical; decor is alike; preparation and service are indistinguishable. Every menu has a dragon roll, rainbow roll and variations of the ever-present California roll. Read more

Former Fort Worth woman is queen of the kitchen

Former Fort Worth resident Nona Sivley has won the Fox competition show Hell's Kitchen, adding to the number of reality-show wins by contestants with North Texas connections. Read more

Chipotle goes Asian!


Move over, Pei Wei. The Asian fast-casual market's about to get a little more crowded. Chipotle Mexican Grill founder Steve Ells is developing an Asian fast-casual concept that he expects to debut in mid-2011. Read more

Roanoke Grill and Tavern offers winning burgers, sides, chili

Roanoke's hot restaurant scene is fueled by a wave of new restaurants coming in from Dallas and Fort Worth, but it has some homegrown spots, too. For example: Roanoke Grill and Tavern, whose friendly, small-town vibe feels a little like Cheers. Staff members say hello ... Read more

Buffalo Gap in Granbury is destination dining

Fort Worth diners who follow local chef and Fuzzy's Taco Shop creator Paul Willis from kitchen to kitchen now have a bit of a trek ahead of them: to Granbury, where Willis' Buffalo Gap Steakhouse & Cantina opened in March in a former barbecue restaurant. Read more

Exploring a world of sandwich options in DFW

In 18th-century England, the Earl of Sandwich liked to eat thin cuts of meat cushioned between slices of bread. The idea was to keep grease from the meat off His Excellence's fingers while he played cards. Read more

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