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Fox Sports Southwest pulled from Dish Network

In one of those wars of words, websites and fee disputes that arises every now and then between a media company and a cable/satellite provider, Fox has pulled 19 regional sports channels nationwide, including Fox Sports Southwest, from Dish Network's lineup. Read more

Q&A: Alison Brie of 'Community'

Alison Brie of TV sitcom 'Community'

The Jeff-Britta-Annie love triangle has been put to bed, so to speak, on NBC's Community. At least for the time being. But actress Alison Brie, who plays Annie, one member of an offbeat community-college study group, still marvels at the intense response the show provoked in some viewers. ... Read more

Yes, Mark McGrath says, he has forgotten the lyrics

DALLAS -- Because Mark McGrath, the new host of Don't Forget the Lyrics!, is also the lead singer of Sugar Ray, a band that has been together for more than 20 years and had huge success in the late '90s with songs such as Fly and Read more

Modern Cinema fest rounds up 'Great Movies You Haven't Heard of ... Yet'

carlos jackal movie

Last year, DFW.com gave local moviegoers their first chance to see Precious, A Serious Man and An Education -- all three of which went on to earn Best Picture Oscar nomin... Read more

Dallas stands in for Houston in Fox's new 'Lone Star'

DALLAS -- Were it not for all the large white trucks lining this quiet street in Preston Hollow, you'd never know that scenes from a TV show were being shot inside one of the houses here. Read more

'Machete' is violent, over-the-top homage to exploitation flicks

It might not be the smartest movie of the year, but Robert Rodriguez's latest is a joyful action spectacle. Read more

Modern Cinema 2010 announces line-up

Made in Dagenham

Sony Pictures Classics

Eager to see some of the fall's most anticipated new releases, weeks and even months before anyone else in the country? Read more

And the Emmy winners are ...

Drama series Read more

Fall's most attractive coming attractions

social network

Columbia TriStar

Seems like just yesterday we were buying tickets to Iron Man 2 and gearing up for what looked to be a very promising summer movie season. Alas, the promise quickly dried up. But even if summer delivered more than its fair share of duds (we speak of you, Read more

'Citizen Architect': a brainy doc from a Fort Worth-born producer

Although Jeff Fraley has been involved with filmmaking for nearly 15 years, he was still a bit surprised when two aspiring documentarians dropped by his office seeking his counsel on a potential project. Read more

Weatherman is back but still sore from motorcycle wreck

Garry Seith, chief meteorologist for KTXA/Channel 21, says he fell in love with motorcycles back in the seventh grade, when his neighbor's dad had a BMW motorcycle. That stuck with Seith till he was old enough to ride. Read more

Arlington woman to star on 'MasterChef'

Aundrea Richardson of Arlington told no one in her family when she won the chance to compete on a nationally televised cooking show. Read more

Asian Film Festival of Dallas opens Friday


Nine years is an eternity for a niche film festival. Longevity means that the organizers are doing something -- programming, organization, outreach -- at a consistently high level. Read more

You'll need a double espresso to sort out 'Inception'

Christopher Nolan's exhausting thriller Inception suggests what might happen if you handed a philosophy graduate student $200 million, along with a copy of Sigmund Freud's Read more

Swamp thing 'The Glades' treads some familiar turf

The Glades, A&E's new scripted series, almost seems like a reaction to The Cleaner and The Beast, the cable network's most recent scripted dramas. Read more

'Predators' has little to chew on

They are dropped from the sky, with only a parachute to save them. They land in a lush green jungle, whose topography seems to resemble no known place on Earth. All they can remember, from the moments prior... Read more

'Toy Story 3' is the best of the bunch

The third 'Toy Story' is just as charming as the first two, and even more emotionally complex. Read more

Q Cinema, Fort Worth's Gay & Lesbian film fest, turns 12

ticked off trannies with knives

Todd Jenkins

The 12th installment of Q Cinema: Fort Worth's Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which kicks off Thursday evening at 7:30 with a screening of the romantic comedy Violet Tendencies, arrives at a crossroads in American history: Gay marriage is now legal in five states; the ... Read more

Weak 'Man' more focused on future than present

Industrialist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is dying. The toxicity level in his blood keeps creeping higher. The batteries that power his electronic heart - which gives him the strength to be the superhero Iron Man - get drained faster than a talkative teenager's iPhone. He is forced to reckon w... Read more

TCU grad rolls out 'Carpet Racers' doc for local audiences

Success in the entertainment industry is rarely the overnight kind. It requires steeliness. Determination. A willingness to chase after your dreams from many directions. Read more

Austin doesn't deserve all the credit for Texas filmmaking chops

There is no dialogue for the first 17 minutes of St. Nick, David Lowery's 2009 film about two grade-school-age kids struggling to make their way in the world without adult supervision. In long, languid takes, the camera slowly tracks the movements of The Boy (Tucker Se... Read more

Dim the lights for these 8 Dallas International film fest features

After a three-year association with the American Film Institute, the Dallas International Film Festival goes solo with its fourth installment, beginning Thursday evening and running through April 18. Once again, the fest is offering up dozens of features and short films, many of which neither you... Read more

Dallas International Film Festival announces lineup, changes

The Dallas International Film Festival has announced the lineup for its 2010 edition, which takes place April 8-18. This is a critical year for the fest, the first since its partnership with the American Film Institute expired. The big question is whether the event will be able to maintain the mo... Read more

DFW 'American Idol' hopefuls criticized on bad night overall

casey james

Ray Mickshaw / FOX

On an American Idol night when most of the contestants ranged from merely passable to downright bad, and when the show's judges were especially brutal, North Texans Casey James and Tim Urban both took some heat for their performances. But Urban took more heat. Read more

SXSW film fest leaves our critic geeked out

The 2010 edition of the South by Southwest Film Festival will go down in the history books for two reasons: It was the year the 17-year-old festival went completely geek; and the year crowd control officially got out of control. Read more

Fanboy in Cowtown: A 'Kick-Ass' preview

Austin is oozing with fandom lately, what with STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo on March 6, and the recent SXSW screening of the film version of smash comic sensation Kick-Ass.. But we've got our own geek cred going here in the DFW, too. Read more

Former Arlington resident hopes first feature film finds audience at SXSW

ARLINGTON -- Will Canon grew up in Arlington with a passion for filmmaking, but he had few of the opportunities enjoyed by his youthful counterparts in Hollywood. Read more

Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards provide an unofficial kickoff to SXSW

In 2001, the first Texas Hollywood Film Hall of Fame awards was a scrappy, loose-limbed affair; itís best remembered by those who were there for a bizarre, endlessly rambling speech by Quentin Tarantino. (He was inducting agent Mike Simpson into the Hall of Fame, though he might as well have been... Read more

2 from DFW make top 12 of 'American Idol'; 2 sent home

casey janes

Frank Micelotta/FOX

Half of the four North Texas contestants on this season's American Idol have made it to the top 12. Read more

The Critic's Ballot: Best Picture

With a shift to 10 nominees in the Best Picture category, the Academy is also changing voting procedure this year. In the past, Oscar voters picked their favorite, and the title that got the most votes won. This year, voters will be asked to rank the films, 1 to 10, and the winner will be determi... Read more

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