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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Q&A: Timothy Olyphant of 'Justified'

The craft of acting, Timothy Olyphant says, is really just a glorified version of child's play. "It's all cowboys and Indians when it comes down to it," says the star of FX's Justified. "And every now and then, you put on an actual cowboy hat and that brings it all home." Suffice it to say... Read more

Q&A: Parvesh Cheena and Rizwan Manji of 'Outsourced'

Rizwan Manji, Parvesh Cheena and Diedrich Bader of 'Outsourced'

Ask Parvesh Cheena, one of the stars of NBC's Outsourced, to single out the top selling point for the show and he's quick to identify himself as delectable eye candy. "Because Indians are hot," the joker of the cast says. "But I can only speak for myself." Then Rizwan Manji, his costar, su... Read more

Q&A: Yvette Nicole Brown of 'Community'

Yvette Nicole Brown, aka Shirley on 'Community'

When it comes to Yvette Nicole Brown and the other cast members on NBC's Community, what you see is what you get. "We're all pretty much like our characters," says Brown, who plays Shirley on the subversive yet sweet college sitcom. "Whenever we all go somewhere as a group, it's kind of li... Read more

Movie review: All is not lost with 'Battle'

Clichéd, overlong 'Battle: Los Angeles' still comes out fighting. Read more

Q&A: Jason Ritter of 'The Event'

Sci-fi TV stars often endure strange encounters with obsessive fans. It's a requisite part of the job. But Jason Ritter, star of NBC's The Event, has turned the scenario upside-down. To hear him tell the story, he's the creepy one and the fans are trying to get away. Well, one fan anyway. ... Read more

Q&A: Lucas Neff of 'Raising Hope'

Lucas Neff of 'Raising Hope' with baby

For Lucas Neff, who plays a clueless but well-meaning young dad on Fox's Raising Hope, life changed practically in the blink of an eye. One moment, he was scrubbing toilets to eke out a living. The next, he's a TV star. "About a year before Raising Hope, I was in rehearsals for a pl... Read more

Q&A: Reshma Shetty of 'Royal Pains'

For Reshma Shetty, one of the stars of USA's Royal Pains, her career path has traveled full circle. Shetty, who comes from a family of doctors, originally planned on a career in medicine. But during her pre-med years in college, she shifted gears to opera. Singing eventually led to acting ... Read more

Q&A: Lisa Edelstein of 'House'

If someone had told Lisa Edelstein in Season 1 of House that Drs. Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy would wind up as a romantic couple, it wouldn't have fazed her. "I thought I saw it coming in the pilot," she says. "I felt like they had a complicated relationship and, if the show lasted, it wo... Read more

Q&A: Mark Valley of ‘Human Target’

Mark Valley, Christopher Chance on 'Human Target'

Mark Valley, the star of Fox's Human Target, enjoys doing an emotionally charged, character-driven scene just as much as the next actor. The guy's got some range and some depth of feeling, so it's nice to flex those acting muscles now and again. That said, nothing is quite as exhilarating,... Read more

Q&A: John Noble of 'Fringe'

John Noble, one of the stars of Fox's Fringe, prides himself in having a fertile imagination. But there are times, he says, when some of the show's "fringiest" scientific concepts are just too big for him to wrap his mind around. Take the notion, for example, that there might be a parallel... Read more

An Austin director takes 'Shelter' at Sundance

Take Shelter

Sundance Film Festival

There was a large Texas contingent on hand at the Eccles Center on Monday afternoon to cheer on Austin local hero Jeff Nichols’ whose new film Take Shelter was having its world premiere as part of the dramatic competition at this year's Sundance Film Festival. In the crowd I spotted... Read more

'King's Speech,' 'Social Network,' lead Oscar race

The King’s Speech, a drama about Britain’s King George VI and his struggles with a speech impediment, grabbed hold of the crown at Tuesday morning’s Oscar nominations, earning 12 nods, including Best Picture, Director, and Actor (Colin Firth). For months, The Social Ne... Read more

At Sundance, an actress-turned-director surprises

Higher Ground

Sundance Film Festival

The cliche of the overly earnest indie actor who really just wants to direct is a commonplace one at this festival. In recent years, the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Adrian Grenier and Joey Lauren Adams all made their directorial debuts here, with mostly tepid results. Read more

Kevin Smith's 'Red State' carnival

Kevin Smith


This year marks the 11th time I’ve come to the Sundance Film Festival, but nothing I’ve ever experienced here quite compares to the world premiere screening of Kevin Smith’s Red State, which took place at the Eccles Theater in Park City on Sunday night. Read more

'Reagan': the president behind the myth


Sundance Film Festival

Exactly 30 years and three days after his inauguration as the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan took center stage at the Sundance Film Festival, as the subject of a new documentary, directed by Eugene Jarecki. Considering that Jarecki had previously won the documentary competitio... Read more

Sundance unplugged?

Like Crazy

Sundance Film Festival

The best word to describe this year’s Sundance Film Festival might be subdued: Subdued movies, subdued crowds, subdued everything. Read more

At Sundance, the kids are definitely not all right

On the Ice

Sebastian Mlynarski

If there’s a theme among the films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, it seems to be the plight of the troubled teenager. On Saturday afternoon, I saw three films, all in the dramatic competition, and all of which concerned themselves with bullied, disenfranchised, wholly alienated ... Read more

A mostly 'Win Win' proposition

Arguably the hottest ticket of Friday night was Win Win, the new comedy-drama from Tom McCarthy, whose career as a writer-director was launched here in 2003 with The Station Agent, and who later went on to make The Visitor. (He sometimes acts, too. You might know him be... Read more

A chess prodigy saves the day at Sundance

Bobby Fischer

Sundance Film Festival

On of the most enjoyable aspects of attending the Sundance Film Festival is that it’s constantly affording you the opportunity to cash in your chips and cut your losses. With seven or eight films screening simultaneously, if you don’t like the one you’re watching, you can always ju... Read more

At Sundance, a Texan by way of Greece


photo by Despina Spyrou

One of the most intriguing Texas directors at this year’s Sundance Film Festival isn’t exactly from the Lone Star State. In fact, Athina Rachel Tsangari is based in Athens, Greece, where she’s plays an instrumental role in that country’s burgeoning film scene. Read more

Monkey business at Sundance

In 1974, a Columbia University linguist named Herb Terrace launched an experiment involving a baby chimpanzee named Nim. The chimp would be raised among humans in New York City, treated not like an animal but as any member of the family, and taught sign language. The idea was to see if these inte... Read more

Sundance starts to heat up

You don’t usually travel from Dallas-Fort Worth to Utah in the dead of winter in hopes of finding warmer temperatures. But as a cold front swept through North Texas on Thursday morning, I was happy to be headed to Park City, home of the Sundance Film Festival, where the skies are thus far br... Read more

Christopher Kelly's Sundance filmfest preview

The Sundance Film Festival has attracted its share of naysayers, most of whom argue that it has become too celebrity-obsessed, or that its movies have no resonance beyond the festival, or that the festival has excluded important emerging filmmakers in recent years. Read more

'Social Network' leads night of obvious winners

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association hit the "Like" button repeatedly on The Social Network on Sunday night, giving the drama about the controversial founding of Facebook four awards, including best picture, best director (David Fincher), best screenplay (Aaron Sork... Read more

Dallas-Fort Worth critics 'like' 'Social Network'

In the last week, we've witnessed the annual flood of awards from film critics. The Social Network has pretty much run the table, picking up honors from groups in New York, Toronto, Bosto... Read more

Q&A: Sheryl Lee of 'Twin Peaks' (… and now 'Psych')

Psych meets Twin Peaks: From left: Dulé Hill, Robyn Lively, Lenny Von Dohlen, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook and James Roday

Sheryl Lee felt the strangest sensation when she and six other former Twin Peaks cast members reunited to film a damn fine tribute episode on USA's Psych. It wasn't déjà vu, she says. It was more like an out-of-body experience. "Yes, that is the perfect way to describe it,... Read more

Holiday movie mania

Has Hollywood saved the best for last? That's usually the game plan, as the studios backload their prestige projects for release in the year's final weeks, in hopes that they'll be fresh in the minds of critics making their top 10 lists and voters casting their awards-season ballots. That means y... Read more

Q&A: Amber Tamblyn of 'House'

Hugh Laurie as Dr. House and Amber Tamblyn as med student Martha Masters.

Actress Amber Tamblyn, who has become a temporary member of the House medical team, initially wanted nothing to do with Fox’s hit medical investigation drama. "I had never seen the show before," the former Joan of Arcadia star admits. "As soon as they came to me, I went, 'Oh, I... Read more

Q&A: Ming-Na of 'Stargate Universe'

Life aboard Destiny, the Ancient alien spaceship in Syfy’s Stargate Universe is often like playtime for Ming-Na. The actress, who plays Camile Wray, the top-ranking civilian among Destiny's mix-and-match crew of soldiers, scientists and civilians, describes herse... Read more

Q&A: Donald Glover of 'Community'

Donald Glover of 'Community'

What do so-so Nielsen ratings matter when you know in your heart that you're making a comedy classic? That's basically how Donald Glover of NBC's Community feels. "It's like if you make a great cake," says Glover, who plays Troy, the jock member of an offbeat community-college study group.... Read more

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