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SXSW Music: Day 2


Preston Jones/DFW.com

One of the key traits to embrace during South by Southwest is flexibility. Read more

Review: Alabama Shakes in Dallas

Alabama Shakes

Photos by Jamie B. Ford/Special to DFW.com

Brittany Howard, the captivating lead singer of Alabama Shakes, can be a force of nature on stage. Read more

CD review: David Bowie's 'The Next Day'

david bowie

David Bowie retreated after suffering a heart attack in 2004, leaving many of his fans to wonder if he had retired. He recorded secretly in New York the past couple of years, announced the imminent release of The Next Day on his 66th birthday in January, and has said n... Read more

SXSW Music: Day 1


Preston Jones/DFW.com

For its 27th year, it seems as though South by Southwest will be a battle between the Davids and the Goliaths. Read more

Concert Review: Louis Logic and Random at Lola's Saloon


Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

A couple years back I attended an 8-bit music show in the Stockyards. Read more

Concert Review: The Blind Pets at Lola's Saloon


Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

Austin and Fort Worth seem to be getting closer these days. Read more

Review: Kelly Clarkson at Verizon Theatre

Kelly Clarkson's whirlwind year -- presidential inaugurations, awards shows, tussles with record execs, wedding planning -- briefly brought her home Friday night. Read more

Review: Mike Doughty at Kessler Theater


Sarah Forbes Keogh/Paradigm Agency

Mike Doughty didn't have the best Thursday, although you wouldn't have known to hear him tell it. Read more

Review: Erykah Badu at Granada Theater

Erykah Badu

Photos by Jamie B. Ford and Roman A. Pena, Special to DFW.com

For her 42nd birthday, the woman born Erica Wright thought it better to give than receive. Read more

Concert Review: War Party at The Wherehouse

Wherehouse 2/24/2013

Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

In 2011, I saw the band War Party at one of their earliest performances. They were a bit rough around the edges, but they had a lot of potential, and I’ve been wondering how they shaped up. So on Sunday, I saw that local indie label Lo-Life Recording was having a big throwdown at the Where H... Read more

Review: Pink at American Airlines Center


Photos by Jamie B. Ford/Special to DFW.com

Pink is unfamiliar with the old adage "never let 'em see you sweat." Read more

Concert Review: Jonathan Tyler at The Live Oak

Jonathan Tyler at the Live Oak

Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

Last week, at the Toadies announcement show, one of the high sheriffs of DFW.com approached me and suggested that I be at the Live Oak the following Friday for the Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights show. I was aware of the show already and with Tyler headlining and the Hanna Barbarians as an... Read more

Review: Beyonce, 'Life Is But a Dream'

This weekend is a busy one, as music documentaries go. Read more

Review: The xx at Granada Theater

Deliberately or not, the xx immediately defined the prevailing mood inside the Granada Theater Wednesday night. Read more

Concert review: A Toadies drive-by, plus The County Fringe at The Grotto


steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

My weekend of music kicked off at 6 p.m. at Lola’s Saloon in Fort Worth. The bar was packed. Cryptic Facebook messages had promised that two members of Toadies, Vaden Todd Lewis, and Mark Reznicek, would be hanging out for happy hour. Even though they haven’t been as active in the past ... Read more

Review: My Bloody Valentine, 'mbv'


(Getty Images)

Press play on the new My Bloody Valentine album, and time just evaporates. Read more

Concert Review: Virgin Wolves and We're Wolves at Lola's

Lola's on Feb 2nd

Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

From wolves, we get dogs. Scientists say that our sympathetic relationship with canines played a major role in our emergence as a dominant species on this planet. My dog doesn’t seem all that useful, but I love dogs, and so when I saw that Lola’s was featuring a mostly canine bill on Sa... Read more

Review: Lady Gaga at American Airlines Center


Jeff Vinnick/PictureGroup

This was going to be a reasoned, thoughtful assessment of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Ball" tour. Read more

Concert Review: Songwriter Round at All Good Cafe

Songwriters Round at All Good Cafe

Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

Saturday I found myself in Dallas, in Deep Ellum, in the All Good Café to be specific. Normally I don’t like to go to Dallas. I like Dallas just fine, especially Deep Ellum – I just don’t like driving there. And ... Read more

Review: Cat Power at South Side Music Hall


Stefano Giovannini

Chan Marshall's reputation precedes her. Read more

Concert review: Flatworld and Bomb Atomic at the Cellar

Flatworld and Bomb Atomic at The Cellar

Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

Berry Street, once again, looks like a war zone. Read more

Review: Jeff Mangum at Majestic Theater


Corey Greenwell

The reclusive and influential singer-songwriter brought his beloved compositions to life Sunday night. Read more

Review: John Fullbright at Poor David's Pub


Vicki Farmer

The Oklahoma singer-songwriter made his headlining debut at the iconic Dallas club, delivering a soul-shaking set. Read more

Review: Keane at House of Blues


Courtesy Interscope Records

The British band pulled from all phases of its nearly decade-long career during a sold-out show Friday. Read more

Review: Lucinda Williams at Kessler Theater


Courtesy All Eyes Media

The goosebumps materialized early Tuesday night. Read more

Concert Review: Siberian Traps at Lola's

Lola's 6th

Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

I love live music on Sundays. It’s the day that clubs give a chance to new or unknown acts, and on some days there is nothing I crave more than finding a new (at least to me) band. Read more

The other Knowles is finding her own 'True' path

For Solange Knowles, her last name is as much liability as asset. After all, that appellation carries with it some hefty expectations. Read more

North Texas rappers are making some noise

In an area often dominated by rock bands bashing out three-chord blasts and country groups considering the genre from different angles, North Texas hip-hop often has trouble finding a wider audience. Read more

Concert Review: Spencer Durrett at Mambo's


Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

Mambo's Tapas Camtina is an easy place to overlook. It’s a hotel bar, right across the street from the big ole space ship of a convention center in downtown Fort Worth, and not the kind of place you think would be a music destination. You would be... Read more

Concert Review: End of the World Parade at Lola's


Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

For all of 2012 we had heard about how the Mayans predicted that the end of the world would occur in December, but the date just kind of snuck up on me. Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations are generally a reliable predictor of the future, so I put off paying my cable bill, and on the 21st I ... Read more

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