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Review: Vampire Weekend at Verizon Theatre


Roman Pena & Jamie Ford/Special to DFW.com

It is odd to think of Vampire Weekend as elder statesmen. Read more

Review: The Mavericks at Granada Theater

“I just wanna dance the night away/With senoritas who can sway,” Raul Malo sang Sunday night, a wide grin on his goateed face. “Right now tomorrow's looking bright/Just like the sunny morning light.” Read more

Review: Jake Bugg at Kessler Theater

He writes like Dylan, words laced with insight beyond his years. Read more

Review: Depeche Mode at Gexa Energy Pavilion

In an era when anyone with a YouTube account can achieve fame, it’s easy to forget what actual rock star charisma looks like. Read more

Review: Mumford and Sons at Gexa Energy Pavilion


Roman Pena & Jamie Ford

Somewhere along the way, Mumford and Sons became a punchline. Read more

Review: Dia de Los Toadies at Panther Island Pavilion

Dia de los Toadies

Photos by Velton Hayworth

With the sparkling Fort Worth skyline behind them and a half moon hanging in the sky above them on the final day of the sixth annual Dia de Los Toadies, one of Fort Worth’s biggest rock exports was making a threat. Read more

CD review: Janelle Monae, ‘The Electric Lady’

Fashion-Janelle Monae


True ambition is an endangered species in the pop music world. Read more

Review: Lil Wayne, T.I. and 2 Chainz at Gexa Energy Pavilion

Lil' Wayne

Photos by Velton Hayworth

Friday night at Gexa Energy Pavilion, Lil Wayne appeared like a man reborn. Read more

Review: Pitbull and Ke$ha at Gexa Energy Pavilion


(Photo by Heather Svokos)

You don’t watch a Pitbull concert so much as acquiesce. Read more

Review: Rufus Wainwright and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra at Bass Hall


Decca Records

Of the many facets of Rufus Wainwright’s musical personality, North Texans have had the opportunity to see several of them over the last decade. Read more

Concert review: Un Chien at the Wild Rooster


Special to DFW.com

Back in 2010, I met a band at the now defunct Moon called Stella Rose. Read more

Review: The Postal Service at Verizon Theatre


Nasty Little Man

The electro-pop duo performed much of its only album to celebrate 10th anniversary Read more

Review: KXT Summer Cut at Gexa Energy Pavilion

kxt summer cut 2013

Special to DFW.com

This spring has been a particularly vicious one for our neck of the woods. Read more

Review: Taylor Swift at Cowboys Stadium

Taylor Swift

Jessica Hennessey/Special to DFW.com

Taylor Swift couldn’t stop looking at the crowd. Read more

Review: Sarah McLachlan at Meyerson Symphony Center


Courtesy RCA Records

Like a painting on a museum wall, Sarah McLachlan's voice hung in the Meyerson for all to admire. Read more

Concert Review: Cerebral Chauffeurs at The Grotto


Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

Last week I went to a showcase by Euphio Records, and it seems like everywhere I go I’m seeing bands associated with this label in some way or another. Read more

Review: Paste Untapped Festival at Panther Island Pavilion


Velton Hayworth/Special to DFW.com

"I'm totally sober; I hope you've been drinking," said Tennis vocalist Alaina Moore Saturday afternoon. "This is a beer festival, after all." Read more

Concert Review: Euphio Records Showcase in Deep Ellum

Euphio Artist Showcase Dallas Texas

Steve Watkins, Special to DFW.CO

Last weekend I was looking for my live music fix when I got an invite to the Euphio Records Showcase. Euphio is a small, artist-run label whose stable includes some of my favorite bands. For 15 bucks, attendees got food, drinks, and live music from Animal Spirit, The Frisky Disco, Captain Mayo an... Read more

Review: Sigur Ros at Verizon Theatre

Sigur Ros

Photo by Cary Darling

Sigur Ros employs beauty like a bludgeon. Read more

Concert Review: 2 Kinds of Pie


Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

I wasn’t too sure about an outdoor concert on Sunday. It was cloudy out, and it looked like it might rain. But sometimes you see a band name and you just have to investigate. This was one of those days, and even though I had never heard of them, who can resist a band named 2 Kinds of Pie? Read more

Review: Grizzly Bear at Palladium Ballroom


Tom Hines/Shore Fire Media

It was hard to stop looking at the lights. Read more

Review: Vince Gill at Meyerson Symphony Center


For an evening of philanthropy, Vince Gill is a logical choice for a headliner. Read more

Concert Review: Luke Wade and No Civilians at Magnolia Motor Lounge


Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

It’s been a while since I made a trip out to Magnolia Motor Lounge, and I’ve missed it. The place has good sound, good food, and I’ve always gotten good service. When I found out Luke Wade was playing there on Saturday, I had to check it out. Read more

Review: Scott Weiland at House of Blues

To hear Scott Weiland explain it, the train-wreck taking place on stage at the House of Blues Wednesday night was deliberate. Read more

Concert Review: Animal Spirit at Lola's Saloon


Steve Watkins/Special to DFW.COM

If you are looking for something new or different, Sunday is the night many venues are willing to take a risk. And Lola’s Saloon seems to have a handle on it better than most. Read more

Review: The Relatives at Kessler Theater


(Special to DFW.com/Stephen Masker)

The plea was to a higher power, but it was also unmistakably human. Read more

Review: Eric Clapton at American Airlines Center


Courtesy PMKBNC

To look at Eric Clapton from the neck up Tuesday night, one would've thought he wanted to be anywhere other than where he was. An expressionless face sporting a thousand-yard stare, betraying no evidence of how he felt to be on stage before an adoring audience at the American Airlines Center. Read more

Concert review: Chris Watson at The Wild Rooster

Chris Watson at the Wild Rooster

(Special to DFW.com/Steve Watkins)

Even though I’m a blues fan, I’ll admit I’m hesitant to go see local blues acts. A lot of great blues players have come out of Texas: Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Larry Davis, Albert Collins, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-Bone Walker, and Johnny Winter, ... Read more

Review: Prince at SXSW


Getty Images for Samsung

The iconic singer-songwriter spent almost three hours demonstrated exactly why he has endured for more than 30 years. Read more

SXSW Music: Day 3


Preston Jones/DFW.com

There has to be a really good reason to be out of bed before, say, noon during South by Southwest. Read more

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