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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

It’s the year of the cat in ‘Kedi’



“Kedi” means cat in Turkish. And while you don’t have to be crazy about cats to enjoy this documentary, it would certainly help. As that Turkish title indicates, “Kedi” is shot on the streets of modern Istanbul, with director Ceyda Torun, who was born in the city, and her... Read more

Five family films that could save your spring break

Box Office


The family that road-trips together ... must stay sane. Read more

‘Logan’ claws its way to the top of the superhero pack


Marvel/Twentieth Century Fox

Let’s cut straight to the chase and not mope around the point. “Logan” — the final chapter in the saga of the X-Men’s Wolverine — is the best superhero-related movie since “The Dark Knight” nearly a decade ago. Read more

‘Headshot’ hits the mark – too many times


Vertical Entertainment

In the universe of close-quarters brawling where the characters in the appropriately titled “Headshot” reside, telephones, typewriters, desks and, of course, paper cutters are meant to be used as only one thing: weapons. After sitting through nearly two hours of all the slicing, dic... Read more

‘A United Kingdom’ falls apart


Fox Searchlight

“A United Kingdom” tells the true story of the courtship and marriage of an African king and a white British woman in the years following the second world war. Seretse Khama of Bechuanaland — later Botswana — was a student in London when he met Ruth Williams. Their sub... Read more

Love blooms amid the horror of ‘Bitter Harvest’


Mark Tillie

“Bitter Harvest” couldn’t be more timely. The love story, set against the backdrop of the brutal suppression and starvation of the Ukrainian people by Stalin’s Soviet Union in the ’30s, echoes today’s headlines regarding the tensions between Russia and Uk... Read more

Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ gets serious

Film Review Get Out

Universal Pictures via AP

Genre films — horror, comedy, fantasy, Westerns have always been great vessels for social commentary. The pleasures of genre conventions allow such messages to go down easy; the spoonful of cinematic sugar that helps the medicine go down. Read more

‘Everybody Loves Somebody’ is a pleasant surprise



Like its bilingual heroine, the multi-culti romantic comedy “Everybody Loves Somebody” breezily bounces back and forth from Baja to Los Angeles, and it’s a pleasant diversion, on both sides of the border. Read more

‘The Great Wall’ quickly crumbles



Director Zhang Yimou has made some of the most ravishingly beautiful films to come out of China, including “Raise the Red Lantern,” “House of Flying Daggers,” and “Hero,” movies that are lavishly sensual in their use of color and light. His fans will have... Read more

‘Fist Fight’ punches with some laughs


Warner Bros./Rock Paper Photo

There’s a scene near the end of the comedy “Fist Fight” — not long before the altercation promised in the title — that more than makes up for whatever weak-sauce comedic sins have gone before. Let’s just say that the combo of Big Sean’s unprintable... Read more

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