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Movie review: ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ filled with wokka-wokka fun

Film Review Muppets Most Wanted


In the opening number of Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted, the audience gets ample warning of what to expect as the characters sing: “We’re doing a sequel. That’s what we do in Hollywood, and everybody knows the sequel is never quite as good.” Read more

Movie review: ‘Divergent’

Film Review Divergent


Divergent, the latest outcast-teen-battles-the System thriller, is similar enough to The Hunger Games that hardcore Katniss fans may dismiss it. Read more

Movie review: ‘Bad Words’


Sam Urdank

Sarcastic, sanctimonious, salacious, sly, slight and surprisingly sweet, the black comedy of Bad Words, starring and directed by Jason Bateman, is high-minded, foul-mouthed good nonsense. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Lunchbox’


Sony Pictures Classics

The most lasting result of seeing The Lunchbox is an intense desire for Indian food. In fact, here’s an idea for a great evening out — a screening of this movie, followed by a long, sumptuous dinner at a good Indian restaurant. Beyond that, Read more

Movie review: ‘Big Men’



There’s an old saying that you don’t want to see how sausage gets made. Well, if director Rachel Boynton is to be believed, you don’t want to see how oil gets drilled either, at least in certain developing countries. Read more

Movie review: ‘If You Build It’


Long Shot Factory

In the summer of 2010, two young big-city architects moved into a modest house in Bertie County, a small farming community in eastern North Carolina, with a mission: to revolutionize the way we approach public education. Read more

Movie review: ‘Bethlehem’

Bethlehem, Israel’s entry for the best foreign film Oscar, is an entertaining film, but also an uncompromising one. It is harsh and not particularly hopeful, and it presents a situation so tangled and contorted, with so many interests in collision, that that a ... Read more

Movie review: ‘Veronica Mars’

Fan-demanded and fan-financed, Veronica Mars represents some sort of new movie making paradigm. If you love something so much that you’d “pay to see that,” you can now turn that dream project into a big-screen reality by ponying up a piece of the ... Read more

Movie review: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’


Fox Searchlight Pictures

Wes Anderson sweats the details. All of them, all the time, to an extent that can be maddening. But not in The Grand Budapest Hotel, where the writer-director’s familiar style blends with a group of unexpected factors to create a magnificently cockeyed entertai... Read more

Movie review: ‘Visitors’

Visitors, the transfixing new movie from filmmaker Godfrey Reggio, opens with an utterly astonishing image, one so powerful that it feels uncharitable to reveal what it is. The rest of the movie continues apace, with 73 more shots — a handful in the feature-fil... Read more

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