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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

‘Hockney’ documentary paints a colorful picture


Associated Press

How did David Hockney, born and raised in working-class Yorkshire, become perhaps the modern painter most associated with Los Angeles? The lively, affectionate documentary Hockney doesn’t necessarily answer that question, but it provides entertaining glimpses o... Read more

Movies: ‘Love & Friendship’ delights in Jane Austen’s scheming


Ross McDonnell

It was the comedy, not the romance, in Jane Austen’s work that drew writer-director Whit Stillman to her unfinished novella Lady Susan. Read more

‘Neighbors 2’ moves in with a fresh point of view



Two years ago, Neighbors writers Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien, along with director Nicholas Stoller, reinvented the classic college party movie by pitting the frat guys against the young parents next door. Read more

‘Angry Birds’ soars from game to movie screen


Columbia Pictures/Rovio Entertainment

If you’ve ever played the mobile video game Angry Birds, you might have found yourself wondering — why am I sling-shotting cartoon birds at grinning green pigs? Why are these birds so angry? What have the pigs done to deserve this destruction? Read more

‘The Nice Guys’ doesn’t finish last

The Nice Guys

From the very first shot — rising over the back of a tattered, pre-restoration Hollywood sign to reveal the L.A. sprawl below while the bass from the Temptations’ Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone bumps in the background — The ... Read more

‘Dark Horse’ documentary is a winner


Who can resist a good horse story? Simply and directly made, Dark Horse is a rousing documentary about Welsh villagers who chip in a modest sum to buy and train a racehorse, and find that they have a winner on their hands. Read more

‘A Bigger Splash’ really makes you hate the houseguest



On one level — say, the deep end of a swimming pool in a villa on a volcanic isle — A Bigger Splash is the art film version of a houseguest-from-hell horror story. Read more

Movie review: No love for ‘Rio, I Love You’


Screen Media Films

There are more than 6 million potential love stories in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, none of the 10 that have been assembled in the anthology film Rio, I Love You is any good. Read more

Movies: Let the sun set on ‘Sundown’


Pantelion Films

Sundown is less a film than a feature-length tourism ad for a Mexican vacation. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Family Fang’

There are a million ways for parents to screw up their kids. The Family Fang serves up a new one: cutting-edge performance art. Read more

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