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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Anime ‘Your Name’ both beautiful and puzzling



What starts out as a “Freaky Friday”-type body exchange becomes a rumination on time travel, cataclysmic fate, rural-urban dynamics and, of course, a love story in novelist-turned-anime director Makoto Shinkai’s “Your Name.” Read more

‘The Boss Baby’ means not-so-funny business

Film Review The Boss Baby

DreamWorks Animation

In the recent political climate, it’s hard to tell whether DreamWorks’ new animated film “The Boss Baby” is trying to make a... Read more

‘The Prison’ takes the action behind bars


Well Go USA

“The Prison” is a ferociously effective genre film from Korea that feels like the kind of movie Hollywood will remake in its own image. But adding star power and the English language won’t necessarily improve things, as “The Prison” is brutally entertaining just... Read more

‘My Life As a Zucchini’ covers bitterness of reality, sweetness of childhood



Of this year’s Oscar-nominated animated features, only one can reasonably be described as enchanting and heavy. Yet “My Life As a Zucchini” deserves both accolades. It may not sound like it, but calling this barely 70-minute Swiss stop-motion film “heavy” ȁ... Read more

‘For Here or To Go?’ serves up a fresh point of view


Many Cups of Chai Films

On the surface, the dramedy “For Here or To Go?” might seem like just another riff on a well-worn formula: the hijinks of a group of rambunctious guys trying to make it in Silicon Valley. Read more

‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ anchored by powerful Jessica Chastain


Focus Features

The Holocaust film has become a genre unto itself, and sadly, there are more than enough stories from that era to continue the trend. Against ever-shifting, polarized political landscapes, the lessons gleaned from the horrors of this very recent past are never not relevant. Read more

Your guide to the 2017 Dallas Film Festival


Bomb City Film

Springtime for moviegoers in North Texas means more than just the crack of the baseball bat or the bloom of the bluebonnets. These months also bring the return of the region’s largest film festival, the Dallas International Film F... Read more

No, ‘CHIPS’ is not as bad as you think it might be


Warner Bros.

The randy action-comedy “CHIPS” is pitched right to that 18-24 demographic, but that audience is probably wondering what this whole California Highway Patrol movie is about. Read more

‘Life’ is mostly meaningless, but it has some heart-pounding moments


Sony Pictures

Hey, “Life.” 1979 called. It wants its alien-invasion movie back. Read more

‘Raw’ is a tough, meaty horror original


Focus World

The first-year veterinary students assemble in their crisp white coats for a group photo, smiling sweetly before being drenched in a cascade of blood of mysterious provenance. Afterward, smeared and crusted with the red stuff, they line up to take their communion: a raw rabbit kidney. One girl pr... Read more

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