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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

‘King Cobra’ with James Franco, Christian Slater has no bite



Despite some recognizable names in the credits, King Cobra, based on a real-life murder case in the underworld of gay porn, has very little to distinguish it from low-level, softcore efforts usually cranked out with casts of unknowns. Read more

‘Doctor Strange’ knocks it out of the galaxy



The makers of the latest comic book-inspired feature film Doctor Strange faced the same hurdle as those who put together Guardians of the Galaxy. Both come from the lesser known quadrant of the Marvel Comics galaxy. Read more

Art imitates a sad life in ‘Christine’


The Orchard

On July 15, 1974, Christine Chubbuck, a 29-year-old news reporter in Sarasota, Fla., drew a revolver and fatally shot herself during a live broadcast. Read more

Grittier side of Miami gives ‘Moonlight’ its realistic edge



Moonlight seems like the kind of story that has been cranked out a thousand times before. Read more

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ cuts to the bone of wartime reality


Cross Creek Pictures

It may seem like one of life’s strange jokes that a biopic about Desmond Doss — the heroic WWII conscientious objector who refused to touch a gun but saved dozens of lives as a medic — is the most violent film aimed at a mainstream audience this year. But that tension between... Read more

What to see at Lone Star Film Festival


Lone Star Film Festival

Not sure what to see at this year’s Lone Star Film Festival? If you want a roster of star-studded hits, it’s not really the place. But if you want to discover a few smart, well-crafted indies and documentaries, you’re in for a treat. Read more

Dreamworks’ 'Trolls' a toe-tapping animated trip


DreamWorks/Twentieth Century Fox

It took months to get Justin Timberlake’s catchy “Can’t Stop the Feeling” out of my head. Now, Dreamworks’ new animated sensation ... Read more

Great cast distracts from fiery mess that is ‘Inferno’

1234527 - INFERNO

Jonathan Prime

Imagine a less spry and agile Indiana Jones and you have Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), a Harvard professor of religious iconography and symbology (not a real academic discipline). He has riddled his way from the page to the screen in the wildly popular The Da Vinci C... Read more

The boredom of everyday life comes alive in ‘Certain Women’



There’s something to be said for using cinema to present life as it’s actually lived. To eschew cheap dramatics, to avoid cliche and formula, to stay true to some inner sense of what is authentic and real — these are practices and aspirations to be praised. Read more

‘Tower’ turns Texas tragedy into powerful filmmaking


Kino Lorber

Even a routine documentary about the 1966 shooting from the tower at the University of Texas Austin — in which 46 people were shot and 14 died — wou... Read more

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