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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

‘The Dressmaker’ falls apart over and over


Amazon Studios

The Dressmaker was clearly intended to be a ravishing creation, but it’s patched together from such a ragbag of scraps that it can’t be called a success. Read more

Haunting ‘Demon’ taps into real-life horror


The Orchard

Weddings in Eastern Europe can last all night, and the liquor is always flowing. A typical wedding is central to Demon, a Polish film from Marcin Wrona, but it has one crucial difference: A supernatural spirit haunts the groom. Read more

Literary deception is fascinating, disgusting in ‘Author: The JT Leroy Story’


Amazon Studios

JT LeRoy became a literary sensation overnight in the early 2000s. His rapturously received writing drew from his well-publicized backstory: Jeremiah “Terminator” LeRoy was the HIV-positive teenage son of a truck stop prostitute, but he emerged from the unthinkable — sexual a... Read more

‘Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?’ fires blanks


Jack L. Zeman

When a group of women decide to combat violence by denying intimacy to their men, the results are outrageous and uproarious. At least they were in last year’s Chi-Raq. Not so much in Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? — the latest... Read more

‘Westworld’ is the ultimate android app



There’s trouble on the horizon in Westworld. Read more

Wee, weird heroes move into ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home’


Twentieth Century Fox

Fall has officially just started, but there’s still one more superhero flick sneaking in just before all the summer heat vanishes completely. But if you want muscled torsos and capes, you'll be sadly disappointed. Read more

‘Starving the Beast’ lacks bite but still has value


Railyard Films

Should higher education be a profitable commodity or a public good? That’s the central question in the documentary Starving the Beast. Filmmaker Steve Mims turns his camera on the complicated battle over public universities and comes up with a movie that might ... Read more

‘Deepwater Horizon’ gives new meaning to ‘oil boom’


David Lee

Anyone looking for a nuanced, serious exploration of either the environmental, political and economic fallout from the explosive Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 — the largest oil spill and worst ecological disaster in U.S. history — or the corporate culture that contributed to it... Read more

Life is cruel in the fast lane in potent ‘White Girl'


White Girl, a cruel story of youth from the writer-director Elizabeth Wood, unfolds in a blur of swift, continuous motion. Young bodies crowd dance floors drenched in sweat and neon. Cocaine is snorted in astonishing quantities and from a highly unorthodox range of su... Read more

‘Storks’ soars with talent and humor


Warner Bros.

Welcome to the very strange, and strangely moving, world of Storks. Writer-director Nicholas Stoller, known for his more adult comedies, such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Neighbors, delves into the family-f... Read more

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