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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Movie review: ‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’ with Ice Cube, Eve and Cedric the Entertainer


Warner Bros. Entertainment and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures

Arriving 14 years after the original Barbershop, and 12 after Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Barbershop: The Next Cut is saddled with the task of taking a familiar property and bringing it up to date. Read more

Movie review: ‘Criminal’



Criminal follows the modern rule – “All action movies must begin with action” – but instead of giving us the usual convoluted mess, it draws us in. Read more

Movie review: Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’

Film Review The Jungle Book


In the opening sequence of Disney’s re-telling of the classic novel The Jungle Book, Mowgli (played delightfully by newcomer Neel Sethi) runs through the jungle like a live-action ver... Read more

Movie review: ‘Miles Ahead’ starring Don Cheadle


Sony Pictures Classics

With musical biopics, so often the most crucial element — the music — becomes a solo act, accompanied by little to nothing in the way of strong visual corollaries. You get the outline of a tormented genius’ life, and a misguided, reverential sense of respect, but no cinema, n... Read more

Movie review: ‘Francofonia’


Music Box Films

Alexander Sokurov’s Francofonia occupies a sparsely populated middle ground between documentary and narrative feature. It’s the story of a real place, and two real men, told in a circular, meandering fashion with lashings of cinematic imagination. Read more

Review: HBO’s ‘Confirmation’ plays it too safe



HBO’s Confirmation isn’t the first TV project to play it safe, but in this case, playing it safe results in a missed opportunity that has as much to do with what’s happening in the real world as it does with timid filmmaking. Read more

The Dallas International Film Festival checklist


USA Networks

The Dallas International Film Festival, the biggest film festival in North Texas, returns Thursday and, as usual, the choices are overwhelming. More than 60 features and 50 shorts are spread over 11 days, and that can mean a lot of ... Read more

‘Housewives’ will make America hate Dallas all over again


Bill Matlock/Bravo

For fans of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” franchise, it’s not so much whether any new edition of the series is good — that’s one four-letter word that’s probably best left out of the discussion of any of them — but whether it lives up, or more accurately do... Read more

Movie review: ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’



Richard Linklater’s ’80s collegiate baseball film Everybody Wants Some!! can only be described in the same way you might talk about college jocks — attractive, dumb and charming, against your better judgment. Read more

Movie review: ‘Demolition,’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal


Fox Searchlight

With Demolition, French-Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallee establishes himself as an auteur. Read more

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