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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

‘Don’t Think Twice’ gets it right the first time


Jon Pack

Being part of an improv group is funny — until it isn’t in the endearingly bittersweet indie comedy Don’t Think Twice. Read more

‘Suicide Squad’ is a lot of noise signifying nothing


Warner Bros.

If awards were handed out for the loudest movie of the year, Suicide Squad would be Schindler’s List. Read more

‘Tickled’ documentary is no laughing matter


Magnolia Pictures

A crafty, unsettling bait-and-switch of a movie, the documentary Tickled sends viewers down a disquieting rabbit hole, into corners of the internet, economic desperation and the human psyche that grow darker with every turn and twist. Read more

Foul-mouthed ‘Bad Moms’ is not bad


STX Productions

If you can’t stand cursing, gratuitous nude scenes, drunken stupors, sex talk and unabashedly funny stupidity, Bad Moms is not for you. Read more

He’s ‘Bourne’ to run and keep running


Universal Pictures

The last time a “Bourne” vehicle roared into theaters, actor Jeremy Renner was along for the ride and director Tony Gilroy was behind the wheel. The Bourne Legacy, released almost exactly four years ago, was solid, if a little slow and circuitous. It could h... Read more

‘Nerve’ has an app for excitement



The romantic teen cyber thriller Nerve makes for a fascinating double feature with another release this weekend, Jason Bourne. Both films want to debate the ways in which online surveillance affects our everyday lives, but while Read more

‘Star Trek Beyond’ gets personal in latest expedition



Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the rebooted franchise, isn’t a particularly memorable movie by any stretch. In fact, it feels more like an elaborate TV episode than a cinematic event. Read more

‘Train to Busan’ breathes new life into zombie horror


Well Go USA

Just when you thought we’d reached peak zombie, along comes South Korea’s Train to Busan to send an electrifying jolt through the genre. Breathless and brutal, the film is akin to someone smashing together 28 Days Later with Read more

Documentary ‘Life, Animated’ illustrates a remarkable life


The Orchard

It’s a commonplace to hear people say movies changed their life, but with Owen Suskind that statement is meaningful in an unexpectedly profound way. His remarkable story is so unusual you would dismiss it out of hand if it were fiction, but the documentary Life, Anima... Read more

Chinese-language ‘One Night Only’ blends genres effectively


Cheng Cheng Films

Part romance, part crime drama, part action film and part tear-stained melodrama with just a touch of comedy, the Chinese film One Night Only would seem to be too ambitious for its own good. That’s especially the case since this is the first feature from young ... Read more

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