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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

‘La La Land’ is something to sing about


Dale Robinette

In relationships, and in music, it’s all about the timing. So Damien Chazelle’s La La Land is the perfect marriage of style and story — a good old-fashioned musical about the ups and downs of one love story that struggles to stay in tempo. It’s als... Read more

‘Frank & Lola’ makes for a dazzling debut


Great Point Media

The enigmatic, low-key and slow-burn romantic thriller Frank & Lola is impressive on a number of levels. It’s the first feature from young director/writer Matthew Ross, it’s blessed with a superlative cast — including Michael Shannon, Imogen Poots... Read more

Memorable character can’t save ‘Miss Sloane’


Kerry Hayes

Miss Sloane the character is fascinating. Read more

This ‘Office Christmas Party’ is worth attending


Paramount Pictures

Content-wise, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the crude sexual humor and pervasive vulgarity of the recent Bad Santa 2 and this week’s Office Christmas Party. Read more

‘Man Down’ falls and can’t get up


Lionsgate Premiere

Before the final credits roll in Man Down, statistics are flashed on screen regarding the number of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans with PTSD or who commit suicide. They are sobering, alarming figures and they deserve to preceded by a better movie than this handsome... Read more

Review: ‘Three Days in August’ features strong performances


Bongani Mlambo

There has been a quiet explosion in the past couple of years in lo-fi, low-budget, locally made indie films about Texas families coming together and falling apart. From Josh Barrett and Marc Menchaca’s emotionally devastating but unfortunately little-seen This Is Where ... Read more

‘Manchester By the Sea’ swells with emotion


Amazon Studios

It’s hard to overstate the magnificence of Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester By the Sea. His third feature following You Can Count on Me and Margaret is one that swells with the spectrum of human emot... Read more

HBO films document rights battles in Cuba



The Cuban revolution took place almost 60 years ago, but the island nation is in the midst of another period of great change. This one may not result in the overthrow of the current regime, but as two new HBO documentaries make clear, the potential for radical change is just as great as it was in... Read more

Isabelle Huppert takes ‘Elle’ to the next level


Sony Pictures Classics

Isabelle Huppert makes lots of movies — two or three a year — but even with that deluge of output, Elle is something rare. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, Elle melds together two artistic worlds, the highly sexualized and rich atmosp... Read more

‘The Eagle Huntress’ soars


Sony Pictures Classics

For centuries, nomadic huntsmen high in the cold Mongolian mountains of Altai would climb steep crags, gingerly approach an eagle’s nest, capture a baby eaglet and train it to kill foxes for fur and food. For seven years the bird would serve its master and then be released back to the wild. Read more

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