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Screen Shots

Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Movie review: ‘Child 44’


The best-selling novel Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith runs well over 400 pages, and that’s perhaps the first hint as to why the movie based on it seems to veer in 40 different directions. Read more

Movie review: ‘True Story’


Fox Searchlight

The true story behind True Story is so outlandishly incredible that it seems the work of a fevered screenwriter in the throes of a chemical high: a disgraced New York Times journalist finds out an accused murderer has been parading around ... Read more

Movie review: ‘Unfriended’



Unfriended is clever, energetic and original — and dull, flat and derivative. Read more

Movie review: ‘Beyond the Reach’


Roadside Attractions

The Most Dangerous Game is one of the more enduring thriller formulas. About a big game hunter who longs to take a shot at human beings, “the most dangerous” of all game “animals,” it’s been adapted every few years since Richard Conn... Read more

Movie review: ‘Ex Machina’



Thoughtful science fiction is as rare in film these days as black-and-white or a double feature, something parents fascinate their children with as exotica from a different moviegoing time. Read more

Movie review: ‘Seymour: An Introduction’


Sundance Selects

Ethan Hawke’s documentary on pianist Seymour Bernstein is very much like the sonatas Bernstein plays so beautifully, teaches so insightfully — quietly moving, infinitely deep. Read more

Movie review: ‘Desert Dancer’


Relativity Media

With Iran in the news, the timing of Desert Dancer couldn’t be better. The real-life story of a young man who started an underground dance troupe, despite dancing being forbidden in the Islamic republic, the film is also an extended look into how people live in... Read more

The men behind 'Ex Machina'

Ex Machina 009

Universal Pictures International

It’s a Sunday morning during South by Southwest and actor Oscar Isaac, fresh from starring roles in A Most Violent Year and Inside Llewyn Davis, and novelist/screenwriter and first-time features director Alex Garland are positively gi... Read more

Movie review: ‘Cut Bank’



That first sight of a grain elevator in a crime film signals to us that no matter how dark and bloody things turn, the violence is going to have a funny edge. It’s “The Fargo Effect,” and even if Cut Bank lacks the “youbetchas,” it&#... Read more

Movie review: ‘Dial a Prayer’


Vertical Entertainment

No leap of faith or sudden spiritual conversion brought Cora to the dial-a-prayer call center in suburban Detroit. A judge made that her community service sentence. Because Cora made a big mistake, one with religious implications. Read more

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