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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Movie review: ‘We Are Your Friends’


Warner Bros.

As big an impact as EDM has had on music in the last decade, the surrounding culture has barely made a ripple in the world of film. Much of what’s out there consists of comparatively little-seen documentaries like last year’s Under the Electric Sky. Read more

Movie review: ‘Mistress America’


Fox Searchlight

There’s a funny, cringey scene in Mistress America, the brainy new comedy from director Noah Baumbach and his co-writer, Greta Gerwig, in which an old acquaintance accosts Brooke, Gerwig’s daffy, optimistic character, in a bar and calls her out for being... Read more

Movie review: ‘No Escape’

No Escape

The Weinstein Co.

If what you’re seeking in the doldrums of August is stomach-churning, eye-watering suspense, No Escape delivers just that — but falls short with a tone-deaf story and extremely xenophobic worldview. Read more

Television review: ‘Explorer: Warlords of Ivory’



National Geographic’s Explorer series, which has racked up nearly 60 Emmys over its 25-year run, returns after a five-year hiatus Sunday with a documentary strong enough to stand up against the best PBS Masterpiece Mystery show, and... Read more

Movie review: ‘Sinister 2’


Focus Features

Horror sequel Sinister 2 is a very strange movie. Of course, it’s a horror film, so strange, ghostly, and sinister events are expected. Yet this is a horror film that doesn’t quite know what it is. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’


Sony Pictures Classics

Big summer action movies can be thrilling, but if you really want to feel your heart pounding out of your chest, try being a 15-year-old girl for 101 minutes. Read more

Movie review: ‘Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet’



Strictly speaking, The Prophet isn’t a sacred text. But Kahlil Gibran’s 1923 collection of 26 prose poems is widely considered one of the most influential works of the 20th century, inspiring everything from song lyrics, speeches and plays to, now, an an... Read more

Movie review: ‘Ten Thousand Saints’


The Solution Entertainment Group

Set in 1980s New York, Ten Thousand Saints takes a wistful look at the era before yuppies took over the place and cleaned everything up. The Lower East Side comes across as lovably dangerous. Though police may be beating back rioters in Tompkins Square Park, in this f... Read more

Movie review: ‘American Ultra’



Jesse Eisenberg usually plays geeky and studious, not gallant and studly. He’s Mark Zuckerberg, not Jason Statham. Read more

Movie review: ‘Hitman: Agent 47’


Twentieth Century Fox

If you see one movie about governmentally modified assassins this weekend, don’t make it Hitman: Agent 47. American Ultra is the far superior take on the unknowing super-spy, because it takes itself far less seriously and can actual... Read more

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