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Screen Shots

Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

‘Genius’ is a very smart look at craft of writing, editing


Roadside Attractions

Of all the creative gifts, the ability to edit — that is, to edit text — is the least heralded and the least understood. Read more

‘Raiders!’ proves boyhood dreams can come true


Drafthouse Films

Hollywood thrillers promise a few hours of escapist adventure. But that pales in comparison to the long and arduous adventure of growing up. Read more

Comedy ‘Puerto Ricans in Paris’ gets lost with few laughs


Focus World

Luis Guzman is an instantly recognizable character actor who deserves his shot at being the face of a film. It’s just unfortunate that the film turns out to be the lethargic and rarely funny fish-out-of-American-water comedy Puerto Ricans in Paris. Read more

‘Careful What You Wish For’ fulfills wishes for those wanting to see Nick Jonas and Isabel Lucas without much clothing


Starz Digital Media

If Summer of ’42 — that ’70s-era tear-stained love story about an older married woman and a virginal young man having a dalliance during school break — were remade today, it just might turn out to be Careful What You W... Read more

‘Weiner’ an unflinching look at New York Democrat’s fall from grace


Sundance Selects

Anthony Weiner plummeted from firebrand Democratic New York congressman to a juvenile national joke in 2011 after lascivious and salacious texts and photos he sent to various women became public. Read more

‘Now You See Me 2’ lacks a certain magic


Summit Entertainment

In Now You See Me 2, super-anti-hero magicians from the first film come out of hiding — in plain sight, naturally — for another round of razzle-dazzle that will save the world from the evil .00001 percent. Read more

‘Warcraft’ really isn’t all that bad


Universal Pictures

The skepticism has been whirling around Warcraft since the first trailer dropped for the epic fantasy adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s massive multiplayer online role-playing game, directed by visionary sci-fi auteur Duncan Jones. Read more

‘Dheepan’ is a timely and engrossing story of immigrants, family: Review


Sundance Selects

The Palme d’Or-winning Dheepan is deceptively unadorned. In its simplicity, it digs for complex feelings and ideas — and is particularly timely, considering current political winds and Paris’ announcement of its first refugee camp. Read more

‘Viva’ explores the world of a Havana drag club


Magnolia Pictures

With most Irish films shot in English, the Emerald Isle hasn’t had many opportunities to compete in best foreign language film Academy Award. Read more

Pointed dramedy ‘Maggie’s Plan’ is engrossing


Sony Pictures Classics

The writing was never a problem in Rebecca Miller’s movies, but it has taken awhile for her to become a director. Read more

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