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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Movie review: ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’


Gravitas Ventures

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, Spike Lee’s remake of the 1973 horror film Ganja & Hess, represents one of his mildly intriguing left-handed projects that winds up being more Oldboy-esque misfire than explorati... Read more

Movie review: ‘McFarland, USA’


Disney Enterprises

His name is Jim White. He’s a coach. But that last name is all the students — his prospective athletes — need to know at McFarland High School. Read more

Movie review: ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’


Paramount Pictures

John Cusack has been reduced to Z-grade action comedies, shot in Australia and co-starring Thomas Jane, at this stage of his career. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Last Five Years’



It wouldn’t be a bad thing if Anna Kendrick spent the rest of her film career doing nothing but musicals. Her pleasant, Broadway-polished alto was right at home with Sondheim in Into the Woods, had a pop-star sheen for Pitch Perfect Read more

Movie review: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


Universal Pictures

So much Internet ink has been spilled over Fifty Shades of Grey — first because of the BDSM content of E.L. James’ steamy 2011 bestseller and then over who would star in the film — that no matter what director Sam Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter K... Read more

Movie review: ‘Song of the Sea’



The Oscar-nominated animated adventure Song of the Sea is warm, heartfelt and beautifully hand-drawn — in every way an antidote to the blockbusters that rule the box office. Read more

Movie review: ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’


Twentieth Century Fox

There may be a good film buried inside Kingsman: The Secret Service, a well-cast and sporadically entertaining but overly long, exceedingly violent and ultimately perplexing spin on the comic-book action movie. Read more

Movie review: ‘Old Fashioned’


Freestyle Releasing

The faith-based romance Old Fashioned is a slow, preachy romantic comedy opening Valentine’s Day week opposite Fifty Shades of Grey, counter-programming “love” that’s kinky with love from Corinthians. Read more

TV review: ‘The Slap’ lands with quiet force


NBC Universal

Three years ago, the Australian miniseries The Slap — about the ripples of repercussion following a man’s slap of an acquaintance’s misbehaving child — aired on DirecTV, and it was a compelling look at contemporary families under pressure. Read more

Movie review: ‘Jupiter Ascending’


Warner Bros.

The sibling writing-directing duo known as the Wachowskis were the titans of cool when they made Bound and The Matrix in the ’90s . In a better universe, if you looked up the w... Read more

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