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Screen Shots

Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Magical ‘Pete’s Dragon’ reboot takes flight


Walt Disney Studios

Pete’s Dragon is a warm cup of cocoa and a hug from Robert Redford at the end of the summer. Read more

‘Equity’ adeptly puts women in the center of a financial drama


Sony Pictures Classics

The world of investment banking and the intrigue that surrounds an initial public offering have provided fodder for a number of recent movies. But Equity is the first to be directed by a woman, to be written by women and to place three actresses in the principal roles... Read more

‘Indignation’ offers stellar adaptation of Philip Roth’s bittersweet novel


Roadside Attraction

Indignation tells a very particular story, one that’s bittersweet, heartbreaking and bleakly comic all at once, and it gets it right. Read more

Powerful ‘Gleason’ chronicles one athlete’s battle with ALS


Amazon Studios

Two summers ago, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took the internet by storm, raising millions for a disease that, before all those dousings, mostly flew under the radar. Read more

Japanese film ‘Our Little Sister’ speaks quietly, powerfully about family


Sony Pictures Classics

Our Little Sister has to be seen to be believed. Not because it depends on huge explosions or special effects but because it doesn’t. Read more

‘Don’t Think Twice’ gets it right the first time


Jon Pack

Being part of an improv group is funny — until it isn’t in the endearingly bittersweet indie comedy Don’t Think Twice. Read more

‘Suicide Squad’ is a lot of noise signifying nothing


Warner Bros.

If awards were handed out for the loudest movie of the year, Suicide Squad would be Schindler’s List. Read more

‘Tickled’ documentary is no laughing matter


Magnolia Pictures

A crafty, unsettling bait-and-switch of a movie, the documentary Tickled sends viewers down a disquieting rabbit hole, into corners of the internet, economic desperation and the human psyche that grow darker with every turn and twist. Read more

Foul-mouthed ‘Bad Moms’ is not bad


STX Productions

If you can’t stand cursing, gratuitous nude scenes, drunken stupors, sex talk and unabashedly funny stupidity, Bad Moms is not for you. Read more

He’s ‘Bourne’ to run and keep running


Universal Pictures

The last time a “Bourne” vehicle roared into theaters, actor Jeremy Renner was along for the ride and director Tony Gilroy was behind the wheel. The Bourne Legacy, released almost exactly four years ago, was solid, if a little slow and circuitous. It could h... Read more

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