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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Television review: ‘Hand of God’

2015 Summer TCA - Amazon


Every time you think Hand of God has found its groove, the whole thing goes completely kerflooey. Nonetheless, you’ll probably keep watching when the 10 episodes become available Friday on Amazon. Hand of God may be a mess, but it&#... Read more

Movie review: 'A Walk in the Woods'


Broad Green Pictures

The lure of the wild has recently attracted an interesting batch of solitude seekers: Reese Witherspoon ( Wild), Mia Wasikowska ( Tracks) and Robert Redford, twice. Read more

Movie review: ‘Z for Zachariah’


Roadside Attractions

There are so many movies and TV series about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world that, at first glance, Z for Zachariah seems more of the same. In fact, the story — two men and one woman who somehow live through the cataclysm that has killed everyone else &#x... Read more

Movie review: ‘Meru’


Jimmy Chin

Mount Everest is nothing compared to the Shark’s Fin. Read more

Movie review: ‘Memories of the Sword’


Well Go USA

The plot in the South Korean martial-arts period-piece Memories of the Sword may verge on the incomprehensible but, boy, is it gorgeous. Read more

Movie review: ‘Digging for Fire’


The Orchard

The best thing to happen to filmmaker Joe Swanberg? His choice of cinematographer. Ben Richardson, who worked with the director on the recent Chicago projects Drinking Buddies and Happy Christmas, teams up with Swanberg again for Read more

Movie review: ‘We Are Your Friends’


Warner Bros.

As big an impact as EDM has had on music in the last decade, the surrounding culture has barely made a ripple in the world of film. Much of what’s out there consists of comparatively little-seen documentaries like last year’s Under the Electric Sky. Read more

Movie review: ‘Mistress America’


Fox Searchlight

There’s a funny, cringey scene in Mistress America, the brainy new comedy from director Noah Baumbach and his co-writer, Greta Gerwig, in which an old acquaintance accosts Brooke, Gerwig’s daffy, optimistic character, in a bar and calls her out for being... Read more

Movie review: ‘No Escape’

No Escape

The Weinstein Co.

If what you’re seeking in the doldrums of August is stomach-churning, eye-watering suspense, No Escape delivers just that — but falls short with a tone-deaf story and extremely xenophobic worldview. Read more

Television review: ‘Explorer: Warlords of Ivory’



National Geographic’s Explorer series, which has racked up nearly 60 Emmys over its 25-year run, returns after a five-year hiatus Sunday with a documentary strong enough to stand up against the best PBS Masterpiece Mystery show, and... Read more

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