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Taking aim at the best and worst of movies and television.

Movie review: ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’



Peter Jackson’s “Just Give the People What They Want,” aka The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, sends this not-really-a-trilogy off in style. That means stuffing in everything the fans want, or that Jackson thinks the fans want out of these ... Read more

‘Birdman’ is DFW film critics’ best movie of 2014


Fox Searchlight

Birdman is the best film of the year, according to members of the Dallas Fort Worth Film Critics Association. Read more

Movie review: ‘Wild’

Film Review Wild


Nearly 10 years ago, Reese Witherspoon won a Best Actress Oscar for playing June Carter Cash in Walk the Line; it was the kind of Oscar win you could predict without even seeing the movie, because the Academy loves few things more than a starlet who shows that she has... Read more

Movie review: ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’


Twentieth Century Fox

There are scenes in Ridley Scott’s biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings when a viewer might be forgiven for thinking God parted the waters near the Sydney Opera House, not the Red Sea. Two of the main characters, the pharoah Ramses and conniving high-ranking Eg... Read more

Movie review: ‘Top Five’



With all the timely cultural commentary Chris Rock has been making about Ferguson, Staten Island, police chokeholds and the like while doing interviews ostensibly promoting his new film, it’s actually a relief that Top Five is pretty good. More than two decades i... Read more

Movie review: ‘Panic 5 Bravo’



There’s a good movie hidden inside Panic 5 Bravo, the directing debut from Mexican actor Kuno Becker, best known in the U.S. for roles on the TV shows Dallas and CSI: Miami. In fact, the first 20 minutes... Read more

Movie review: ‘Pelican Dreams’


Shadow Distribution

Whatever you think you know about pelicans, Pelican Dreams will surprise you. Read more

Movie review: ‘Diplomacy’

It’s an unimaginably chilling sequence of events. First, 33 bridges over the Seine were to be detonated. Followed by Notre Dame, the Louvre, L’Opera, and then, with four submarine torpedoes attached to each leg, the Eiffel Tower. Paris as we know it was to be destroyed. Read more

Movie review: ‘The Babadook’


IFC Films

More moody than bloody and more unsettling than shocking, The Babadook — which has been generating loud buzz since hitting the festival circuit earlier this year — is a throwback to old-school horror filmmaking, where much of ... Read more

Movie review: ‘Foxcatcher’


Sony Pictures Classics

If Steve Carell wanted to radically change the public’s perception of him as the pompous but genial doofus from The Office, he couldn’t have chosen a better vehicle than Foxcatcher. Read more

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