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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

First bite: Tom+Chee in Dallas



At first glance, Tom + Chee seems like your average sandwich shop. Read more

Restaurant review: Mezcales Mexican Bar & Grill in Sansom Park

dfw dining 2 Mezcales 0724 12

Special to DFW.com

It’s become one of Fort Worth’s favorite pastimes, watching restaurants come and go in the old Williams Ranch House space on Jacksboro Highway. Read more

Restaurant review: Mash’d in Fort Worth

dfw dining mash'd 0731


“This drink tastes like something you would get at Sonic,” said one of my dining companions on a recent night at Mash’d, the new moonshine-and-eclectic-eats restaurant in West 7th. Read more

Restaurant review: Uchi Dallas

dfw dining uchi dallas 11

Special to DFW.com

In the insular foodie world, Uchi Dallas ranks as one of the biggest local restaurant openings of the year. Any self-respecting diner has made the pilgrimage to the original in Austin, opened in 2003 by chef and founder Tyson Cole, whose precisely crafted sushi served in a renovated old house fee... Read more

The Lonesome Vegetarian: More Fort Worth eateries enter the Blue Zone


Marilyn Bailey

In June, three more Fort Worth restaurants earned the Blue Zones Project’s seal of approval. Read more

Restaurant review: Trinity River Tap House in Fort Worth

DFW dining2 trinity river tap house


If you worked or played in downtown Fort Worth in the 1990s, you no doubt crossed paths with the Pour House, a second-story bar and restaurant known for boozy drinks served in fishbowls and, for the hazy day afterward, the Hangover Burger. Read more

Restaurant review: Gino’s East in Arlington

dfw dining gino's east 0717 5


Growing up in the Windy City, I was introduced to Chicago-style deep-dish pizza as a little girl. You might think it was everywhere in Chicago, but it wasn’t (Chicago-style hot dogs were everywhere). There were only a few places that served the renowned deep dish back then, none of them an... Read more

Restaurant review: J.R. Bentley’s English Pub in Arlington


Special to DFW.com

When the students come back from summer break at the University of Texas at Arlington this fall, there’s apt to be a letdown unassociated with pop quizzes or homecoming disses: Noted campus-adjacent haunt J.R. Bentley’s English Pub is no longer cigarette-friendly. Read more

Restaurant review: Cannon Chinese Kitchen in Fort Worth

Cannon Chinese 102


The Ho and Kha families of Fort Worth have been responsible for two of the city’s most beloved and admired restaurants: Tokyo Cafe, damaged in a fire last year but in the process of being rebuilt, and Shinjuku Station. Both specialize in Japanese cuisine free from the frills and gimmicks t... Read more

Restaurant review: Pansayena in Arlington

dfw dining2 Pansayena Mexican Kitchen 3

Special to DFW.com

Along the back hall of Pansayena, the 9-month-old Arlington restaurant, I can’t help but notice the brightly painted slogan that hints at this charming establishment’s overall MO. The aphorism — not coincidentally looming over a framed copy of the Ten Commandments — re... Read more

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