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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Hot restaurants 2016: Heim BBQ, HG Sply Co., and 10 more

Heim Barbecue


If it’s heat you’re seeking, then restaurants will almost never let you down. Fort Worth’s dining scene continues what has been an unflagging winning streak, with plenty of new openings to track and cuisines to explore. Read more

The Loneseome Vegetarian: HG Sply Co.


Kathryn Hemp

A restaurant that calls itself “paleo-inspired” may not at first seem a great bet for vegetarian eating. Paleo types try to avoid anything that comes from modern agriculture — legumes, wheat, dairy, most of the things I like about my diet. Read more

Independent Bar and Kitchen celebrates unpretentious Euro-pub grub

Independent Bar 107


Andrew Dilda, the executive chef of the 4-month-old Independent Bar and Kitchen in Dallas’ Deep Ellum, sent an email clarifying his unwavering guiding mission: “My real love is just cooking good food,” the 36-year old ... Read more

K-Pop Burger brings patty power to far north Fort Worth

K-Pop Burger 107


Despite its focal point being a strip shopping center anchored by a Kroger, the intersection of Beach Street and Timberland Boulevard in far north Fort Worth feels a little more “neighborhoody” than some areas in this booming part of the city. Read more

Meat U’s second location is on ’cue

Meat Anywhere 104


It’s never unusual to see people waiting in line at a barbecue restaurant. But the line at Meat U Anywhere BBQ in Trophy Club is different from that of your average barbecue joint’s: It starts at 6 a.m. Read more

Lo-Lo’s in Southlake has a lot on its plates

dfw dining mainl lolos chicken 0826 6

Special to the Star-Telegram

Is there an off-hour to eat at Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, the Phoenix-based cult favorite that traffics in all-day breakfasts and hyper-indulgent entrees like the Betty’s Boob and DVZ’s Hot Ghetto Mess? Read more

Tupps Brewery heats up its pale ale with poblano


Tupps Brewery

The partnership of spicy food and cold beer is an undeniable classic. Feel the burn, quench the thirst: It’s simple and beautiful. Read more

The Lonesome Vegetarian: TruFire Kitchen & Bar


TruFire via Facebook

For vegetarians, vegans and anyone who is trying to follow the Blue Zones “plant slant” prescription: Southlake’s TruFire Kitchen & Bar needs to be on your radar. Read more

Great Scott’s charcuterie is off the charts

Great Scott Charcuterie


Under the Texas 114 overpass, amid a whir of post-rush-hour traffic, I spied gourds growing outside a restaurant in Grapevine. Read more

Grain & Dairy’s grilled cheese can melt your heart

Grain & Dairy


You started a new diet? Excellent. I saw on Facebook that you got a 5-mile bike ride in, too. Congrats. Lost a pound last week? I can totally, totally tell. Hey, did you drop a size? Read more

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