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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Restaurant review: Lucy’s Lot in Grapevine

dfw Lucy's Lot


Do a Google search for Lucy’s Lot, and one of the first hits is from Yelp, which lists Lucy’s under “dive bars — Grapevine, TX.” Read more

Restaurant review: Heim Barbecue in Fort Worth

dfw dining Heim Barbecue 0501 8

Special to DFW.com

With most good barbecue spots comes a caveat or two: a long drive, a long wait, something that’ll make you hope it’s worth it. Read more

Restaurant review: Brooklyn Crust Bistro in Grapevine

Brooklyn Bistro 106


If you’re talking fine dining in the Mid-Cities, you’re probably acquainted with Sage Sakiri, who has smartly carved out a niche as the chef for gourmands who reside in the zone between Dallas and Fort Worth. Read more

Texas brew review: Twin Peaks steps into the craft beer market



It seems like craft beer is everywhere these days. Ballparks, street fairs, random corner stores. Read more

Restaurant review: Bolo Italian Grill in Southlake

Bolo Grill 101


A tip of the hat goes to Bolo Italian Grill, a new restaurant and new fast-casual concept in Southlake best described as an Italian version of Chipotle. Read more

Restaurant review: Mercury Wine Bar & Grill in Arlington

dfw dining Mercury Wine Bar and Grill 0424


I’ve found my “third place.” Home, work and Mercury Wine Bar & Grill. Read more

Restaurant review: Thurber Mingus in Fort Worth

dfw dining thurber mingus


Guided by sentimentality or familiarity, or a little of both, chefs often specialize in the cuisine they grew up with. Read more

Dining review: Bearded Lady in Fort Worth

Bearded Lady 5


The good news: None of the ladies at The Bearded Lady actually have beards. The same can’t be said for the gentlemen, however. After all, this new bar-restaurant off West Magnolia Avenue is in one of Fort Worth’s hippest districts. Read more

Restaurant review: Golden Thai Cuisine in Keller

dfw dining2 Golden Thai 0417


For those who lack the spare time, let alone the financial muscle, to plunk down several thousand dollars for a culinary odyssey to exotic Thailand, Golden Thai Cuisine — in atmosphere and i... Read more

Texas brew review: Real Ale gets a rebranding


Butler Bros.

Beer is a comfortable beverage. It’s not something that most people consciously think about, but consistent, authentic branding in beer is something in which many drinkers find solace. Read more

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