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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Restaurant review: Stock & Barrel in Dallas

Stock & Barrel 1


More than a year in the making, Stock & Barrel is one of the most exciting new restaurants to come along this year, with noteworthy credentials, an enviable address in Dallas’ Bishop Arts and most important, creative and sati... Read more

Texas Brew Review: Hops & Grain’s Alt-eration

GAH2EJFEH.4Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

Some beer styles get all the attention. Big hops, bold flavors, high-octane beers and the newest craze turn everyone’s heads. They have their place in the beer world, but many times it’s the unassuming, simple beers that do all the heavy lifting. We can’t all survive on beers... Read more

Restaurant review: Super Chix in Arlington



Fast-food chicken joints don’t usually rate the grand restaurant review treatment. But Super Chix isn’t your typical chicken joint. Read more

Restaurant review: Gator’s Cafe in Colleyville

Gators Cajun Cafe


Work in progress. That quality comes to mind upon entering Gator’s Cafe, the formerly Bedford-based gumbo bar, which can now be found in the space once occupied by J.R.’s Grill in Colleyville. (J.R.’s, owned by restaurateur Johnny Ragland, combined with J.R.’s Steakhou... Read more

Restaurant review: Crazy Cowboy in Bedford

Crazy Cowboy 104


It’s getting to the point where you can’t even go to a sports bar anymore without having to endure good food. Surely, somewhere, someone in North Texas longs for the days when sports bars were just sport bars, when you could get a hamburger featuring a previously frozen patty of nev... Read more

Texas Brew Review: Deep Ellum Neato Bandito

G2N2DA5J3.3Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

To some craft beer fans, “adjunct” is a term chiefly used to describe the inexpensive ingredients like corn or rice that giant macrobreweries use to cut costs when mass producing their beers. Read more

Restaurant review: Chef Sage in Colleyville

DFW Chef Sage 3


Chef Sage, the newly retooled Colleyville restaurant (formerly TriBeCa) run by its namesake, Sage Sakiri, takes diners on a bit of a nostalgia trip. Read more

Texas brew review: Jester King’s Noble King

G112BVNJV.3Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

Revolver brewmaster Grant Wood was once asked if he thought he would ever make a sour beer. “Not until I build a second brewhouse” was his response. Read more

BBQ Safari: Tommy’s BBQ in Irving


Special to DFW.com

When you’re a barbecue freak like me, there are only so many times you can drive past a barbecue joint with a big fiberglass cow out front and not stop in. And since I’m on a quest to find the holy grail of Texas barbecue joints, it’s actually part of the job description. So ... Read more

Restaurant review: Matt’s Rancho Martinez in Colleyville

Matt Rancho Martinez 101


While Colleyville does not lack for restaurants, its quota of Tex-Mex spots has remained criminally low. Does that explain why Matt’s Rancho Martinez has enjoyed such robust crowds since its opening in early May in the same center as a coming-soon Whole Foods Market? Read more

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