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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

BBQ Safari: Big D BBQ in Mansfield


Special to DFW.com

As part of my ongoing quest to find the quintessential North Central Texas barbecue joint, last week I found myself exploring Mansfield looking for Big D BBQ. Read more

Texas brew review: Don’t be afraid of the dark beer

GKF38LS91.2Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

By now, hopefully you have your costume nailed down. If not, get with the program, Halloween is almost here. Read more

Restaurant review: Z’s Cafe in Fort Worth

Indulge ZsCafe 2


Z’s Cafe has been around since about 2008, first inside the Community Arts Center in Fort Worth’s Cultural District, then opening a second location on the city’s south side in 2012, which is now the sole location. The small lunchtime spot’s chicken salad has earned a c... Read more

Restaurant review: Sausage Shoppe in Fort Worth

Sausage Shoppe 102


In Texas barbecue circles, brisket is often regarded as a ’cue joint’s defining dish, followed by ribs and sausage, typically in that order. Read more

Texas brew review: South Austin Brewing makes a change for the better

GB93717CG.3Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

With any consumer product, marketing, brand positioning and a unique selling proposition are just as important to success as the quality of the product. Beer is no different, and that’s no more evident than with big-name beers. Without much differentiation in product — no unique sel... Read more

Restaurant review: East Hampton Sandwich Co. Fort Worth

East Hampton 105


East Hampton Sandwich Co., the New York-inspired Dallas import, is making some noise in Fort Worth — literally. Read more

Restaurant review: Currytos in Grapevine

Currytos 106


Of all the restaurant concepts to emerge in the past few years, the one everyone wants to be most like is Chipotle. The chain is unquestionably the inspiration at Currytos, a unique new spot in downtown Grapevine that took over a former Quiznos on Main Street. Read more

Restaurant review: Pegaso Mexican Diner in Fort Worth

dfw dining main Pegaso 004


Located on the traffic circle where drivers once hesitated to yield for fear of a certain restaurant running out of its famous puffy tortilla chips, Pegaso Mexican Diner has big zapatos to fill. Read more

Restaurant review: Pho District in Fort Worth

Pho District 110


Pho District brings one of the hottest foodie commodities to Fort Worth’s buzzy West Seventh Street: the Vietnamese noodle soup called pho. Read more

Texas brew review: Franconia Dunkel



No month feels more German than October. Other than having a beer style that carries its name, October just has a traditional feel to it. It’s the perfect month to kick off the ... Read more

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