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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Restaurant review: Landmark Bar & Kitchen in Fort Worth

Landmark Bar and Kitchen


We are sitting on the cedar outdoor deck of newly opened Landmark Bar & Kitchen, nursing a carafe of vodka, Red Bull and Skittles. A huge Great Dane runs up to me and plants a big lick on my cheek. I am one move away from creaming my wife... Read more

Restaurant review: Hoya Korean Kitchen in Fort Worth

Hoya Korean Kitchen Inbox x


In both size and menu options, Hoya Korean Kitchen seems small, but this new restaurant in downtown Fort Worth packs a bigger punch than you might think. Read more

Restaurant review: Pizza Snob in Fort Worth

Pizza Snob dining review


In most areas of life, being a snob is generally not considered to be a good thing. But snobbery is perfectly acceptable, encouraged even, when it comes to pizza. Read more

Restaurant review: Black Walnut Cafe in Colleyville


Terry Vine

The corporate chefs at Black Walnut Cafe certainly know their way around the spice rack. Read more

Restaurant review: Varsity Tavern in Fort Worth

Varsity Tavern 104


If you ever wondered what a $3 million, 10-month-long conversion of a creaky auto-repair shop into one of Fort Worth’s freshest — and splashiest — arrivals on the hopping West 7th area landscape looks like, then take a healthy gander at Varsity Tavern. Read more

Restaurant review: The Big Crabs in Hurst

Big Crabs 104


It’s a scene straight out of a New Orleans Cajun restaurant: Diners donning bibs and gloves dig into piles of shellfish scattered about their tables, cracking open crab legs, twisting the heads off crawfish, laughing and making messes like little kids playing in mud. Read more

Restaurant review: Press Cafe in Fort Worth

dfw dining main press cafe 0304


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Press Cafe, by which I mean it’s really loud in there. Read more

Restaurant review: Wayward Sons in Dallas


Alison McLean

It’s no surprise that Wayward Sons is one of the hottest new restaurants in Dallas, given all that it has going for it: prime location on Greenville Avenue, savvy owners and a renowned chef. Read more

Restaurant review: Laura’s Biergarten in Arlington

dfw dining2 Laura's Biergarten


Sometimes it’s just nice to do something different. Read more

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Press Cafe impresses in riverside lifestyle center



Its name, The Trailhead at Clearfork, sounds about as Cowtown-y as anything in Fort Worth — the same vibe as cattle drives and the Stockyards. Read more

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