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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Boun Bistro brings tasty Laotian fare to North Texas

Boun 106


Good food sometimes involves a good hunt. To find good Laotian food in Fort Worth, for example, you’ll definitely need more than just mad Googling skills. Read more

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Two old favorites return in top form


Special to the Star-Telegram

In recent weeks, two old-favorite restaurants have resurfaced in Fort Worth, and in both cases, it’s happy news. Read more

Restaurant review: Bird Café in Fort Worth

Bird Cafe


Restaurateur Shannon Wynne helped launch downtown Fort Worth as an entertainment destination back in the ’90s when he opened 8.0 Restaurant and Bar and Flying Saucer Draught Em... Read more

El Cerrito is the new king of the hill in Lakeside

dfw dining main El Cerrito 1104


A little over a year ago, Vance Godbey’s, a spacious North Texas restaurant known as the kind of place you could have a celebratory family gathering or an inexpensive holiday buffet, Read more

There’s a new Fred’s in town, and this one does cheesesteaks

Fred Philly 104


The packing-on-the-pounds part of the year is upon us, so what better time than to visit Fred’s Downtown Philly? Read more

State of food is good at Texan Diner in Haslet

Texan Diner 103


Four years ago, local chef Curtis James took over and turned around Vickery Cafe, revitalizing the long-running west Fort Worth breakfast and lunch diner with a menu that was more Carriage House than Waffle House. Read more

Tokyo Joe’s doesn’t exactly bowl us over

Tokyo Joe's


Tokyo Joe — now there’s a guy who likes his dipping sauces. Read more

Real Ale Brewing offers bold new Axis


Real Ale Brewing

India pale ale, or IPA, has become so synonymous with craft beer over the past half-decade, just about anyone with an interest in craft beer has an opinion on the style. Many times IPAs are a love-or-hate proposition, as bitterness is not something some palates care to handle. Others just can... Read more

Trinity River restaurant HG Sply Co. ebbs and flows in quality

dfw dining main HG Sply Co. 1021


Thirty-one years ago, just a Trinity River stone’s-throw away from HG Sply Co., the new patent-leather red, industrial-chic paean to paleo dining and more, I had my first meal in Fort Worth. Read more

Craft and Crab Seafood House celebrates virtue of shellfishness

dfw dining2 Craft and Crab Seafood House 1021


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you as you approach the main entrance to Colleyville’s Craft and Crab Seafood House. Yes, that really is a sawed-off rowboat, oars dangling by its side, moored on a sandbar, surrounded by several crab traps filled with toy crabs. Read more

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