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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Restaurant review: Mi Cocula Mexican Grill in Fort Worth

Mi Cocula 106


A hunt for good Mexican food on Fort Worth’s west side could lead you to any number of places: Salsa Fuego and Mariposa’s Latin Kitchen for cheffy takes on traditional dishes; tiny taqueria Dos Hermanos for out-of-this world barbacoa tacos; Anakaren Bakery for dynamite Mexican break... Read more

Restaurant review: Braindead Brewing in Dallas

DFW BrainDead 17


The list of things that are right about Braindead Brewing is long, especially if you are a craft-beer fan in your 30s. Read more

Restaurant review: Dotto’s Pies & Fries in Southlake

dfw Dotto's Pies Fries


Let’s get one matter clarified right away: Dotto’s Pies & Fries actually serves its namesake “pies and fries” dish and it’s one of the most pleasurably rib-sticking plates you’ll ever encounter. Read more

Texas brew review: Lakewood gets canned



The craft beer industry has by and large cut its teeth on bottling its product. Historically, it’s been rare for craft breweries to package in cans, and to do so was seen as kind of weird. Read more

Restaurant review: Kin Kin Urban Thai in Fort Worth

DFW Dining Kin Kin 007


Eddy Thretipthuangsin has a lot banking on the success of Kin Kin Urban Thai. Read more

Restaurant review: Lucy’s Lot in Grapevine

dfw Lucy's Lot


Do a Google search for Lucy’s Lot, and one of the first hits is from Yelp, which lists Lucy’s under “dive bars — Grapevine, TX.” Read more

Restaurant review: Heim Barbecue in Fort Worth

dfw dining Heim Barbecue 0501 8

Special to DFW.com

With most good barbecue spots comes a caveat or two: a long drive, a long wait, something that’ll make you hope it’s worth it. Read more

Restaurant review: Brooklyn Crust Bistro in Grapevine

Brooklyn Bistro 106


If you’re talking fine dining in the Mid-Cities, you’re probably acquainted with Sage Sakiri, who has smartly carved out a niche as the chef for gourmands who reside in the zone between Dallas and Fort Worth. Read more

Texas brew review: Twin Peaks steps into the craft beer market



It seems like craft beer is everywhere these days. Ballparks, street fairs, random corner stores. Read more

Restaurant review: Bolo Italian Grill in Southlake

Bolo Grill 101


A tip of the hat goes to Bolo Italian Grill, a new restaurant and new fast-casual concept in Southlake best described as an Italian version of Chipotle. Read more

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