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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Chiloso Mexican Bistro defies the fast-casual cliches

Chiloso Mexican Bistro 012


Recently, DFW.com did a feature on several fast-casual restaurants following in the footsteps of Chipotle, itself using a cafeteria-line model with customers picking a base for their food, a... Read more

Colorado’s Backcountry Brewing throws its hat into the Texas ring

G5V8MI4IG.5Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

What defines a local brewery? If a beer is brewed locally, does that make it a local beer? Read more

Namaste greets east Fort Worth with quality Indian food

dfw dining main namaste 5


Despite the culinary leaps and bounds Fort Worth has made over the past several years, certain types of restaurants remain in short supply here, Indian restaurants being one of them. Read more

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Don't let the Cork & Pig name scare you


Special to DFW.com

A new Felipe Armenta restaurant is happy news for vegetarian dining. That’s what we’ve learned from Fort Worth’s The Tavern, Pacific Table and Press Cafe — all places where vegetarianism is hardly the main point but where the meatless dishes are much more than afterthoughts. Read more

Tacodeli is a player in DFW’s shell game


Courtesy of Tacodeli

Trendy taco joints, with their locally sourced veggies and responsibly raised meat, are increasingly crowding the landscape in Dallas and Fort Worth, so much so that the lines of demarcation are about as murky as the bowls of addictive queso they serve. Read more

Earl’s gives Argyle a pearl of a pizza spot

0701dfwdiningEarl 7

Special to the Star-Telegram

In the pioneer era, every small town had a general store for essential provisions. But in these pizza-crazy days in North Texas, it’s beginning to seem like the building block of civilization is a pizzeria. Read more

Drink to the other red, white and blue: Texas


Scooter Hendon

As Independence Day weekend arrives, we’ll be reminded of the pride we have in our country. Read more

Best Burger Barn could be a burger contender in Burleson

Best Burger Barn Burleson 3


For its first eight months of existence, what is now Best Burger Barn didn’t have a barn — or, for that matter, a roof. Owner Byron Rose grilled burgers in his front yard in Egan, a tiny unincorporated Johnson County community south of Burleson and northeast of Cleburne. He did busi... Read more

Spudwinkles Deli is not small potatoes



From the outside, Spudwinkles Deli doesn’t look promising. It’s in a former Mexican fast-food spot on Rosedale Street in the Hospital District, with a couple of tables outside, where you’re likely to overhear orders from the drive-through. Read more

At Redrock Canyon Grill, it’s tempting to feast away

dfw dining main Redrock Canyon Grill 0624


I’ve become accustomed to innocent hyperbole from restaurant servers, even someone as polished as the one at Redrock Canyon Grill who, when speaking of the portion sizes at the new Southlake restaurant, billed them as “huge” — minus any Trumpian inflection. Read more

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