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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Restaurant review: Heim Barbecue in Fort Worth

dfw dining Heim Barbecue 0501 8

Special to DFW.com

With most good barbecue spots comes a caveat or two: a long drive, a long wait, something that’ll make you hope it’s worth it. Read more

Restaurant review: Brooklyn Crust Bistro in Grapevine

Brooklyn Bistro 106


If you’re talking fine dining in the Mid-Cities, you’re probably acquainted with Sage Sakiri, who has smartly carved out a niche as the chef for gourmands who reside in the zone between Dallas and Fort Worth. Read more

Texas brew review: Twin Peaks steps into the craft beer market



It seems like craft beer is everywhere these days. Ballparks, street fairs, random corner stores. Read more

Restaurant review: Bolo Italian Grill in Southlake

Bolo Grill 101


A tip of the hat goes to Bolo Italian Grill, a new restaurant and new fast-casual concept in Southlake best described as an Italian version of Chipotle. Read more

Restaurant review: Mercury Wine Bar & Grill in Arlington

dfw dining Mercury Wine Bar and Grill 0424


I’ve found my “third place.” Home, work and Mercury Wine Bar & Grill. Read more

Restaurant review: Thurber Mingus in Fort Worth

dfw dining thurber mingus


Guided by sentimentality or familiarity, or a little of both, chefs often specialize in the cuisine they grew up with. Read more

Dining review: Bearded Lady in Fort Worth

Bearded Lady 5


The good news: None of the ladies at The Bearded Lady actually have beards. The same can’t be said for the gentlemen, however. After all, this new bar-restaurant off West Magnolia Avenue is in one of Fort Worth’s hippest districts. Read more

Restaurant review: Golden Thai Cuisine in Keller

dfw dining2 Golden Thai 0417


For those who lack the spare time, let alone the financial muscle, to plunk down several thousand dollars for a culinary odyssey to exotic Thailand, Golden Thai Cuisine — in atmosphere and i... Read more

Texas brew review: Real Ale gets a rebranding


Butler Bros.

Beer is a comfortable beverage. It’s not something that most people consciously think about, but consistent, authentic branding in beer is something in which many drinkers find solace. Read more

Restaurant review: Vivo 53 in Fort Worth

Congressional delegation


If buildings had feelings, then The Tower in downtown Fort Worth would surely be pleased right now. After suffering uneven restaurant tenants on its ground floor, it has a restaurant it can be proud of in Vivo 53. Read more

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