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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Restaurant review: Dugg Burger in Dallas

DFW Dining 2 Dugg Burger 0306


A popular fast-food burger chain, which shall remain nameless, once ran an ad campaign imploring its customers to “have it your way.” Read more

Restaurant review: Mac’s on Main in Grapevine

dfw dining Mac's on Main 0320 20

Special to DFW.com

On a sedate Tuesday evening on Main Street in Grapevine, as I was about to leave Mac’s on Main, I couldn’t help but notice that two women at a corner table — who were there before I arrived — were engrossed in conversation, draining the last drops of a bottle of red. Read more

Texas brew review: A sour Saison from Oddwood Ales


Oddwood Ales

Sour beers, despite their growing popularity, still get a sideways glance from most beer drinkers. It’s a foreign concept to many, and for good reason. Many times sourness in beer can mean it’s infected or that something went wrong in the process of its creation. Read more

Restaurant review: Hoya Korean Kitchen in Fort Worth

Hoya Korean Kitchen Inbox x


In both size and menu options, Hoya Korean Kitchen seems small, but this new restaurant in downtown Fort Worth packs a bigger punch than you might think. Read more

Restaurant review: Rabbits Garden Fresh Cafe Keller

dfw Rabbits Garden Fresh Cafe 0313


To its credit, Rabbits Garden Fresh Cafe sports an ambitious menu, all meant to allay suburban fast-food encroachment. Owner Matt Rakoczy opened the restaurant in January, aiming to offer the neighborhood a nutritious alternative. Read more

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Planet Sub brings a new world of sandwiches


Marilyn Bailey

Downtown Fort Worth is lousy with sandwich shops, but many of them are not worth a look from vegetarians. Read more

Restaurant review: Old West Cafe in Arlington

DFW Old West Cafe 10


The name tells you a lot. You wouldn’t expect a place called Old West Cafe to offer kale chips or quinoa salad or vertical anything. It doesn’t. Read more

Restaurant review: Bite City Grill in Fort Worth

Bite City Grill 08

Special to DFW.com

Chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin has barely been in Dallas-Fort Worth a year and already his career has seen some brisk action. Read more

Restaurant review: Social House Fort Worth

dfw dining social house


As you enter The Social House, its “social” fizz pops like a freshly uncorked bottle of Dom Perignon. Read more

Texas brew review: Collective’s Petite Golden Sour

GVU45QD1E.3Special to DFW.com

Special to DFW.com

When launching its taproom in November, Collective Brewing Project made a point of showing that it wouldn’t just be making ordinary beers. The brewery set a goal from the outset to start a sour program. An ambitious start for a... Read more

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