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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Liberty Burger rings our burger bell in north Fort Worth

Liberty Burger 101


In a town with so many great burger joints already, it may seem absurd to embark on a suicide mission up congestion-infested I-35W to track down another one. Read more

Havana Bar & Grill makes its Cuban mark in Arlington

Havan Grill 103


The bowl of cilantro garlic sauce had just been replenished at our table, it seemed, less than five minutes before, yet it was empty again. Read more

Fuego Burger still en fuego in smaller Rendon space

dfw dining2 fuego burger 1209 3

Special to the Star-Telegram

The past year or so has seen some comebacks on the Fort Worth-area food scene. Paco and John’s Mexican Diner, which had closed in 2015, came back as Paco’s Mexican Cuisine th... Read more

Wild Salsa celebrates feasts of all sorts

Wild Salsa 105


I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that no other restaurant in the Metroplex besides Wild Salsa so deftly pulls off the trick of surrounding its diners with all the decorative motifs of Day of the Dead while serving some of the area’s most well-executed Mexican food. Read more

Roy’s Mexican & American Cuisine finds the right combination

Roy's Mexican American Cuisine


Many Mexican restaurants in Fort Worth have long offered American-food alternatives, for those who decided, for whatever reason, they feel like chicken-fried steak instead of tacos. Likewise, a handful of local American restaurants have always offered Tex-Mex dishes — Paris Coffee Shop and... Read more

Tokyo Cafe is back, and just as good as ever



There are very few restaurants in Fort Worth where I’d wait 45 minutes for a table. Read more

HopFusion Ale Works opens its doors in ‘brewery district’

GORA25GU8.4Special to DFW.com

Special to the Star-Telegram

“Hurry up and wait” seemed to be the unofficial mantra for HopFusion Ale Works for months. An anticipated launch had Fort Worth beer fans eager for Near Southside’s latest brewery to open its doors. On tap at select establishments for months now, HopFusion had to get things j... Read more

Buffalo Wings & Rings elevates the sports bar experience

dfw dining main 1125 6

Special to the Star-Telegram

The expectation at most sports bars rarely rises above being able to watch whatever game is of interest, downing a few beers and eating some passable food to soak it all up. Read more

Namoo Korean Bowl makes a bowl’d statement

dfw dining2 namoo Korean bowl 1125 2

Special to the Star-Telegram

Nobody look now, but bowls are trending. Read more

Stadium Club scores a dining touchdown

Stadium Club 108


Whenever you approach “Jerry World,” aka AT&T Stadium, there’s nothing modest about its ambitions. It’s all in grand, fourth-down-and-we’re-going-for-it style. Read more

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