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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Restaurant review: Taziki’s Mediterranean Café in Southlake

DFW Dining Tazikis 12


For all of its trappings as a franchise-fueled chain — 37 branches scattered mostly in the South; somewhat generic avocado-and-white walls meant to evoke Greece’s profusion of cypresses, set against bone-white architecture — Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe manages to conj... Read more

Restaurant review: Mo’s Best Eatery in Arlington

dfw dining02 Mo's Best Eatery 0822


Mo’s Best Eatery is more Northeast than North Texas, which may be the very reason some people are making the place a habit. Read more

Restaurant review: John Tesar’s Knife Dallas

Knife Modern Steak


Dallas-Fort Worth does not lack for steakhouses, but with the opening of Knife Dallas, the new restaurant at the Highland Dallas (formerly Hotel Palomar), the rest seem moot. Read more

Texas brew review: Armadillo Ale Works WunderMelon



The kolsch-based beer puts summertime sweetness on tap. Read more

Restaurant review: Hollywood Burger in Saginaw

Hollywood Burger 6


If you’ve ever been to Hollywood, you know that there’s a certain amount of grit that goes with the glamour, a working-stiff funkiness away from the more touristy parts. We were reminded of this at the original Hollywood Burger, a modest-looking joint in a similarly humble strip sho... Read more

Texas brew review: Shiner White Wing



In Texas, Shiner beers are everywhere. Ask people from other states to identify Texas beer and they’ll probably list Shiner Read more

Restaurant review: 24 Plates in Fort Worth

dfw dining 24 plates 0808


Longtime Fort Worthians have no doubt marveled at the ongoing redevelopment of the city’s south side, where once-forgotten buildings have been replaced by hotspot bars and independent, chef-driven restaurants. Read more

Restaurant review: Le’s Wok Asian Food in Fort Worth

Le Wok 107


Honestly, how many longtime mom-and-pop restaurants offer a diner the chance to participate in a full-on redemption — by helping a restaurant’s owner recover from a recent criminal attack, while you also happen to dine on some genuinely delicious and affordable Asian fare? Read more

Legendary Fort Worth restaurant Massey’s demolished

Massey's Demolition


With an umbrella protecting her from the light rain, Diane Massey watched as a big part of her life disappeared Wednesday morning. Read more

Texas brew review: Community Texas Pils

Texas is a big state. It takes quite a bit to unify all the corners of such a large area, but organizations like the Texas Read more

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