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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Texas Brew Review: Real Ale’s Blakkr rocks hard



Heavy metal music is not easy to love. It can be nasty, aggressive, confrontational, sometimes downright evil — the stuff your grandma would probably be disappointed in you for listening to. Read more

Restaurant review: Barter in Dallas

Barter 113


Brothers Patrick and Michael Halbert get points for perseverance. Read more

Restaurant review: Jibaritos’ in Bedford

Jibaritos 106


There aren’t a lot of similarities between the landlocked blackland prairie of North Texas and the sea-splashed islands of the Caribbean. And the differences go well beyond matters of geography and weather. Read more

Texas Brew Review: Adelbert’s Philosophizer


Austin gets a lot of credit for its brewing scene. Read more

Restaurant review: California Pho & Grill in Arlington

California Pho 11


California Pho & Grill is a 2-month-old Arlington restaurant just down the way from The Parks mall on congested Cooper Street, so it takes a keen eye to spot it from the main drag. Read more

Restaurant review: Kona Grill in Fort Worth

Kona Grill


Fort Worth’s recent restaurant boom has been fueled by the successful launch of highly individualized, locally run eateries spinning out a variety of ethnically diverse cuisines. It’s against this backdrop that Kona Grill, with its more than 20 locations nationwide from Idaho to Con... Read more

Texas Brew Review: Martin House’s Rubberneck Red rocks


Can art courtesy

Way back in 1994, when the fledgling Fort Worth band the Toadies launched its seminal album Rubberneck, Texas craft beer wasn’t much to talk about. Houston’s Saint Arnold was barely 2 months old; Shiner was in the process of returning to viability after ... Read more

Restaurant review: Casablanca Greek Mediterranean Cuisine

dfw dining2 Casablanca 0314 22


Famously, rock ’n’ roller Jerry Lee Lewis once lit his piano on fire, strutted offstage and dared the next act to “top that.” Read more

Restaurant review: Spice in Fort Worth

Spice lead dining review


Amy Thanpaisarnsamut and her family are trying their level best to bring Thai food to the forefront in Fort Worth. First, her cousin opened Thai Rice ’n’ Noodle in 2006 on the city’s far west side. Three years ago, Amy pinpointed the Hulen and 820 corridor for a second restau... Read more

Restaurant review: Grub Burger Bar in Dallas

Grub Burger 108


Burgers are big business in North Texas. Read more

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