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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Best meals of 2015 in DFW

Indulge Chula Vista 8

DFW.com archives

The DFW.com dining team, when it wasn’t spending half the summer eating burgers for the 2015 DFW.com Burger Battle, did a lot of eating of the non-burger sort in North Texas in 201... Read more

West 7th restaurant FW Market + Table finds more than two sides to its food

FW Market and Table


FW Market + Table is reaching for something different. Well, several somethings different. Read more

Colleyville restaurant Trio New American Cafe still going strong

dfw dining trio revisit 7


In a little strip center that I have somehow previously overlooked — despite a near-pathological magnetic force that frequently lures the shopper in me to Northeast Tarrant County — is Trio New American Café, chef Jason Harper’s almost-7-year-old restaurant. Read more

Weatherford restaurant Shep’s Place stands tall

dfw dining2 Shep's Place 1211 15

Special to the Star-Telegram

When we put together the DFW.com Burger Battle bracket for 2015, we included Big John’s Burgers and Beer, a popular Weatherford spot, figuring that if we were going to include Dallas burger joints 30-plus miles to the east of Fort Worth, we should look west as well. Read more

TCU-area restaurant Common Ground is uncommonly good

dfw dining Common Grounds 1211 11

Special to the Star-Telegram

Do an Internet search for “Common Ground” and a number of things come up — a charity foundation, a community garden, a toy store, the occasional coffee bar. It takes considerable digging to unearth the website for Co... Read more

Texas brew review: Peticolas maintains its faith in kegs



Most craft breweries start out distributing beer in kegs only. The barrier to immediately package in bottles or cans is greater than simply kegging, so you’ll find many breweries start this way for at least a few weeks. For most, it takes a few months before you’ll see six- and 12-p... Read more

Bedford restaurant Rosako's brings the soul

Rosako 101


Housed in a converted Taco Bell, Rosako’s Soul Food & BBQ doesn’t look like much from the outside. Read more

Restaurant review: The Kitchen in Crowley

The Kitchen 003


If you’re looking to fulfill a gyro jones or needing a quick midday wrap, you could do worse than visit the Kitchen in Crowley, a mom-and-pop pit stop where Frank Odeh and his wife, Maya, who moved here last year from Hot Springs, Ark., have set up shop. Read more

New chef at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth shows artistry, but no masterpieces yet

dfw dining2 Cafe Modern 1127 10

Special to the Star-Telegram

Denise Shavandy is an accomplished name in local culinary circles, from her stints at Pegasus and Spice International Cafe in Fort Worth, to her work in Southlake and Dallas at Central Market and Eatzi’s. Read more

Arlington restaurant Las Brasas is a Peruvian gem

Las Brasas 101


The little restaurant next to our favorite Thai place was new — and completely empty. That didn’t bode well. But peering in the window, we noticed something that did pique our interest: This is a Peruvian restaurant. Well, that was something different. Read more

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