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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

New chef at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth shows artistry, but no masterpieces yet

dfw dining2 Cafe Modern 1127 10

Special to the Star-Telegram

Denise Shavandy is an accomplished name in local culinary circles, from her stints at Pegasus and Spice International Cafe in Fort Worth, to her work in Southlake and Dallas at Central Market and Eatzi’s. Read more

Arlington restaurant Las Brasas is a Peruvian gem

Las Brasas 101


The little restaurant next to our favorite Thai place was new — and completely empty. That didn’t bode well. But peering in the window, we noticed something that did pique our interest: This is a Peruvian restaurant. Well, that was something different. Read more

Restaurant review: Imponente Pizza and Pasta in Fort Worth

Imponente pizza


Two crucial aspects of Imponente Pizza and Pasta, the 7-month-old Fort Worth Italian restaurant, become crystal-clear in the initial moments it takes to stroll to your table. Read more

Restaurant review: Southern Classic Daiquiri Factory in Fort Worth

 Daiquiri Factory 101


Who drinks a daiquiri at noon on a Tuesday? Read more

Restaurant review: Chef Blythe’s Southern Bistro in NRH

Chef Blythes Southern Bistro 7


For many, the word “bistro” brings to mind a very particular image: that of a cozy little restaurant — cute, quaint, maybe even quiet. Read more

Dallas restaurant Blues Burgers hits all the right chords

Blues Burgers 102


Hanging out at the corner of a not very promising neighborhood shopping center near Love Field is one of the best burger places in the Metroplex. Read more

Restaurant review: Un Rincon de Mexico in Southlake

dfw dining un rincon de mexico 1106


Anyone who has stood in a long, slow-moving line at the Southlake location of Torchy’s Tacos knows that the Austin-based chain is one of the most popular places in Southlake. Read more

Restaurant review: Saint Rocco’s New York Italian in Dallas

dfw dining saint rocco


Dallas restaurateur Phil Romano, whose portfolio includes gourmet grocery Eatzi’s and the Trinity Groves restaurant complex in West Dallas, knows his Italian-American. He not only conceived the Romano’s Macaroni Grill chain, he imported a celebrated Italian restaurant to Dallas in 2... Read more

Restaurant review: Texas Bleu Steakhouse in Keller

Texas Bleu 102


Up until Texas Bleu Steakhouse and Cellar opened, the booming restaurant scene in the north Fort Worth suburb of Keller had been missing one important component: fine dining. Read more

Restaurant review: The Library Café in Fort Worth

Libary Cafe 105


The Library Café was more than we’d expected it to be, not only pleasing our palates but warming our hearts as well. Read more

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