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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Yolk cracks the Sundance Square breakfast scene

Yolk 104


Is no food more polarizing than the egg? Read more

Chasing Chipotle: Can a new wave of build-it-yourself restaurants stack up to the burrito king?

Salata dining review 5

Star-Telegram archives

The dominant trend in fast-casual dining the last few years can be summed up in one brand name: Chipotle. Read more

Camp Bowie restaurant Olivella’s is a welcome slice of the pizza pie

dfw dining main Olivella's


More pizza is a good thing, and in that spirit, we welcome Olivella’s Camp Bowie, a new pizzeria import from Dallas. Read more

Texas Brew Review: Noble Rey Brewing's arty cans


Cyndi Long Studios

A spike in competition from an increasing number of new breweries is not news. With every month, finite shelf space becomes even more valuable and scarce. Read more

Chalio Mexican Restaurant can still bowl you over

dfw dining2 chailos 0520 14

Special to the Star-Telegram

There’s nothing like a steaming hot bowl of beef-rib birria on an 85-degree, extraordinarily humid spring evening. Read more

The Lonesome Vegetarian: Not all veggie plates in mainstream eateries are created equal


Special to DFW.com

When you’re a vegetarian married to a carnivore, you tend to eat out a lot. At a restaurant, it’s easier for each person to get what they want. Read more

Aledo restaurant Bee’s Dive deserves some buzz at its new location

Bee Dive 104


There are city folk and then there are people who spread their figurative wings in the country. Read more

Italian restaurant Avanti takes a step forward with Fort Worth debut

dfw dining main avanti 0513 8


The English translation of Avanti is “forward,” which is an apt exhortation for the aggressively pleasing approach in design and cuisine Avanti Fort Worth has made with its debut in Cowtown. Read more

Texas brew review: Ship comes in for Rahr beer named after USS Fort Worth

When out-of-towners talk about Fort Worth there are several landmark places that usually come up. The Stockyards, Sundance Square, Billy Bob’s, Bass Hall, the Cultural District, the Fort Worth Zoo. Heck, even iconic restaurants like Joe T. Garcia’s or Lonesome Dove enter the convers... Read more

J’s Casa Burger grilling strong in River Oaks

dfw dining2 casa burger


Before you visit J’s Casa Burger, the city’s hot new burger restaurant, keep one thing in mind: It’s not really a restaurant. Read more

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