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A heaping helping of news & reviews from DFWs dining scene.

Texas Brew Review: Southern Star’s Valkyrie

Souther Star Valkyrie

Special to DFW.com

Professional brewers all start somewhere, and that’s usually in a garage. Or in a back yard. Or in someone’s kitchen. Read more

Restaurant review: Bite City Grill in Fort Worth

Bite City Grill 08

Special to DFW.com

Chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin has barely been in Dallas-Fort Worth a year and already his career has seen some brisk action. Read more

BBQ Safari: Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District


Special to DFW.com

Ever since I started my hunt for the holy grail of BBQ in North Texas, reader after reader has told me that I need to make the journey to Lockhart in Central Texas, which many believe to be the center of the barbecue universe. The Kreuz (pronounced “Krites) Market opened in 1900, and over ... Read more

Texas Brew Review: Grapevine Lakefire



When starting a brewery, the first question most brewers get is “What beers are you going to launch with?” It’s a valid query — that first impression in many ways defines the approach brewers will take as they seek to carve out their niche in an increasingly crowded ma... Read more

Restaurant review: Villa’s Grill in Arlington

Villa's Grill 6

Special to DFW.com

This ‘neighborhood churrascaria’ offers some delectable cuts along with some buffet-style dishes and a salad bar. Read more

Restaurant review: Del Norte Tacos in Godley

Del Norte Tacos in Godley


Del Norte Tacos is a 6-year-old restaurant located in the Johnson County town of Godley, about a half-hour southwest of Fort Worth. Despite living in Fort Worth for most of my life, I’d never been to Godley before. But I found myself there recently to check out a buzzed-about barbecueria c... Read more

Texas Brew Review: Revolver’s Sidewinder aims high



It’s no secret that Revolver Brewing in Granbury has a big hit on their hands with Read more

Restaurant review: Bar Louie in Hurst

Bar Louie 104


Pleasing gastropub fare can soak up your selection from a long list of cocktails, beers and more. Read more

Restaurant review: Stay C’s Kitchen in Arlington

Stay C Kitchen 109


It may be easier to find it by scent than sight. Go south on Cooper Street and right before you get to Mansfield, you’ll start to smell chicken and burgers smoking on a charcoal grill. Look to the west, into the parking lot of an innocuous strip mall, and you’ll see Edwin Liddie wor... Read more

Restaurant review: Bread Zeppelin in Irving

Bread Zeppelin 4


Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery — salad is not exactly an easy thing to reinvent. You can pile on more ingredients, add some fancy greens, make your own dressing, but in the end, a salad is a salad is a salad. Read more

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