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Cultural District

Surveying our ecletic arts scene, from the galleries to the stage.

Theater review: ‘The House of Blue Leaves’


James Jamison

Dad works at a zoo and writes songs in his spare time. Mom is so far off her rocker that she can’t even find the porch where it was once parked. And Junior apparently wants to blow up the pope. Read more

Theater review: ‘The Glass Menagerie’


Lois Leftwich

The great 20th-century American playwrights have their reputation because of finely drawn characters and storytelling that plumbs the modern American psyche, but they’re also known for something you don’t get in the much shorter works of contemporary playwrights: detailed stage dir... Read more

Theater review: ‘The Color Purple’


Buddy Myers

It’s difficult to create a musical from a novel that already has been adapted into a well-known and oft-quoted movie, which might explain why the stage version of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple hasn’t quite been the hit everyone expected it to be. Read more

Theater review: ‘Mama Won’t Fly’


Eric Younkin Jr

This Theatre Arlington comedy has some strong performances but is far too long and only occasionally gets off the ground. Read more

Theater review: ‘Mr. Burns, a post-electric play’


Buddy Myers

Let us all now praise Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Read more

Review: Mimir Chamber Music Festival’s closing concert

The 2015 Mimir Chamber Music Festival came to a close in TCU’s PepsiCo Hall on Friday evening with a program that was typical of this season, which has been noticeably more adventurous than past years. Read more

Theater review: 'Dirty Dancing'


Matthew Murphy

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia. That yearning for a sentimental throwback comes in double handy with the musical Dirty Dancing, the tour of which opened Tuesday at Bass Hall for Read more

Art exhibit review: ‘Indigenous Beauty’ at Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Museum


Courtesy of American Federation of Arts

When the Amon Carter Museum added “of American Art” to its masthead five years ago in anticipation of its 50th anniversary, the museum’s holdings of the breadth of American art had a pitiful hole. Read more

Review: Mimir Chamber Music Festival on July 5

The Mimir Chamber Music Festival moved to the new Renzo Piano Pavilion at the Kimbell Art Museum on Sunday, adding a cool elegance to the afternoon concert. Read more

Buckley’s students take the spotlight

As graduation ceremonies go, this one was especially tuneful. Read more

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