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Surveying our ecletic arts scene, from the galleries to the stage.

Review: Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

In just a year of public performances in North Texas, Dark Circles Contemporary Dance has made it clear that it’s best when audiences are kept guessing. While certain terms of artistic director Joshua L. Peugh’s dance vocabulary are peeking through, the dances he has produced last ... Read more

Review: Dallas DanceFest


Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

In a year with a record number of performing arts festivals in North Texas, with more to be added in 2015, the inaugural Dallas DanceFest will perhaps go down as one for the history books. Ten groups representing an impressive range of styles kicked off the event Friday night at Dallas City Perf... Read more

Violinist brings down the house on FWSO festival’s last day

FWSO Festival concert 3 review


The audience was smaller Sunday afternoon than earlier in the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s annual August festival, but enthusiasm was high for three masterpieces by Brahms and ... Read more

Review: Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra festival Day 2

Miguel Harth-Bedoya 6


It’s a good thing that Brahms and Dvorak are among the most popular classical composers, for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra is giving its audience a big dose of the two in its August festival. By the time it’s over on Sunday afternoon, the orchestra will have played 15 of their ... Read more

FWSO’s Brahms, Dvorak fest off to good start



The official opening of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s season is still three weeks off, but for the last few years there has been a sort of prelude in the form of a three-day August festival. Read more

Review: It’s a Man’s World

It's a Man's World

It turns out there is something to be said for having a Y chromosome. Read more

Theater review: ‘Candy Barr’s Last Dance’

Candy Barr's Last Dance 01

Candy Barr will always be known foremost as an exotic dancer, the most famous stripper — one with panache — in 1950s and ’60s Dallas. Read more

Review: TCU’s Festival of American Song

Texas Christian University’s two-day Festival of American Song, which took place last weekend at PepsiCo Recital Hall, brought attention to an overlooked genre of music. Song recitals have almost vanished in the past few decades, and programs such as this one are fueling their resurgence. Read more

Review: CD/FW Dance Exchange — A Choreographers Showcase

See You Around 2

Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth

Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth usually begins its Modern Dance Festival at the Modern with “CDFW Dance Exchange: A Choreographers Showcase,” but this year, the concert closes the company’s 11th annual festival. This is likely to accommodate the schedule of the guest artists, ... Read more

Review: Modern Dance Festival at the Modern


Courtesy of Christophe Collette

Immersive performance has become a trend around the country in recent years as arts organizations try new ways of connecting with their audiences, but the folks at Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth were way ahead of the curve. In their dance installations at area art museums, and especially at the an... Read more

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