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Cultural District

Surveying our ecletic arts scene, from the galleries to the stage.

Korean baritone dominates McCammon Voice Competition

Korean baritone Joo Won Kang dominated the 2014 McCammon Voice Competition on Saturday afternoon, taking not only the competition’s $15,000 first prize but also the audience-favorite award by the largest margin in the contest’s 29 years. Read more

Didgeridoo’s earthy sounds fill Bass Hall

FWSO preview


The twain met in Bass Hall on Friday night. Read more

Review: White Day by Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

Perhaps the biggest compliment to be given Joshua L. Peugh is that in his short time as a professional choreographer in North Texas, he has proven that you can never know what to expect from him. That’s good. Read more

Review: Anderson and Roe inaugurate Cliburn Sessions

Classical music buffs who visit New York City frequently lament that we don’t have anything here like Poisson Rouge, a nightclub that features the best classical artists, many of whom are in town to play in other venues. “Serving art and alcohol” is their motto. Read more

Review: Lots to love about ‘Lucy’


Jeremy Daniel

As with any long-running TV show, there supposedly was a lot of drama behind the scenes of what is arguably the best-loved sitcom ever, I Love Lucy. Like, William Frawley and Vivian Vance (Fred and Ethel) supposedly hated each other. Read more

Review: Cliburn medalist Yang shines on Gershwin piece

Pianist Joyce Yang displays a muscular and frequently sassy side of her expansive skill set in Gershwin’s Concerto in F. Read more

Review: Sharon Isbin at Fort Worth Classic Guitar Society

It was a concert that exuded confidence. Read more

Review: Stage West’s ‘Starbright & Vine’ needs more laughs


Buddy Myers

Balancing subjects on opposite ends of the comedy-drama spectrum is always tricky, especially if the goal is not to write a dark comedy. It’s a conundrum that hasn’t been solved by Richard J. Allen or Stage West, where his Starbright & Vine is having it... Read more

Review: Texas Ballet Theater


Stephen Visneau

Anyone hoping for solid technique, showmanship and gut-wrenching drama will have the prayers answered in Texas Ballet Theater’s first mixed repertory program of the 2013-14 season, “Epic Masterpieces,” which opened Friday at Bass Hall. Read more

Review: Cliburn memorial concert

If anyone had any doubt that the piano is just as appropriate a symbol of Fort Worth as cowboy boots and longhorns, the program in Sundance Square Plaza on Thursday evening should have been a convincer. Read more

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