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Surveying our ecletic arts scene, from the galleries to the stage.

Theater review: ‘Steel Magnolias’


Samuel Rushen

There is a lot more than just sets and perms going on in Truvy’s beauty salon. Read more

Theater review: ‘International Falls’


Bradley Jones

Long ago, Smokey Robinson taught us that there are few things sadder than the tears of a clown. Read more

Ruta Lee keeps Fort Worth audiences starstruck

0228 Ruta Lee life 1


Ruta Lee proudly comes from the school of saying whatever pops into her head, filters and volume level be damned. Read more

2015 Cliburn Festival to showcase the works of Chopin

528 Cliburn 304

DFW.com archives

What Beethoven is to the orchestra, Chopin is to the piano. Read more

Review: Kimbell exhibit shows artistic view of Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass


Collection of Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass

The Bass family has contributed greatly to the city of Fort Worth. Their latest largess is sharing the art collection compiled by the late Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass, mother and father to brothers Sid, Edward, Robert and Lee, at the Kimbell Art Museum in a free exhibition. Read more

Theater review: ‘Mississippi G’damn’


South Dallas Cultural Center

DALLAS — So far, 2015 is the year of Jonathan Norton. The Dallas playwright has been snagging local productions of his work, and a fair amount of grant money, for about five years now. Proving that you get stronger with time and experience, Norton’s plays seen this year have shown s... Read more

Theater review: ‘Kinky Boots’


Dallas Summer Musicals

The musical Kinky Boots, which won the 2013 Tony Award for best musical and is based on the 2005 British film of the same name, has just about everything that works in a standard Broadway musical. Read more

In the galleries: Vicki Owen at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center and more


Courtesy of the artist

There will be no escaping the artwork of Fort Worth resident Vicki Owen during the month of March. She has three exhibitions opening. “Shackleton’s Antarctic Voyage,” running March 6-28 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, features 17 encaustic monotypes inspired by explo... Read more

Theater review: ‘The (Curious Case of the) Watson Intelligence’


Buddy Myers

Being in constant touch is not the same thing as communicating. And being intelligent is not the same thing as being human. Read more

Three for three


1 The Mule: Imagine smuggling heroin into the country by swallowing bags of it, getting caught at customs, and then refusing to go to the bathroom to provide the evidence of your guilt. That’s the plot for this very dark Australian co... Read more

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