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Texas Ballet Theater goes contemporary in memorable mixed rep program

Texas Ballet Theater review


There may have been elements of classical and neoclassical ballet in the mixed repertory program that Texas Ballet Theater presented Friday through Sunday at Bass Hall, but this program is the most contemporary that the company has performed. Read more

Forecast for Colleen Coyle: raising awareness of animal-rescue charities


Teresa Berg Photography

If WFAA/Channel 8 meteorologist Colleen Coyle weren’t doing TV weather, she’d be a photographer. She played violin in an orchestra for 10 years, and now she’s working on improving her guitar skills. And she has a dog and a cat, Luna and Lucy. Read more

Top 10 things to do: March 3-9, 2017


North Texas Irish Festival

Click through for things to do all over DFW! Read more

Counting to 20 with Four Day Weekend


Farrah White

The essence of improvisational comedy is thinking on your feet, making things up as you go along, and, of course, being funny. Read more

Rooster & Smith & Scher add up to innovative choreography

Texas Ballet Theater preview


Texas Ballet Theater artistic director Ben Stevenson couldn’t have known it when he scheduled this weekend’s performances more than a year ago, but the works on the Rooster & Smith & Scher mixed-repertory program are linked thematically. They deal with personal growth, in very diffe... Read more

‘The Arrangement’ tip-toes around TomKat parallels

The Arrangement

E! Entertainment

Josh Henderson and everyone else from “The Arrangement” are adamant about this. Read more

Weirdness in Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Kurios’ does not disappoint

Cirque du Soleil Kurios dress rehearsal


Many of Cirque du Soleil’s best shows stick in the memory because of their mix of fantastical, kooky and sometimes creepy characters and storylines melded with feats from typical circus acts bumped up four or five notches, usually as something the viewer hasn’t seen before. Read more

Carter’s Avedon exhibit will leave viewers wanting more


Amon Carter Museum of American Art

When Mitchell Wilder, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art’s first director, commissioned Richard Avedon to undertake a “Western Project” in 1978, the museum had no way of knowing the New York-based photographer — famous for his fashion photography and portraits of celebriti... Read more

No chance of napping through this Fort Worth Symphony concert


Manfred Esser

The energy quotient was exceptionally high at Friday night’s concert of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. A new piece from Colombia tested the sonic limits of Bass Hall, there were thunderous peals g... Read more

‘Who Am I This Time?’ throughly examines love


Timothy Long

Kurt Vonnegut wants us to know that the true path to understanding who we are lies in understanding how and whom we love. Read more

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