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Surveying our ecletic arts scene, from the galleries to the stage.

Three for three: ‘The Get Down,’ from Baz Luhrmann



1 The Get Down : One of the most anticipated series of the season is this musical drama from Australian director Baz Luhrmann, whose résumé ( Romeo + Juli... Read more

Top 10 Things to Do entertainment guide, Aug. 4-11, 2016

Dixie Chicks

Live Nation

Click through for things to do all over DFW! Read more

‘Citizen Drumpf’ parodies Trump sayings, Clinton emails and more


Alex Lehman

Creators of new musicals — or any new work of art, really — typically rewrite, edit, cut and add material up to the last minute of opening night, and then, often, after that. Read more

‘The Campaign Trail’ from DVA Productions loses in a landslide


Buddy Myers

Since we are presently witnessing a surreal battle for the presidency of the United States, it should not be surprising to see a bizarre political campaign presented on a local stage. Read more

Solomons the clear star of Modern Dance Festival

Modern Dance at the Modern


The big showcase of Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth’s 13th annual Modern Dance Festival at the Modern is stripped down this year: no lighting rigs, no marley floor, no formal seating. Featured guest artist Gus Solomo... Read more

New director sets ambitious goals for Texas Ballet Theater

First Looks ballet


Vanessa Logan had heard positive things about Texas Ballet Theater from people she trusted. Read more

Top 10 Things to Do entertainment guide, July 28-Aug. 4, 2016


Katarina Benzova

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‘Women on the Verge’ makes strong leap from film to stage


Michael C Foster

They are at the brink and on the edge. But the ladies of Spain spinning out of control in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, the musical which had its regional premiere Saturday at the Rose Marine Theater, certainly know how to make pending mental illness hil... Read more

Modern Dance Festival takes inspiration from Frank Stella

In 12 years of producing the free summer Modern Dance Festival at the Modern, Kerry Kreiman of Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth has always found interesting programming for a mix of performance and film, from performing phrases of Twyla Tharp’s One Hundreds, to th... Read more

Three for three: ‘Train to Busan’ in theaters


Well Go USA

1 Train to Busan: South Korean director Yeon Sang Ho has crafted a kinetic, bracing zombie film that should go down as a classic in the genre. The story of a man and his daughter trapped on a speeding train over... Read more

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