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Movie review: �Maps to the Stars� gets lost in Hollywood's cosmic depravity

The girl wears elbow-length gloves and hair that hides other burn scars from her face. She's made her way to Hollywood by bus, but knows enough to hire a limo to get around town. Read more

Movie review: Smith and Robbie throw a wet blanket into �Focus�

The trouble with movies about "The Big Con" is that they condition us to not believe anything we see up on screen - relationships, who is conning whom, deaths, etc. Read more

Movie review: 'A La Mala' star isn't cruel enough to cut it in this Mexican romantic comedy

Maria Laura, the heroine of "A La Mala," is a thin, slinky bombshell of an actress who uses her talents to flirt with other women's beaus to test their loyalty. The acting roles aren't there, but there is no shortage of women who need a professional breaker-upper. Read more

'Breakfast Club' at 30: Don't you forget about them

When you grow up, your heart dies. Read more

Director, star talk about revisiting �The Troubles� in the Irish Civil War film �71�

Director Yann Demange doesn't want people to pigeon-hole his pulse-pounding Northern Ireland chase picture "71" as, well, "a chase picture," or simply another tale set amid "The Troubles," the decades-long civil war in Northern Ireland. Read more

2 years of classes helped Timothy Spall capture J.M.W. Turner's genius

It's not unusual for an actor to learn a new skill or how to mimic one in service of a role. Jennifer Lawrence took archery lessons for "The Hunger Games," Josh Brolin perfected peach pies for "Labor Day" and Chadwick Boseman mastered James Brown's splits - down and back again - for "Get On Up." Read more

�Widowmaker� documents a battle for medical hearts and minds

Heart attacks might seem a mundane subject for a documentary. They kill suddenly. And they're so depressingly common as to make one wonder how you get a movie out of them. Read more

Movie review: 'McFarland, USA' is a winning film for families

Parents need to know that "McFarland, USA" is an inspiring sports drama about a Mexican-American cross-country team from rural California. Based on a true story, the movie stars Kevin Costner as the team's coach, who's determined to guide a bunch of farm workers' kids into a team that's good enou... Read more

Movie review: Stiles and child are menaced by Colombian ghosts in �Out of the Dark�

There's something chilling about thrillers that put a child in jeopardy. And from the minute we meet Hannah (Pixie Davies) in "Out of the Dark," she's being menaced. Read more

'Birdman' soars at Oscars

With no clear front-runner leading up to the 87th Academy Awards, winners were spread across various films, with "Birdman" earning best picture. The film's director, Alejandro G. Inarritu, took home a statue as well, with Eddie Redmayne winning for best actor and fellow redhead Julianne Moore for... Read more

Movie review: Don't see this documentary on an empty stomach

You may see better, more Oscar-worthy documentaries this year. But you will never see one more mouth watering than "Deli Man," Erik Greenberg Anjou's look at the dying dietary tradition of America's Jewish delicatessens. Read more

No provocations, no politics carry the day as 'Birdman' wins

"Birdman" won big Sunday at the Oscars, in a triumph of highly noticeable, kinetic filmmaking over the light-fingered "invisible" technique of its primary competition, "Boyhood." Read more

50 shades of red, thousands of pearls and a handful of grays

Our most pressing question during the countdown to the Oscars was whether the fake baby in "American Sniper" would crawl the red carpet. And if so, whose batteries would she be wearing? Read more

Oscars procession has bit of dimmed quality but stars still shine

The sun came out for last year's Oscars red carpet despite a weekend of torrential rain, but this year the tents were up and good thing too. At one point so much water was collecting in sagging tent pockets above that workers on the red carpet were poking these areas with long stick thingies whil... Read more

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