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Movie review: 'Kill Me Three Times' is an Aussie hit man thriller and comic homage to the Coen Brothers

"Kill Me Three Times" is a grimly amusing Australian film noir thriller in the "Blood Simple" mold, for those who know their early Coen Brothers history. Read more

Movie review: �Lambert & Stamp� star in an alternate history of The Who

There have been better, more thorough documentaries about the seminal rock band The Who. "The Kids are Alright" set the standard back in '79, and "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who" seemed to fill in the gaps of that earlier film. Read more

Movie review: 'Squeeze' is a genre dramedy with no juice left in it

"The Squeeze" is an old-fashioned tale of gamblers, golfers, the good girl next door and the temptations of the easy life. Read more

'The Salt of the Earth' a moving account of photographer Sebastiao Salgado's global exploration

Watching "The Salt of the Earth," the compelling new documentary about photographer Sebastiao Salgado, it becomes clear early on just how odd it is to experience Salgado's work on someone else's timetable. With an exhibition or a book of photographs, you set your own clock, spending as much time ... Read more

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