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Shailene finally makes a misstep with 'White Bird in a Blizzard'

Shailene Woodley, a young actress so engagingly real on camera that she can do no wrong, gets a lot wrong and a bad film out of her system with "White Bird in a Blizzard," an overwrought coming-of-age mystery drama that is an embarrassment for most everyone involved. Read more

Quirky comedy 'Laggies' clicks when Knightley and Rockwell pair up

Call them slackers or adults with "arrested development" issues. Or call them "Laggies." Read more

Ever-quirky Rockwell loves to make a funny entrance

Consider the phrase "Rockwell crackles." It's often turned up in reviews of Sam Rockwell's film performances over the years, in Amber Wilkinson's plug for his latest, "Laggies," in London's Daily Telegraph newspaper, for instance. Read more

'Dear White People' a rare Black youth comedy with nuanced characters

It's rare lately to see a college movie with a predominantly black cast that isn't focused on a campus dance-off or a football team. "Dear White People" moves in a deliciously new direction. Read more

Star-studded cast best part of 'This is Where I Leave You'

There's one thing nobody can take away from "This Is Where I Leave You": its stellar cast. Read more

Petition calls for Disney animated films to show heroes with Down syndrome

In the history of human storytelling, the flawed hero is as old as the story of Achilles that the ancient Greeks once told one another on the Acropolis hillside. Read more

Garner, Reitman treading warily around social media

They are the seven scariest words a father can hear. "Dad, I saw something on the Internet." Read more

For the present, Chazelle is feeling the music

Though "Whiplash" isn't a musical, exactly, it's the most rhythmically propulsive experience you'll find at the movies this year. Read more

James Marsden comes of age in �The Best of Me�

We've seenJames Marsdenin many roles over the years - as superhero Cyclops in"X Men," a prince in"Ella Enchanted," Tina Fey's love interest on "30 Rock," John F. Kennedy in"The Butler." Read more

Review: 'Pride' champions a moral victory

In the Department of Strange Bedfellows, none were stranger than the middle-aged Welsh coal miners and the young London gay activists of Maggie Thatcher's day. Read more

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