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'ANGRY BIRDS' Read more

Movie review: 'Angry Birds' has weird charm

If you've ever played the mobile video game Angry Birds, you might have found yourself wondering - why am I sling-shotting cartoon birds at grinning green pigs? Why are these birds so angry? What have the pigs done to deserve this destruction? "Angry Birds," the movie, is here to fill in that bac... Read more

Movie review: 'The Nice Guys' is as funny as it is dark

Shane Black films are unmistakably Shane Black films, with crackling dialogue, relentless action, and tough guys cut from a decidedly retro cloth. In "The Nice Guys," which he directed, and co-wrote with Anthony Bagarozzi, that cloth is the kind of polyester that might make up a late-'70s leisure... Read more

Gosling and Crowe are the funniest buddies in 'The Nice Guys'

Why set "The Nice Guys," a buddy-detective comedy starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, in 1977? Certainly, these two could have exchanged witty banter in modern day Los Angeles. Is it to see them don tropical-print shirts, stonewash denim or, in Gosling's case, ridiculous facial hair? That's ... Read more

Movie review: 'Mad Tiger' is a colorful look at madcap punk band

So what do you call a band in which the bassist, sporting flame-red hair and red-dyed beard, dresses up as a big red squid in the shape of a guitar (that is, a squid with a fretboard and guitar strings) and unicycles across the stage, while the lead guitarist, a bright yellow-attired figure with ... Read more

Movie review: 'A Bigger Splash' is a luscious, sexy, trouble-in-paradise flick

On one level - say, the deep end of a swimming pool in a villa on a volcanic isle - "A Bigger Splash" is the art film version of a houseguest-from-hell horror story. Read more

Movie review: Tom Hiddleston and Sienna Miller in class-warfare slog 'High-Rise'

You may want to give British filmmaker Ben Wheatley some props for his bold attempt to bring J.G. Ballard's 1975 parable of societal implosion, the novel "High-Rise," to the screen. Read more

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