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Family guide to new movie releases

"Exodus: Gods and Kings" Read more

Rock is more at home on stage than off in 'Top Five'

With all the timely cultural commentary Chris Rock has been making about Ferguson, Staten Island, police chokeholds and the like while doing interviews ostensibly promoting his new film, it's actually a relief that "Top Five" is pretty good. Decades into an indifferent film career, Rock finally d... Read more

Brolin has a little two-fisted fun as 'Bigfoot' the cop in 'Inherent Vice'

"Luckily," Josh Brolin growls, "I don't take these characters personally." Read more

All-star cast takes the classic play "Miss Julie" to Ireland in new film

"Miss Julie," August Strindberg's 19th centurydrama about class and that Darwinian fixation of the nobility, "breeding," comes to austere life in an adaptation by the Swedish actress-turned-director Liv Ullmann. She has re-set the Swedish tale in 1890s Ireland, and uses canny casting to underline... Read more

'Still Alice' should earn Julianne Moore the Oscar she so deserves

Alice Howland is a woman of science, a Columbia University academic whose expertise is linguistics, the common ways babies learn languages as infants. Read more

Give the gift of books about movies

Martin Scorsese, who wrote the foreword for the first title listed here, once famously said that movies "fulfill a spiritual need that people have to share a common memory." Read more

'Green Street Hooligans' give us a taste of a new style of British soccer brawl

The evolving state of Britain's soccer hooligans is explored, one bloody beating or brutal brawl at a time, in the imported Brit drama, "Green Street Hooligans: Underground." Read more

Tommy Lee Jones tells how 'Homesman' got him back in the saddle

Although he's best known as an actor, Tommy Lee Jones has taken some slick rides in the director's saddle. Read more

Bentley never rises above the bland in 'After the Fall'

Wes Bentleymay bemore than just another generic hunk, more than a "Hunger Games" and "Ghost Rider" alumnus, more than just the scientist with the "red shirt role" in "Interstellar." Read more

The 'Vice' inherent in this mystery-comedy is its randomness

"Inherent Vice" is a stoner "Chinatown" as directed by Wes Anderson, if Wes got sick midway through it and the darker Paul Thomas Anderson took over for the last acts. Read more

'Exodus' is impressive, but might leave you cold

Sprawling and spectacular, brawny and bloody, Ridley Scott's "Exodus: Gods and Kings" stabs an exclamation point onto a year peppered with religious films, one that began with the less conventional and trippier "Noah." Read more

Mamet's kid makes a movie, though not a very good one

Clara Mamet makes her film directing debut with "Two-Bit Waltz," an inconsequential, self-consciously quirky coming of age comedy from an actress-playwright testing her movie-making wings at the ripe old age of 20. Read more

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