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Movie review: Woody Allen dives deep into familiar territory with 'Irrational Man'

Forty-five features into his half-century of moviemaking, the rote obsessions distinguishing Woody Allen's furtive protagonists - luck, fate, chance, getting away with murder - have extended more and more to Allen's own approach to screenwriting. Read more

'Ant-Man' avenges 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

It's awesome to have now-kinda-buff Paul Rudd playing a superhero. It's great to have a comic book movie co-written by Edgar Wright ("The World's End"), Joe Cornish ("Attack the Block"), Adam McKay ("The Other Guys") and Rudd. And it's cool to have a movie called "Ant-Man," since my mom's maiden ... Read more

Gyllenhaal tough to recognize in 'Southpaw'

If you thought Jake Gyllenhaal's transformation for last year's "Nightcrawler" was extreme - losing weight and gaining a creepy intensity to play a feral freelance video cameraman trolling the streets of L.A. - look at the actor in "Southpaw." Read more

'The Tribe' is brutal and loud, without saying a word

With not a word of dialogue spoken, the electrifying high school gang thriller "The Tribe" plays like a mute "Lord of the Flies." Read more

Movie review: 'Ant-Man' is a funny, clever addition to the Marvel universe

Parents need to know that "Ant-Man" is a Marvel Studios/Disney superhero film (based on a Stan Lee comic) that's tied into the rest of the "Marvel-verse." There's plenty of action/sci-fi violence - from fistfights to shoot-outs to a few gory deaths in which the human (or animal) victim turns into... Read more

Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' funny yet insightful

When Amy's boyfriend admits he would have married her, she's stunned. Read more

'Mr. Holmes' meets his match in Mr. McKellen

"I have been alone, all my life," says 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen), and you hear every one of his years in that voice. "Mr. Holmes," directed by Bill Condon and based on a novel by Mitch Cullin, isn't really a mystery, though it presents a few puzzles to solve; instead, it's a gent... Read more

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