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'The Gunman' director Pierre Morel likes to cast action heroes with flaws

Logic would dictate that production of an action movie would start with the high-intensity physical elements. Director Pierre Morel doesn't follow such logic. Read more

Theo James found role in 'Insurgent' emotionally and physically challenging

Theo James expected his role as Four in the "Divergent" film series to require physical strength. He didn't anticipate the emotional needs. Read more

Movie review: Penn's 'Gunman' fires too many blanks

The biggest contribution that star, producer and part screenwriter Sean Penn adds to the perplexing political action movie "The Gunman" is his guns. Read more

'Breakfast Club' impact strong for young and old, 30 years later

Jack Duffy was not even born when "The Breakfast Club" arrived in theaters 30 years ago. But the movie is still meaningful to the 17-year-old. Read more

Dean Winters survives; Kenneth Branagh thrives

Dean Winters is a familiar face on television, from his insurance commercials as the character of "Mayhem" to his new starring role in the CBS series "Battle Creek." Read more

Movie review: Fates and fortunes are forged in Miami's backyard fight circuit

From the outside, at first glance, it looks like a horror show: young men inside a small ring pummeling each other in the backyard of a private home in the Miami suburb of West Perrine, bare-knuckled and often bleeding, with no protective gear other than a mouth guard. The rules, as laid out by t... Read more

Movie review: Faith-based 'Do You Believe?' finds fire in family fare

Generally, the purpose of a faith-based film is to reach out to those looking for spiritual guidance. "Do You Believe?," the latest movie from the company that produced "God Is Not Dead" last year, takes a different approach. Read more

Movie review: '3 Hearts' makes for a sad-faced French love triangle melodrama

Charlotte Gainsbourg has always had a flinch in her acting, a twitch that suggests she's bracing for that next blow - physical or psychological. Read more

Capsule reviews of feature films

AMERICAN SNIPER. 3 stars. Bradley Cooper delivers a powerful turn as Chris Kyle, the real-life Navy SEAL credited with the most kills of any sniper in U.S. military history. Clint Eastwood directs this taut Iraq War-era drama, although the sequences with Kyle returning stateside are diminished by... Read more

"71' director on horror of war: 'It's a pattern we see recurring'

The Belfast-set historical thriller "'71" follows a novice English soldier running through midnight alleys as Northern Ireland erupts in sectarian ferocity. Its story of brutalized warriors lost overseas recalls Jack O'Connell's lead in Angelina Jolie's harrowing World War II epic "Unbroken." Read more

Movie review: Woodley worth watching in 'Insurgent'

The Young Adult dystopia derby races on. This week "Insurgent" moves ahead as the front-runner in action sequences, while "Mockingjay" retains its lead in spoken romantic interludes. Will Tris and her five divided "factions" soon seize bomb-scarred postwar Chicago? Or can Katniss cross the finish... Read more

'Insurgent' star Octavia Spencer: 'I'm such a fangirl!'

Octavia Spencer has spent the years since her 2012 Oscar night cashing in on the success "The Help" brought her. And not with cash alone. Read more

Movie review: �Insurgent� one-ups �Divergent,� and suggests better films to come

"Insurgent" doesn't seriously diverge from the "Divergent/Hunger Games/Maze Runner" formula until its final act. Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

"The Divergent Series: Insurgent" Read more

'Insurgent' star Jai Courtney sees deeper message in film

After watching his newest movie "Insurgent," Jai Courtney walked away with a simple impression: It's just entertainment. To his friend with children, it wasn't that way. Read more

10 fascinating facts about Cinderella

Some tidbits and talking points about Cinderella old and new: Read more

Movie review: 'Cinderella,' same old story in gorgeous new live-action

Parents need to know that this non-musical take on"Cinderella"is true to theclassic Disney animated tale, if somewhat more intense given that it's live action instead of a cartoon. As a child, Cinderella loses her mother; her father dies when she's older. Both are drawn-out scenes filled with tea... Read more

Movie review: 'Gunman' shows Penn preachy, violent and a bit out-of-date

"Don't do anything stupid," the old CIA pal (Ray Winstone) growls to his retired "Company" assassin friend. Read more

Movie review: �Insurgent� one-ups �Divergent,� and suggests better films to come

"Insurgent" doesn't seriously diverge from the "Divergent/Hunger Games/Maze Runner" formula until its final act. Read more

Movie review: 'Tracers' has a post-'Twilight' Taylor Lautner discovering the thrills of 'parkour'

Taylor Lautner squanders a little more of his "Twilight" heat on "Tracers," a B-movie thriller built around the urban obstacle course sport of "parkour." It's a stunt-heavy chase picture with some arresting camera work, but not much else to recommend it. Read more

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