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Movie review: There's a good movie trapped somewhere inside 'A Cure for Wellness'

How you react to Gore Verbinski's strange, stately horror movie "A Cure For Wellness" may have a lot to do with how you feel about leeches. Or maybe they're eels, or some sort of nasty watery snake; in any case, they keep popping up in the film, sort of like the ax in a serial-killer movie. (For ... Read more

Movie review: Man lost at sea finds love in 'The Red Turtle'

Not a single intelligible word is spoken in Michael Dudok de Wit's poignant animated drama "The Red Turtle," and after a while that silence becomes companionable; you find, in this film, a restful space. In its artfully drawn frames, a simple and universal story unfolds. A man, shipwrecked, emerg... Read more

Movie review: 'Everybody Loves Somebody' is familiar tale in fresh setting

A breezy, multicultural tale of modern day love complications, "Everybody Loves Somebody" is light as air - an enjoyable tale, if lacking a bit of grounding. Writer-director Catalina Aguilar Mastretta also penned the L.A.-set romance "Echo Park," starring Mamie Gummer, and "Everybody Loves Somebo... Read more

Movie review: 'The Salesman' is quiet, yet overwhelmingly intense

In 2012, gifted writer/director Asghar Farhadi delivered the first Iranian film to win an Oscar, the domestic drama "A Separation." If the fates are just, he will win again this year for his Oscar-nominated seventh feature, "The Salesman." Read more

Q&A with Asghar Farhadi about his Oscar-nominated drama 'The Salesman'

It's been a tumultuous winter for Asghar Farhadi. Read more

Movie review: Horror film 'A Cure for Wellness' is masterful, but flawed

Though Gore Verbinski has made a name for himself with large Hollywood studio pictures like "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Lone Ranger," he's always had a weird streak; a "one for them, one for me" mentality, interspersing in films like "The Weather Man" and "Rango." "A Cure for Wellness," a... Read more

'The Red Turtle' review: 'Cast Away' meets 'Spirited Away' in beautifully animated story

We're born; life washes us up on various shores; we build our sand castles and navigate the years; we die. From this four-part miniseries we call human existence, the Dutch animator Michael Dudok de Wit has created "The Red Turtle," a product of de Wit's collaboration with Studio Ghibli, Japan's ... Read more

Movie review: 'The Lego Batman Movie,' a winning pick for families

Parents need to know that, like 2014's "The Lego Movie," "The Lego Batman Movie" is clever, creative, and funny, with nonstop action. It's a little darker/edgier than its predecessor - there are tons of bad guys, battles, explosions, bombs, weapons, destruction, and general mayhem. But because it... Read more

4 movies to see, regardless of Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, and several movies that are proven commodities in the wonderful world of capitalism, let's talk about some numbers. Read more

Oscar shorts: This year's animated and live-action nominees

This year's Oscar-nominated short films in the animated and live-action categories range from the cute to the transcendent, from love stories to probing political dialogues about immigration and racial identity. Read more

Movie review: 'The Red Turtle' is a masterpiece

You don't need words to create poetry. Without spoken dialogue, the Oscar-nominated "The Red Turtle," a richly imagined French-Belgian animated drama created with the skillful assistance of Japan's virtuoso anime enterprise Studio Ghibli, tells an emotionally deep, thematically rich story. Read more

Size of 'Wick' role not as important to Fishburne as working with Keanu again

It's being kind to say that Laurence Fishburne's role in "John Wick: Chapter 2" is small. He's in one short sequence playing The Bowery King, a New York crime lord who Wick looks to for help. Read more

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