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ADDICTED A successful businesswoman, wife and mother (Sharon Leal) risks it all when she can't resist temptation. Not Previewed Read more

'Birdman' � one of the best pictures of the year

"Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance" is the last caped superhero movie you will ever need to see. Serious and silly, self-aware and ironic, it's the movie that questions stardom, fame and celebrity, built around a role Michael Keaton had to become a has-been to play. Read more

In 'Book of Life,' del Toro creates a fiesta for the eyes

Guillermo del Toro thinks his latest movie, the animated 3-D fantasy "The Book of Life," is so epic that you'll want to see it over and over again. Vaya, hit three showings in a day if you have the time. Read more

'St. Vincent' serves up Bill Murray at his warmest and fuzziest

Bill Murray has his most adorable film role ever in "St. Vincent," playing a cranky and embittered old drunk who becomes a father figure to the little kid who moves in next door. Read more

'St. Vincent' is Bill Murray's show

For all the boozed and abusive amusement provided by the great Bill Murray in the good-enough "St. Vincent," the moment I liked best was Naomi Watts as a pregnant Russian stripper, manhandling a vacuum across the Murray character's ancient carpet. In movies as in life, it's the little things. Read more

'Best of Me' is the worst of Nicholas Sparks

For an hour or so, Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden gamely swim against the current, fighting the torpid tide of tripe that romance novelist Nicholas Sparks sends their way in his latest. Read more

'Book of Life' offers up a Mexican tale told in animated Mexican colors s

"The Book of Life" is a Mexican-accented kids' cartoon so colorful and unconventionally dazzling it almost reinvents the art form. As pretty as a just-punctured pinata, endlessly inventive,warm and traditional, it serves up Mexican culture in a riot of Mexican colors and mariachi-flavored music. Read more

Cary Elwes chats about his new book, 'The Princess Bride' and meeting the pope

From the Pits of Insanity to the Cliffs of Despair, the 1987 film "The Princess Bride" became a kind of comedy cult favorite. British actor Cary Elwes starred along with Robin Wright and Mandy Patinkin in the fairy-tale adventure that didn't really gain a following until it was released on VHS. N... Read more

Director Jason Reitman on our 'techno world'

Jason Reitman would like you to know that in no way is he trying to prove a point with his new film, "Men, Women & Children," which uses a large ensemble cast to train a spotlight on Internet dependencies the way "Crash" did with racism. Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

"The Book of Life" Read more

Dazzling melodrama 'Whiplash' pits drummer Miles Teller against vicious bandleader J.K. Simmons

Whatever the ripping melodrama "Whiplash" says about artistic torment, or the price of ambition, or mentor/student relationships from hell or thereabouts, it's too busy providing serious excitement - both as an actors showcase and a confirmation of writer-director Damien Chazelle's cinematic chop... Read more

'Birdman' makes Michael Keaton face his past � almost

Acting, Michael Keaton has long maintained, "is an act of pulling your pants down." And for the film that one-and-all have labeled his "comeback," "that's literally true." Read more

Bill Murray proves once again he can do it all

TORONTO - The movie's over. The audience has laughed, cried, recoiled in horror at the bad behavior on display. But Bill Murray isn't finished. The titular star of "St. Vincent" - instantly a hallmark role of his career - creaks open the screen door to his character's pitiful backyard, headphones... Read more

'Dear White People' dishes out the satire to black and white alike

"Satire is the weapon of reason" is the punch line to writer-director Justin Simien's flip and hip satire, "Dear White People." Here's a race-based/race-baiting comedy that tackles issues of identity and sensitivity head on, a debut film that brashly borrows from a few early Spike Lee movies and ... Read more

'Rudderless' dramedy could have used a GPS

"Rudderless" is a tragic quasi-musical that never quite finds its way. It driftsthrough a lot of tunes, some big name cameos, a big twist that you won't swallow and a central relationship that is cute but trite and not for one moment believable. Read more

J.K. Simmons is happy to let his inner bully out for 'Whiplash'

J.K. Simmons? He's that cuddly character actor, right? Read more

Lieberher's big step

"His performance is nuts," an admiring Bill Murray says of his "St. Vincent" costar, Jaeden Lieberher, who was 10 when he showed up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, last year to work with Murray - and Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, and Chris O'Dowd. Read more

Nazi zombies are back

Five years ago, a little Scandinavian zombie movie made waves among horror fans: "Dead Snow," in which defrosted yet still undead German soldiers from World War II terrorize a group on a ski vacation in contemporary Norway. It essentially ripped pages from "Night of the Living Dead" and "The Evil... Read more

'Judge' cast finds sweet harmony

If "The Judge" seems an unlikely project for the director of "Wedding Crashers," the actor known as Iron Man and the producer of "Orphan," "Rocknrolla" and "The Brave One," it's not. It's just a throwback to their roots. Read more

Watching Duvall, Downey Jr. square off worthwhile in 'The Judge'

When a lifelong smartass-turned-superhero dips an insolent toe into tear-jerker territory, there's bound to be blowback. But that's a risk that Robert Downey Jr., the top-paid actor in Hollywood for two years running, can afford to take. In the case of "The Judge," it pretty much pays off, with a... Read more

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