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Gleeson and Son glory in each other's summer cinema successes

The great Irish actor Brendan Gleeson is having a good laugh remembering the opening scene from the new movie "Frank." A musically-inept young man is humming and thinking up lyrics - BAD lyrics - as he walks home from work. Read more

Capsule reviews of feature films

AND SO IT GOES 1 1/2 stars. Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton team for the first time in a wincingly sappy three-quarter-life rom-com about a Scrooge-like widower and a wifty lounge-singing widow - and the unexpected appearance of a cute-as-a-button grandchild, readymade to melt hearts. Rob Reiner... Read more

'Expendables 3' just plain expendable

There are three elements that could make a cartoon of an action film like "The Expendables 3" work: some cool, kinetic action slam-o-rama; witty one-liners; and a really good bad guy. Read more

'Let's Be Cops' lacks energy, excitement to make comedy work

There are two elements in a buddy cop movie_serious or funny_that have to work. The cops need to connect as friends and be entertaining. Read more

Griffin Dunne channels his inner history buff in 'The Discoverers'

With his quizzical frown, droll delivery and impish smirk, Griffin Dunne brings humorous exasperation to an art form. Read more

No longer a kid, Radcliffe is still �in the candy store� finding wildly different roles to play

He just turned 25. So there's no calling Daniel Radcliffe "kid" any more. Read more

'Land Ho!' a journey worth taking

A road-trip movie about a couple of guys nearing the end of life's road, "Land Ho!" is a sweetly simple tale that underscores what we already know but too often forget: adventurism and finding your bliss are not destined just for the young. Read more

'Let's Be Cops' falls short

The laughs are loud, lewd and low in "Let's Be Cops," a spoof of cop "buddy pictures" that is pretty much the definition of "an August comedy." Read more

'Septic Man' stays stuck in the Sewer

Nauseating, disgusting, vile and vulgar, that much is obvious about "Septic Man" before the opening credits are done. Read more

Despite potential, 'Life After Beth' is just mundane

Zach loved Beth - past tense. But his girlfriend put in her earbuds, trekked off up into the hills, and ... something happened. Read more

Coogan and Brydon are tourists with the top down in 'The Trip to Italy'

It took decades of biting, testy collaborations and the better part of two road-trip movies, but Rob Brydon finally makes his pal/sparring partner Steve Coogan crack up, laughing, in "The Trip to Italy." Read more

'Frank' is tailor-made musical madness that won't be to every taste

Some movies are built for mass appeal, and some aim smaller, "festival films" they're called. Read more

'Into the Storm' short on suspense, plot

Disaster movies are by design not long on character development. Instead they bank on our love of being virtually, vicariously in fear for lives. Read more

Five fall movies we can't wait for

Yes, it's been a pretty good year so far at the movies, from indie hits like "Boyhood" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel," to the Marvel blockbuster "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and the Y.A. weepie "The Fault In Our Stars." But there've been long stretches of assembly-line franchises, flat-footed dra... Read more

'About Alex' predictable and moaning

"This is like one of those '80s movies," a character says in About Alex, the feature debut from director/writer Jesse Zwick. And it's one of the truer statements in this predictable indie-rock "Big Chill," where a group of late-twentysomething friends get together over a weekend to open old wound... Read more

'Step Up All In' offers little more than choreography

Eddy (played by Misha Gabriel Hamilton from the last "Step Up" movie) turns to Sean (Ryan Guzman, star of the latest film) and asks the question that's already on our minds just 10 minutes into "Step Up All In" Read more

Foodie montages aside, 'The Hundred-Foot Journey' unsurprising, unnecessary

If food be the music of love, eat on. Read more

'Into the Storm' stumbles on substance, style

Curse "The Blair Witch Project." Read more

Brendan Gleeson on playing a priest in 'Calvary'

When Brendan Gleeson was not quite 7, a Catholic boy growing up in Dublin, he had it all figured out. "One of the teachings was that you reached the age of reason at 7, I think. Something like that. Up till then you were still a child and you couldn't really sin as such, certainly not mortal sin.... Read more

'Into the Storm' spent all its money on effects

"Into the Storm" is as close to a real tornado as most of us would ever want to get. Its effects are so spectacular that it makes "Twister" look like "The Wizard of Oz." You wonder, as immersive as all those objects flying off the screen are, why they didn't film it in 3D. Secretly, you're gratef... Read more

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