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Movie review: Is the new flick 'Pixels' too raunchy for kids?

Parents need to know that "Pixels" is a sci-fi comedy starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James about a group of misfit video game lovers who end up fending off an alien attack (in the form of giant classic video game characters). As per usual, Sandler plays an immature man/boy, this time one who nev... Read more

Movie review: 'Vatican Tapes' is a sorry shadow of 'The Exorcist'

The antichrist is a woman. This may sound like a belief held by misogynist men's rights activists, but it's also the thesis of the religious horror flick "The Vatican Tapes," and a rather clumsily, haphazardly executed one at that. An entry into the demonic possession horror sub-genre, "The Exorc... Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal steps into the ring in 'Southpaw'

You could never accuse Jake Gyllenhaal of not having a strong work ethic. The word "overachiever" may come to mind when talking about the 34-year-old actor's vast career. Read more

Movie review: Teacher, student each wrestle with impending motherhood in 'Unexpected'

Passing through security one morning on the way to her Chicago Public Schools classroom, the high school science teacher played by Cobie Smulders in Kris Swanberg's "Unexpected" has a distracted quality in her eyes. Read more

Chris Columbus game for action movie 'Pixels'

Chris Columbus was in his 20s when the big arcade boom hit. While he was a little too old to load down his jeans with quarters and line up to play Donkey Kong or Ms. Pac-Man, he did get a taste of the video game crazy by playing the table-top versions that popped up in almost every bar. Read more

Movie review: Supporting cast, cool effects make 'Pixels' worth your quarters

"Let the nerds take over." This is an official order handed down by President Cooper (Kevin James) during an alien invasion where earth is being attacked by extraterrestrial life in the form of 1980s arcade games. In "Pixels," directed by Chris Columbus, the 40-something self-described losers who... Read more

Movie review: Gyllenhaal's boxer fights through tragedy in 'Southpaw'

A flurry of haymakers in the form of boxing movie cliches, "Southpaw" was conceived as a loose remake of "The Champ" - Wallace Beery in 1931, Jon Voight in 1979 - tailored for Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem. The rage-iest rap star on the planet took the initial meetings with director Anto... Read more

Rich Heldenfels: When sports on screen intersect with real life

Even if truth is stranger than fiction, sometimes fiction feels more real. Just ask the Indiana Pacers. Read more

Movie review: 'Pixels' is a rare treat from Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler's output has been so terrible for so long that the opening logo of his Happy Madison productions became the anti-Miramax. Viewing it before his movies promised that what you're about to see will be third-rate idiocy. Read more

Movie review: 'Paper Towns' hits all the right John Hughes-inspired notes

There's something incredibly satisfying about a well-executed high school film that hits all the right John Hughes-inspired sweet spots. "Paper Towns," adapted from a novel by "The Fault in Our Stars" writer John Green, does just that, with a twist. Concerned with the miracles, myths and mysterie... Read more

Movie review: 'Pixels' a first-person snoozer

"Pixels" had promise. Read more

Movie review: With 'Ant-Man,' smaller is bigger

After traveling through the unknown depths of the galaxy and dropping a city out of the sky, Marvel - now in the business of giving your favorite comedians abs - takes us to San Francisco, Calif. There, we meet Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), an expert criminal who is done with being in and out of jail a... Read more

Movie review: 'Southpaw' familiar, but Gyllenhall is a champ

Anyone who has ever seen a glimpse of a sports movie can suss out where the boxing drama "Southpaw" is headed well before the final bell. Read more

David Dastmalchian jumps from DC to Marvel in 'Ant-Man,' and meets an idol in the process

This summer David Dastmalchian joins a small group of actors who have appeared in films from each of the two big competing names in comic books, DC and Marvel. Read more

Capsule reviews of feature films

AMY. 4 stars. An extraordinary documentary about Amy Winehouse, the British singer who died in 2011, at age 27, a victim of too much drink, too many drugs and too much fame. Soul-stirring, heartbreaking, the film uses a trove of archival film, much of it shot on smart phones by friends, lovers, b... Read more

Paul Rudd OK with concerns about his playing 'Ant-Man'

The announcement that Paul Rudd - whose past credits range from "Clueless" to "Parks and Recreation" - was going to star in the action-packed comic book movie "Ant-Man" was surprising to some. That's OK with the actor. Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

"Paper Towns" Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

"Paper Towns" Read more

Movie review: Socialist crusader vs. powers that be in 'Jimmy's Hall'

"Jimmy's Hall," Ken Loach's loving dramatization of the life and times of the Irish communist James "Jimmy" Gralton, begins with jumpy black-and-white archival footage of Depression-era New York. The buildings going up, the teeming crowds, the soup kitchen lines. Read more

Evangeline Lilly living a fantasy life

As the last mind-twisting episodes of the ABC drama "Lost" played out in 2010, Evangeline Lilly made it clear that she was ready for a break. The series had been such a physical, emotional and mental challenge for her, she was ready to leaving acting behind. Read more

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