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'Mood Indigo' is too twee to put one in the mood

The eccentric whimsy and invention overfill the screen of Michel Gondry's "Mood Indigo," an adaptation of a novel by the Frenchman who wrote "I Spit on Your Graves." Set in an alternate "Brazil"/ "Delicatessen"/ "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" reality, it's a blur of queer gadgets and odd... Read more

Zach Braff immersed himself in 'Wish I Was Here'

PHILADELPHIA - No secret: Zach Braff is a Woody Allen fan. Braff's 2004 emo indie, "Garden State," which he wrote, produced, directed, and starred in (opposite Natalie Portman), drew comparisons to "Annie Hall," to "Manhattan." More than 10 years before that, a teenage Braff had a small part in A... Read more

'Boyhood' is some sort of 'Slacker' masterpiece

Twelve years in the making, filming a few scenes each year to capture kids as they progress through life, Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" is an amazing achievement in telling an unremarkably remarkable life story. Read more

Braff stays in his 'Scrubs' comfort zone with 'Wish I Was Here'

Zach Braff's "Wish I Was Here" is a sweet and jokey feature film that is so at home in the punchline rhythms of TV sitcoms that you may think to yourself, "When's his best friend / former "Scrubs" co-star Donald Faison showing up?" Read more

'Boyhood' is Richard Linklater's crowning achievement as a filmmaker

It started as "a narrative problem," writer-director Richard Linklater says. "How do you tell a story, with actors, over a long period of time? You can't re-cast it when you're catching up with somebody, year by year. The change in appearance would be too abrupt." Read more

'Planes 2' is twice as good as the original, which isn't saying much

"Planes: Fire & Rescue" is roughly twice as good as its predecessor, "Planes," which was so story-and-laugh starved it would have given "direct-to-video" a bad name. Yes, there was nowhere to go but up. Read more

'Persecuted' fails as a thriller aimed at the Religious Right

The unholy bond between religion and politics is the background for "Persecuted," a confused and confusingthriller about a TV preacher ruined by a sinister government plot. Read more

Brazilian thriller puts a child in jeopardy from 'Wolf at the Door'

"Wolf at the Door" arrives in American cinemas, a hot and surprising Brazilian thriller delivered here hot on the heels of the Brazilian World Cup. Read more

A coherent, low-budget sci-fi thriller

If Neil deGrasse Tyson made an indie sci-fi movie, it might be "Coherence." Read more

'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' stands above other summer action fare

Advertising for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" suggests it is another summer film in which abundant action scenes obliterate any serious story or character development. Read more

Two old guys find their chemistry making a movie in Iceland

To hear the co-stars tell it, the decision to make the indie dramedy "Land Ho!" was all "Location, location location." Read more

Capsule reviews of feature films

ALAN PARTRIDGE 2 1/2 stars. Steve Coogan imports his long-running stock comic character to the U.S. Partridge, a small-town British DJ, is a vainglorious twit. In this thin feature he gets caught up in a siege at his station that goes on far, far too long. 1 hr. 30 R (profanity, violence, nudity)... Read more

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