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Richmond DJ works to preserve music genre's legacy

Exchange-Richmond DJ

Daniel Sangjib Min

Coming out of British colonialism, Malaysia in the 1960s was Southeast Asia's capital of cool. Read more

Son of billionaire and former model arrested in Connecticut

The son of billionaire Peter Brant and former model Stephanie Seymour has been charged with resisting arrest, possessing narcotics and refusing to pay a $28 taxi fare. Read more

Colorado's US attorney stepping down after 6 years

U.S. Attorney John Walsh, Colorado's top federal prosecutor during the state's trailblazing experiment in legal marijuana, is stepping down. Read more

Newport Jazz Festival opens 3 days of music with Chick Corea

The Newport Jazz Festival is getting underway with three days of music featuring artists from across the musical spectrum. Read more

Drugs, heat blamed in woman's death after music festival

A 20-year-old California woman who collapsed in a parking lot after the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas last month died from drug intoxication and high heat, the Clark County coroner said Friday. Read more

Court order sharply narrows Prince's potential heirs

A Minnesota judge overseeing Prince's estate narrowed down the wide pool of potential heirs for the late superstar's fortune on Friday, ruling out nearly 30 claimants while ordering genetic testing for six purported family members. Read more

Judge to review surveillance video in Appling gun case

A Michigan judge will review surveillance footage from the night former Michigan State basketball player Keith Appling was arrested outside a strip club on weapons and drug charges. Read more

Montel Williams detained in Germany over medical marijuana

Montel Williams Detained

Photo by Evan Agostini

A spokesman for Montel Williams says the television personality was detained by customs officials at an airport in Germany after inadvertently leaving prescription marijuana powder in his luggage. Read more

Ken Barrie, voice of Postman Pat, dies at 83

Ken Barrie, who provided the voice of affable animated letter-carrier Postman Pat, has died. He was 83. Read more

Washington Monument reopens; elevator bearings replaced

The Washington Monument has reopened after being closed for nearly a week because of problems with its elevator. Read more

Lead opera house restoration projects turns focus to theater

The Historic Homestake Opera House is set to begin restoration of the theater walls, a major landmark in the building's recovery from a catastrophic fire in 1984 that gutted the theater and threatened to destroy the entire building. Read more

Leona Lewis puts aside pop world to get her nails in 'Cats'

Theater-Leona Lewis

Photo by Chris Pizzello

When she was not yet 10, Leona Lewis was taken to see "Cats" in London. It turned out to be theatrical catnip. Read more

Building his brand: rapper Nas ventures into filmmaking


Photo by Scott Gries

Nas, one of music's most revered lyricists and story tellers, is taking his talents into filmmaking. Read more

Baz Luhrmann examines early hip-hop in Netflix series

TV-Baz Luhrmann

Photo by Evan Agostini

As Baz Luhrmann walks on set for the press day of his first television series, "The Get Down," he can't separate his professional self from his personal self and settles in by directing his own interview. Read more

Stylist and fashion muse Marta Marzotto dies at 85

Italian stylist and fashion muse Marta Marzotto has died following a brief illness at the age of 85. Read more

Hillary Scott's conversation with God resonates with fans

Music Hillary Scott

AP Photo

When country trio Lady Antebellum announced a hiatus last year, singer Hillary Scott thought it was a good opportunity to finally work on an album of hymns with her equally talented musical family. Read more

'Pokemon Go' creators working to be 'respectful' of reality

Spain Pokemon Go

AP Photo

The creators of "Pokemon Go" say they're working to remove real-world locations that don't wish to be included in the mobile gaming sensation. Read more

Director's debut explores 'The Land' with Nas, Badu help

Film-The Land

Photo by Matt Sayles

Director Steven Caple Jr. was mentoring some elementary school students at an inner-city park in Los Angeles when he spotted two stray kids hopping a fence with their skateboards. He went to go kick them out of the park and ended up talking with them instead. They spilled that they were selling m... Read more

Debra Messing, Blake Shelton spar over presidential campaign

DEM 2016 Convention

AP Photo

Actress and outspoken Democrat Debra Messing has called a Twitter truce with country singer and "The Voice" judge Blake Shelton following a politically charged spat. Read more

Company that produces "The Walking Dead" to film on island

Georgia has given permission for a TV film company that produces AMC's "The Walking Dead" to film a human corpse half-buried in a tidal pool and other scenes on Jekyll Island. Read more

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