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Fuzzy's is growing into a Big Fish among taco shops

Fuzzy's 1

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Mention Fuzzy's Taco Shop in a room full of Tarrant County suburbanites or TCU faithful and you'll get an almost orgasmic reaction: "Oooh, Fuzzzy's," they sing, drawing out the "z" with a purr. "The one in Arlington is our favorite.... The shrimp is amazing.... I've eaten there almost every week ... Read more

DFW's chain reaction

Restaurant critics take a blood oath to vilify chain restaurants at every turn, calling them cookie-cutter, hackneyed, soulless and all other form of hyperbolic adjectives plucked from Webster's or an old Frank Bruni review. I am certainly not going to defend the homogenizing of America's restaur... Read more

The 10 unavoidably hot restaurants of the moment

Sushi Axiom 2

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If you need proof that DFW's dining scene is smokin' hot, just crack open the September issue of Bon Appétit, or tune in to Bravo. That's where you'll find some of our much-talked-about restaurants and chefs making a splash and taking names. There are a ton of gre... Read more

The hottest clubs in the Metroplex

DFW may be the fourth-most-populated metro area in the U.S., but its nightlife scene can sometimes feel like a high-school clique. Same faces, same clubs. Read more

The perfect 10 (+1): the hottest people in North Texas

DFW is hotter than hell, and I'm not just talking about this summer's blast-furnace temperatures. Read more

Feast of burden


Richard Rodriguez, Special to DFW.com

You step inside the heavy doors, and your eyes immediately adjust. Outside the sun might still be setting, but inside there are few windows, and the light is a dark and moody amber. You make your way to the dining room, where the tables are all gorgeously appointed, with white linen and elegant s... Read more

Ellerbe one of America's 10 best new restaurants, mag says

Richard King (standing, pink shirt w/ goatee), co-owner, visits with patrons at Ellerbe Fine Foods on Magnolia Street.

Star-Telegram / Ross Hailey

Ellerbe Fine Foods, the Fort Worth Hospital District restaurant housed in the former quarters of a vintage gas station, is one of "The 10 Best New Restaurants in America," Bon Appetit magazine says in its September edition. Read more

Meet the Scrabble-rousers

triple word warriors

DFW.com/Ron Jenkins

The clock is steadily ticking down. I'm nervously shifting the tiles around in front of me, trying to make a word that will score me a "bingo" -- Scrabble lingo for the 50-point bonus that comes with using all of your letters. I have R-R-E-A-C-E-T, and I know there's a seven- or eight-letter ... Read more

Billy Bob's Texas: Beyond the Bull


Think you know the world's largest honky tonk? Come with us into Billy Bob's, for a photo essay that goes beyond the bull. Read more

And the winner of the 2010 Model Pet contest is ...

DFWINK Model Pet 10


They make us giggle and coo, and when they're naughty, they make us want to rip our hair out. Pets fill our homes with shenanigans and joy; they make us feel wanted, and sometimes, a little less lonely. We ache when they take ill, we grieve hard when they leave us. Read more

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